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07:36  16 april  2018
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Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings

  Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings More Gold for Seven.

Glenn Dyer ’ s TV Ratings . Glenn Dyer , Jul 17, 2018.

Glenn Dyer ' s TV Ratings . Crikey 26/02/2018 Glenn Dyer . © Twitter/AuSpartan 'Australian Spartan' contestants. After winning for two straight weeks, Seven went backwards last night as the Winter Games faded, My Kitchen Rules was rested and Australian Spartan started.

Delta Goodrem.© Getty Delta Goodrem. Games over, Games over, normal transmission has been resumed. Seven won last night thanks to a combination of the 6pm news, the rewarmed leftovers of My Kitchen Rules and the closing stuff from the Commonwealth Games.

Seven commentators rightfully got stuck into the organisers for leaving out athletes from the closing ceremony. The meaculpas flew thick and fast on Monday morning, including from chief mouthpiece Peter Beattie. A total of 1.58 million watched the Glory section and then 1.53 million watched the closing. Averaged across the two programs, a very sold 1.55 million people, which was easily more than any other program last night except for Seven News with 1.99 million and MRK’s 1.88 million.

Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings

  Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings More ratings domination for Seven's Commonwealth Games coverage.A special mention for last night’s Australian Story, the best episode for ages — 533,000 nationally up against the games, and deserved triple that.  The subject was former Australian Commando, Mick Bainbridge taking on the public servants and military high ups in Defence and then Veterans Affairs and winning, with the help in part of Jacqui Lambie and a local lawyer.

Glenn Dyer ' s TV Ratings . Crikey 20/04/2018 Glenn Dyer . © Nine Network The Footy Show's Erin Molan. What a night — boring, much like the NRL game, which was a war of attrition.

Glenn Dyer TV Ratings . A close night for the commercials, nothing to write home about for the ABC. Glenn Dyer . Crikey business and media commentator.

The Voice — 1.45 million nationally for the launch last night, went head to head with MKR from 7pm and lost out, finishing well behind.

In the regions Seven News won with 649,000, from MKR with 582,000, then The Commonwealth Games Glory was 3rd with 470,000, then the Closing Ceremony with 440,000, and The Voice was 5th with 427,000

Network channel share:

  1. Seven (39.4%)
  2. Nine (26.8%)
  3. ABC (14.2%)
  4. Ten (14.0%)
  5. SBS (5.6%)

Network main channels:

  1. Seven (31.0%)
  2. Nine (20.2%)
  3. Ten (10.2%)
  4. ABC (9.4%)
  5. SBS ONE (3.9%)

Top 5 digital channels:

Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings

  Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings The Commonwealth Games have come out on top once again, to nobody's surprise.In AFL markets, Seven’s Front Bar (408,000 nationally, 126,000 in Melbourne) went up against The AFL Footy Show on Nine with Eddie McGuire (396,000 nationally and 131,000 in Melbourne). Now let’s see what happens when we have clean air. Gogglebox Australia did well for Ten with 781,000.

Glenn Dyer ’ s TV ratings . A fabulous game, as the occasion and hype had demanded. And Seven smiled at what could be perhaps the final final between Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal.

Glenn Dyer ’ s TV ratings . First it was Cats Making Us Laugh Out Loud last Tuesday night, then last night it was the turn of the doggies to make us chuckle (and watch); next Tuesday it's Pets Make Us.

  1. 7mate (3.4%)
  2. ABC Kids, Comedy, GO (3.1%)
  3. 7flix, Gem (3.1%)

Top 10 national programs:

  1. Seven News — 1.998 million
  2. MKR (Seven) — 1.887 million
  3. Commonwealth Games Glory (Seven) —1.581 million
  4. Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony (Seven) — 1.537 million
  5. Nine/NBN News — 1.496 million
  6. The Voice (Nine) — 1.456 million
  7. Commonwealth Games Day 11 (Seven, 7mate, 7TWO) — 1.191 million
  8. 7pm ABC News — 1.084 million
  9. 60 Minutes (Nine) — 894,000
  10. Grand Designs (ABC) — 888,000

Top metro programs:

  1. Seven News — 1.349 million
  2. MKR (Seven) — 1.305 million
  3. Commonwealth Games Glory (Seven) —1.141 million
  4. Nine News — 1.083 million
  5. Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony (Seven) — 1.067 million
  6. The Voice Launch (Nine) — 1.029 million

Losers: The Games … gone

Metro news and current affairs:

  1. Seven News — 1.349 million
  2. Nine News — 1.083 million
  3. 7pm ABC News — 684,000
  4. 60 Minutes (Nine) — 638,000
  5. The Sunday Project 7pm (Ten) — 405,000
  6. Ten Eyewitness News —335,000
  7. The Sunday Project 6.30pm (Ten) — 270,000

Morning (National) TV:

  1. Commonwealth Games Day 11 (Seven, 7mate, 7TWO) — 1.191 million
  2. Insiders (ABC, 347,000, 170,000 on News 24) — 517,000
  3. Weekend Sunrise (Seven) — 476,000
  4. Weekend Today (Nine) — 366,000
  5. Landline (ABC) — 363,000
  6. Sports Sunday (Nine) — 232,000
  7. Offsiders (ABC) — 214,000

Top five pay TV programs:

  1. F1: China Grand Prix (Fox Sports)
  2. NRL: Manly v Wests (Fox League) — 210,000
  3. AFL: Essendon v Port (Fox Footy) —187,000
  4. AFL: Geelong v St Kilda (Fox Footy) — 165,000
  5. NRL: Penrith v Gold Coast (Fox League) — 156,000

Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings .
There should really be a show dedicated to apologising for the dismissing the Banking Royal Commission called "Mea Culpa".Given the media apologies around the Banking Royal Commission — on Media Watch (820,000) and Q&A last night — there’s an opening for an ABC or SBS program called “Mea Culpas”. It would skew naturally towards News Corp papers, where the apologists for the banks have so far been concentrated.

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