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consequences: Handicraft companies make less sales

Friday  08:00,   02 december 2022

Three out of five craft businesses are affected by sales in connection with the Ukraine war. This resulted in a survey that the Central Association of German Crafts (ZDH) carried out together with the chambers of crafts and the associations of the... >>>

Elon Musk buried wars in conflict with Apple

Thursday  07:20,   01 december 2022

Twitter boss Elon Musk seems to have calmed down again after his verbal attacks against the iPhone manufacturer Apple. He had a "good conversation" with Apple boss Tim Cook, tweeted Musk. © Britta Pedersen/dpa central picture/dpa-pool/dpa Elon Musk >>>

Twitter: Elon Musk with an incredible instruction to employee

Wednesday  12:10,   30 november 2022

according to the mass relief, the twitter employees in love always reach emails with unusual claims. © Imago / Zuma Wire Elon Musk, Twitter After Elon Musk Twitter took over, the employees had to cope with some changes. About half of the workforce... >>>

Klepsch: Positive tourism numbers in autumn give hope

Tuesday  20:30,   29 november 2022

for tourism in Saxony there is a hopeful sign after the break-in during the Corona period. Tourism minister Barbara Klepsch (CDU) sees a trend upwards at the end of the third quarter. "But this is still not a pre-crisis level in 2019," she said on... >>>

"It was me who was holding it": Justine Wilson, the first wife of Elon Musk, corrects the billionaire about the death of their baby

Tuesday  13:30,   29 november 2022

© Abaca Justine Musk immortalized during a walk. (Los Angeles, June 22, 2022.) His name was Nevada. The first child of Elon Musk and his ex-wife (from 2000 to 2008), the Canadian novelist Justine Wilson, was indeed died at the age of 10 weeks, in... >>>

Elon Musk says he will support the Republican Desantis if he chooses to appear against Trump.

Saturday  11:10,   26 november 2022

© supplied by News 360 Archivo - The Elon Musk magnate - James Duncan Davidson The owner of the Twitter platform, billionaire Elon Musk, said on Friday that he will support the governor of Florida, the Republican Ron Desantis, S ' He decides to... >>>

Coca-Cola and Edeka have a dispute at

Friday  22:40,   25 november 2022

Berlin/Hamburg. For months, Edeka and Coca -Cola argued - partly also before the court. The reason: an early price increase of the US group on September 1st. Now an agreement could be reached. © Andreas Arnold The logo of the retailer Edeka and the >>>

The pro-Trump Mike Lindell asks Elon Musk to put his Twitter account in place

Friday  15:40,   25 november 2022

The American businessman was banished from the platform before creating a second account in order to avoid banishment. © supplied by Bang Showbiz Elon Musk Mile Lindell, Fervent supporter of Donald Trump and follower of conspiracy theories, called... >>>

In Bègles, energy suppliers will no longer be able to cut the current in the event of unpaid

Thursday  13:10,   24 november 2022

© Antoine WDO / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP in the face of the explosion of energy and increase In the number of French people having difficulty paying their bills, the mayor of Bègles en Gironde decided to make a radical decision. Now in his... >>>

Cold: 4 tips to avoid the heats

Thursday  06:50,   24 november 2022

© Adobe Stock Cold: 4 tips to avoid the heems The chapters are cracks or shallow crevices, which appear at the level of the surface layer of the skin (epidermis). Their appearance is very special: they can look like a cracking or a cut made with a... >>>

Twitter: Elon Musk is launching a survey on the restoration of the suspended accounts of the social network

Thursday  03:20,   24 november 2022

The new owner of Twitter has already rehabilitated the account of former American president Donald Trump, banned from the social network after the Capitol in the Capitol in the Capitol in the Capitol in 2021. ​​© provided by Franceinfo Social... >>>

Twitter: Elon Musk initially puts the sale of the new blue hook on ice

Tuesday  10:30,   22 november 2022

© Chesnot/Getty Images (archive picture) Elon Musk announced overnight to put the sale of the blue hunk on hold until fake accounts are excluded be able. (archive picture) Elon Musk announced overnight to put the sale of the blue hook on ice until... >>>

A man who sells his house offers a Tesla in addition

Monday  13:20,   21 november 2022

supplied by Bang Showbiz "Private messages on Twitter should have end -to -end encryption as on signal, as no one can hack you or spy on you. A man who wishes to stand out from other sellers to sell his house offered a Tesla as a gift. The... >>>

Twitter: insulting messages Elon Musk projected on the headquarters of the company

Friday  21:30,   18 november 2022

on one of them, one could read: "Elon Musk: mediocre child, megalomaniac, baby bankruptcy" © Noah Shepherd/ AP/SIPA The atmosphere is very tense at Twitter since the acquisition of the social network by Elon Musk, which has already dismissed half... >>>

"Give themselves" or leave: mass resignations at Twitter after the ultimatum of Elon Musk

Friday  14:20,   18 november 2022

they made their choice ... while Elon Musk, who has already dismissed half of the staff, launched An ultimatum Wednesday to Twitter employees, three weeks after the acquisition of the social network, hundreds of employees should resign. Thursday,... >>>