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The reason you never see Dolly Parton with her husband

  The reason you never see Dolly Parton with her husband The reason you never see Dolly Parton with her husband

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Wednesday. If you haven't watched it already, go binge it immediately and then come back to read this.

It has barely been two weeks since its launch and Wednesday, Tim Burton's new take on The Addams Family, has reached the number one spot in 83 countries on Netflix.

The gothic fantasy series starring 20-year-old Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams had more than 341 million downloads in its first week, breaking the record previously held by season four of Stranger Things.

It's easy to see why the show has such broad appeal. The series features a stellar cast including Catherine Zeta Jones, Christina Ricci and Gwendoline Christie, a gruesome and suspenseful plot, and plenty of dark humour to take the edge off the violence.

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For those who haven't yet started watching, Wednesday follows the story of the titular star as she begins at a new school, Nevermore Academy, the Alma Mater of her parents Morticia and Gomez Addams.

Watch: The Wednesday trailer on Netflix. Post continues below.

Video via Netflix.

The creepy boarding school run by Principal Weems (played by Christie) is a supposed haven for 'outcasts' like Wednesday. Her classmates are sirens, gorgons, vampires, and shapeshifters.

Her roommate Enid (played by Emma Myers) is a werewolf who likes pink. Much to the disappointment of her parents, Enid has yet to fully 'wolf out'.

The townsfolk and 'normies' of nearby Jericho are suspicious of the outcasts after a series of unsolved brutal murders in the woods that Wednesday - with her psychic visions - hopes to solve.

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But while you focused on the identity of the murderous monster or whether Wednesday will ever blink or smile, you may have missed some of the hidden references to previous incarnations of The Addams Family.

Image: Netflix.

From background scenery to stuffed mice, here are seven of the best Easter eggs for you to keep an eye out for.

1. Cousin Ignatious Itt's 'appearance'.

Cousin Ignatius Itt is more hair, hat, and glasses than he is human, and therefore he is instantly recognisable as the subject of a portrait inside the Night Shade's secret lair.

While obviously also an alumnus of the Nevermore Academy, Cousin Itt was a feature of the original Addams Family TV series.

Perhaps this hint of Wednesday's hirsute relative means he may feature in season two?

2. Two snaps and an iconic cameo.

For fans of the original Addams Family, it's hard to miss the reference to the iconic 'two snaps'; the code Wednesday uses to enter the Night Shades lair beneath the Raven.

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Later in the episode, we see 'normie' teacher Miss Thornhill also use the same finger-snapping code to enter.

Miss Thornhill is played by Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in The Addams Family in 1991 and its sequel Addams Family Values in 1993.

Image: Netflix.

Christina Ricci as Miss Thornhill. Image: Netflix.

The two snaps references the iconic theme tune with the finger clicking from the original TV series that has been used in some form in every remake since.

3. Archery skills.

When trying out for the various clubs at Nevermore, Wednesday showcases just how amazing her archery skills are as she throws an apple into the air before shooting an arrow straight through it and hitting a bullseye.

Her prowess with a bow and arrow are a subtle nod to the 1993 Barry Sonnenfeld film Addams Family Values in which Wednesday and Pugsley are seen practicing their archery and Pugsley even manages to take down an American bald eagle.

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4. Pilgrim World.

There's some history between Wednesday Addams and her dislike of anything related to the pilgrims and colonialism.

In the new Netflix series, Wednesday is forced to sell fudge at the Pilgrim World amusement park, which is owned by the town's mayor.

She tells a coachload of German tourists about the real pilgrim history and their cruelty before finding out more about Jericho's founding father Joseph Crackstone and his true nature.

Image: Netflix.

The Pilgrim World theme park is another nod to Addams Family Values, when Wednesday and her brother Pugsley are sent to Camp Chippewa. The siblings both hate it and the pilgrim celebrations, with Wednesday ultimately burning the camp to the ground whilst the happy campers are putting on their Thanksgiving play.

5. The Weathervanes and a Tim Burton themed mouse.

The Weathervanes Café is frequented by Nevermore students and the local townsfolk of Jericho and one of Wednesday's love interests, Tyler (played by Hunter Doohan), is the barista.

In an interview with Variety, production designer Mark Scruton revealed that the interior of the coffee shop hides some secret Tim Burton Easter eggs

In the background of some cafe shots, keen viewers will note some metal weathervanes that are screwed to the wall. They were apparently designed by Scruton and it's possible to see a couple that reference Tim Burton's other movies, including a Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow and Willy Wonka’s bowler hat.

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The dead stuffed mice, in various kooky outfits that reference past Tim Burton movies, are sold in the antiques shop Uriah's Heap in Jericho.

Image: Netflix.

6. Coded gargoyles.

Look closely and you will spot plenty of stone gargoyles watching the students from up high as part of Nevermore Academy's gothic architectural features.

The gargoyles each represent a different group of students at the school including sirens and vampires.

In an interview with Variety, Scruton says that the gargoyles in the quad area are a big clue about the plot so amateur sleuths, start your sleuthing.

Image: Netflix.

7. The showrunners who live in Jericho.

Miles Millar and Alfred Gough are the showrunners not only responsible for Wednesday but cult classic Smallville. The surnames 'Millar & Gough' are printed on the window of the building where Wednesday goes to her therapy sessions.

We're not sure if they are also therapists who have a side hustle for taxidermy. Watch this space?

Wednesday is available on Netflix now.

Laura Jackel is Mamamia's Family Writer. For links to her articles and to see photos of her outfits and kids, follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

Feature Image: Netflix.

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