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Swiss government wants to enable Postfinance lending business

Friday  18:20,   05 june 2020

© Reuters / ARND WIEGMANN Logo of Swiss PostFinance bank is seen at a branch in Zurich Zurich (Reuters) - The Swiss government wants to loosen the restrictions for the state-owned financial group Postfinance and do away with the company Allow entry >>>

Save: This family reduced $ 111,000 in debt - with these tricks

Friday  18:15,   05 june 2020

© iStock / sam thomas symbol image debt The couple Allison and Matt Baggerly had completely lost control of their finances. Finally, the two faced a gigantic mountain of debt of $ 111,000 (the equivalent of almost 100,000 euros). The situation... >>>

EXCHANGE TICKER oil and gas sector in demand - Opec cuts expected

Friday  17:35,   05 june 2020

Frankfurt, Jun 05 (Reuters) - The stock market ticker on important price movements on the international financial markets and their causes follows: 2.10 p.m. - Speculation on extended production brakes by Oil producers are helping to raise oil... >>>

Real estate buyers are relieved of brokerage costs.

Friday  16:46,   05 june 2020

Anyone buying a property will only have to pay a maximum of half of the brokerage costs in the future. Following the Bundestag on Friday, the Federal Council has now also approved this change. © Photo: Markus Scholz / dpa Real estate buyers are... >>>

Faced with unsold products, mask producers are now overproduced

Friday  16:05,   05 june 2020

While the pace of purchases has been slowing for several weeks, unsold products are increasing in French textile companies. © afp.com/PHILIPPE DESMAZES In a letter, Guillaume de Seynes, chairman of the strategic committee for the fashion and luxury >>>

real estate buyers only have to pay brokerage costs in half

Friday  15:45,   05 june 2020

Berlin. So far, home and apartment buyers have often had to pay the brokerage commission - even though they have not commissioned the broker at all. That is now changing: Sellers are no longer allowed to pass the costs on to buyers. © Tobias Hase A >>>

Bundesbank: Significant recovery after the economic slump

Friday  15:16,   05 june 2020

The Bundesbank estimates that the German economy will recover from the severe slump caused by the corona pandemic in the coming year. © Photo: Christian Charisius / dpa After the deep recession in 2020, the Bundesbank expects the economy to recover >>>

Oil: Crude oil prices continue to climb

Friday  13:50,   05 june 2020

© Nabil Al-Jurani / dpa Iraq is also planning to reduce oil production. Oil prices are still on a recovery course. Contributed to this is alleged progress in the agreement on a funding restriction. Oil prices rose slightly on Friday, continuing... >>>

invest cleverly: two stocks with price fantasy and solid dividends to buy and leave behind!

Friday  13:15,   05 june 2020

© Provided by The Motley Fool Many investors would probably prefer to skip 2020. Not necessarily because of the situation on the large international stock markets, but rather because of the measures that have been ordered to contain the corona... >>>

industry break away more than 25 percent of orders

Friday  13:01,   05 june 2020

Berlin. The slump in industrial orders has further intensified and is significantly higher than feared by economists. A minus of 25.8 percent is recorded. However, the low point is likely to be passed. © Hendrik Schmidt The VW press shop in... >>>

value? Or rather dividends? How does Warren Buffett actually invest?

Friday  12:25,   05 june 2020

© Provided by The Motley Fool Warren Buffett There are some investors who are currently doubting Warren Buffett. The fact that the Oracle of Omaha has not invested in the cheap valuations in recent weeks and months seems to many an indicator that... >>>

German industry is breaking orders - minus 25.8 percent

Friday  11:40,   05 june 2020

Berlin, Jun 05 (Reuters) - German industry has broken new business at a record pace because of the corona crisis. In April, it collected 25.8 percent fewer orders than in the previous month, as the Federal Ministry of Economics announced on Friday. >>>

Ifo - Companies invest much less because of Corona - "Unsettling"

Friday  10:50,   05 june 2020

© Reuters / LEONHARD FOEGER Two Euro coins are seen at the Money Service Austria company headquarters in Vienna Berlin (Reuters) - According to a survey, German companies hold up because of the Corona crisis in investment back more and more. Every... >>>

coping with corona in Bergisch Gladbach: three new jobs and 20 million euros

Friday  10:50,   05 june 2020

© Kreis / Rieger crisis team in action - politicians thanked the district administration for their commitment. Coping with the Corona crisis continues to determine work in the Bergisch Gladbach district house. District Administrator Stephan... >>>

POLITIK-BLICK-Merz wants its own taxes for the EU

Friday  10:25,   05 june 2020

Jun 05 (Reuters) - The Reuters view on political developments beyond the top issues of the day follows: GERMANY / EU / MERZ - Berlin: The CDU Politician Friedrich Merz advocates that the European Union (EU) levies its own taxes. "At some point, the >>>