Entertainment Digitization: Almost a third of the employees feel more monitored in the job

12:10  01 december  2022
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Union: Verdi calls for 15 percent more wages

 Union: Verdi calls for 15 percent more wages © provided by Wirtschaftswoche If the Verdi trade union is going, the wages at the post will soon increase significantly. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = in an effort to secure real wages for the employees, the service union takes on a pioneering role with a high demand at the post office. The group considers the procedure to be "remote reality".

According to a survey by the German Trade Union Federation (DGB), 40 percent of employees in Germany feel burdened with digitization in their working world. This emerges from the representative survey "Index Good Work 2022", the results of which of the DGB will present this Thursday. The report was available in advance.

Viele Beschäftigte finden die Digitalisierung im Job belastend. © Shutterstock-Imyanis Many employees find digitization in a stressful one. therefore indicated almost half of the respondents (46 percent) that the requirements in everyday work through multitasking - i.e. the simultaneous execution of several processes - have grown. More than a third (33 percent) feel more monitored during work. On the other hand, almost a quarter (23 percent) said positively and indicated that digital work equipment had increased the scope for decision -making in their own activity. For its report, the DGB interviewed 6689 randomly selected employees nationwide of all industries, professions, income and age groups, regions and company sizes. "Potential of digitization is far too little used" The results are "an alarm signal", explained the DGB chairman Yasmin Fahimi. "The potential of digitization is used far too little." The digitization of processes must be a relief for employees and they do not burden them, said Fahimi. It is therefore important that employers involved their employees in the processes. Where there is a works council, there is much less often to monitor workers through digital technology, explained Fahimi. According to the DGB survey, 83 percent of the employees in the job use digital work equipment - digital communication is most common (79 percent). A fifth (21 percent) work with artificial intelligence. Corona pandemic continued to result in a "real digitization boost", said Fahimi. This is associated with the strong spread of mobile work, which also led to more work compression. For example, 26 percent of the respondents have specified that they have often been confronted with several non -continuously consecutive video conferences since the panda -related home office.

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