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Arnott's gobbled up in $US2.2bn sale

Wednesday  08:25,   24 july 2019

US food giant Campbell's Soup has reportedly sold its international arm, which includes Australian biscuit company Arnott's, for $US2.2 billion... >>>

Chinese diplomat blasts Australia's 'negative image in China' over port backlash

Wednesday  08:16,   24 july 2019

ne of China's highest-placed Pacific diplomats offers a scathing appraisal of the "political suspicion" heaped upon his nation, branding it "very negative for the image of Australia". Wang Xining, deputy to China's Australian ambassador, made the... >>>

Adani's Carmichael coal mine surviving on lifeline from Indian parent company

Wednesday  07:35,   24 july 2019

The company responsible for Adani's Carmichael coal mine is deep in the red, with accounting experts and its own auditors warning it is surviving only through the promised support of its Indian parent... >>>

Kylie Jenner can make more money in one Instagram post than many people earn in a lifetime

Wednesday  06:45,   24 july 2019

Kylie Jenner tops the Instagram Rich List for the second year in a row, beating Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Ariana... >>>

Snap adds 13 million daily active users as it gets serious about global expansion

Wednesday  06:41,   24 july 2019

And has a viral... >>>

These are the 14 largest Chinese companies

Wednesday  06:16,   24 july 2019

Over the last few years, Chinese companies have grown to become globally competitive rivals to American firms. Fortune Magazine released its 2019 Global 500 list, which ranks the largest companies in the world by revenue, and for the first time... >>>

Lithium miner Altura raises $22.4m

Wednesday  05:06,   24 july 2019

Altura Mining says key shareholder Ningbo Shanshan would increase its stake and invest $22.4 million in the ASX-listed lithium miner. Altura Mining says key shareholder Ningbo Shanshan would increase its stake and invest $22.4 million in the... >>>

4 money transfer apps to use when you need something faster than a paper check

Wednesday  05:06,   24 july 2019

Writing a personal check is rare these days, but we still need to send and receive money from others. That's where money transfer apps come in. Apps like Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, and allow you to send money to friends and freelancers alike >>>

Identical twins buy golden Oscar statuette factory

Wednesday  05:06,   24 july 2019

A Brisbane company has purchased the American factory that manufactures the golden Oscar statuettes. Public art company UAP, based at Northgate, was founded by identical twins Matt and Daniel Tobin in 2003 and now manufactures outdoor art and... >>>

Exclusive: Some Australian BHP investors push for external candidate for CEO

Wednesday  03:30,   24 july 2019

Exclusive: Some Australian BHP investors push for external candidate for... >>>

Psychologists financially ruined after joining failed counselling franchise

Wednesday  03:15,   24 july 2019

More than 30 disgruntled psychologists have complained about a psychology franchise called Life Resolutions — which is still in business, despite its liquidation and millions of dollars in debt. Between them, they owe more than $2.2 million to the... >>>

Facebook's level of distrust is down 33% in Australia – despite fallout from Cambridge Analytica scandal

Wednesday  02:16,   24 july 2019

Roy Morgan Research's 2019 Media Net Trust Survey found that 44% of Australians distrust social media amid fears of "fake news, manipulated truth, privacy concerns, bias and hidden... >>>

Retail, vehicle spending still weak: CBA

Wednesday  01:05,   24 july 2019

Consumers have remained reluctant to spend on retail and cars despite more money flowing into their accounts from interest rate and tax... >>>

Trio of astronauts safely arrive at the International Space Station

Tuesday  18:08,   23 july 2019

A trio of international space travelers successfully arrived at the International Space Station over the weekend. The arrival of the new crew members brings the current tally of ISS inhabitants back up to six, meaning that the full crew of... >>>

Merger creates Australia's second-largest pension fund

Tuesday  12:35,   23 july 2019

Merger creates Australia's second-largest pension fund as regulatory pressure drives consolidation. First State Super and VicSuper said on Tuesday they have signed a binding deal to merge, creating Australia as regulatory pressure drives... >>>