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No "Who will be a millionaire" on Monday: What works instead

Monday  15:50,   26 september 2022

Cologne - Nanu! Anyone who has studied the television program at RTL will find that something very essential is missing today on Monday: " Who will be a millionaire "! © provided by Tag24 Only next Monday "Who becomes a millionaire" with Günther... >>>

Why you should definitely put lemon in your full washing machine

Sunday  07:11,   25 september 2022

The laundry basket is full and its contents straight into the washing machine. Stop, be sure to add some lemon! © ISTOCKPHOTO This happens when you put lemon in your laundry ISTOCKPHOTO lemons not only taste delicious and are real vitamin booster,... >>>

Tesla: The ambitions of Elon Musk brake in Germany

Thursday  20:20,   15 september 2022

© Julien Sarboraria Tesla: The ambitions of Elon Musk brake in Germany with the new regulations to come, providing for tax incentives for manufacturers if the batteries are manufactured and Assessments in the United States, the Elon Musk group... >>>

France: Several hundred deliverers demonstrate in Paris against Uber Eats

Monday  23:50,   12 september 2022

© RFI / Alexis Bédu of the demonstrators against Uber Eats brandish a banner on the Place de la République, in Paris. About 500 people demonstrated on Monday against the American firm Uber Eats. They denounce the disconnection of approximately... >>>

CDU party conference decides on basic value charta

Saturday  14:00,   10 september 2022

The CDU party conference has approved a basic value charta to give a clearer profile after the election defeat in the Bundestag election last year. The delegates voted on Saturday in Hanover in several votes on partial chapters for the proposal of... >>>

Elon Musk did not like "power rings" and lets go on Twitter

Wednesday  21:40,   07 september 2022

© Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Elon Musk We cannot please everyone. Elon Musk hated the first episodes of the Amazon series the rings of power, and he lets him know on Twitter. The richest man in the world notably invoked the name of the author >>>

Creative Freedom: Mechanical keyboard with your own Lego bricks customizable

Wednesday  16:10,   07 september 2022

With this gaming keyboard inspired by LEGO, it won't get boring so quickly if you still have a few lego bricks at home. © Melgeek Here you can become creative. gaming keyboards do not always have to come serious, seriously and with as much RGB... >>>

IFO: Companies increase prices

Wednesday  15:53,   07 september 2022

The IFO Institute does not see a quick end to high inflation in view of the announced price increases of German companies. According to a survey by the Munich researchers, many companies want to raise their prizes to a large extent. In August, the... >>>

How much beer can you drink every day - without harm?

Tuesday  18:40,   06 september 2022

Anyone who claims that beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world does not make a general, premature claim. It's actually a fact. After tea and water, beer is the most consumed drink in the world. In 2020, the worldwide beer consumption... >>>

"Tolkien must turn around in his grave": Elon Musk's final opinion on power rings, the spin-off of the Lord of the Rings

Tuesday  17:50,   06 september 2022

acclaimed by the public, the series The Rings of Power (Amazon Prime Video) does not please everyone. And even less to Elon Musk, the emblematic boss of Tesla, who does not mince his words to say all the evil he thinks of this spin-off of the Lord... >>>

Why is a mortgage simulation advantageous?

Monday  20:20,   05 september 2022

Real estate purchase is such an important investment that you sometimes have to ask for a credit. In view of the various formulas offered by establishments, finding the ideal offer can be complicated. In this case, the use of a help mortgage... >>>

Purchasing power: How do supermarkets finance promotions?

Friday  13:30,   02 september 2022

© MONTICELLLLO/Adobe Stock Purchasing power: How do supermarkets finance promotions? A survey reveals the practices of the distribution groups to maximize their margins. Among them, the promotions funded ... by the supplier. While the inflationary... >>>

S & P500 value Tesla share: Teslas Autopilot fails miserably due to a horse-drawn carriage

Thursday  17:20,   01 september 2022

The Tesla autopilot has found its master in one of the most unlikely companions: as a viral internet video shows, Tesla's chain assistant system is A horse-drawn carriage in front confused so much that it interprets the two-horsepower team as... >>>

Musk declares Twitter-Deal invalid

Tuesday  19:20,   30 august 2022

Elon Musk, with new arguments, tries to blow off its approximately $ 44 billion (43.9 billion euros). The Tesla boss brings the recently known accusations of a whistleblower into play, which accuses Twitter, among other things, a lack of protection >>>

Deutsche Post will put an

Monday  21:10,   29 august 2022

on a hybrid letter service until the end of November that connects the classic letter shipping with the digital world, Deutsche Post has only tried to be modest in recent years. Now the yellow giant is doing a new attempt in a cooperation. © Monika >>>