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The world's largest airplane is up for sale for $400 million

Sunday  05:50,   16 june 2019

Stratolaunch, the world's largest airplane that flew once, is up for sale, sources familiar told... >>>

Jetstar's already saved Qantas. Where can its boss fly to next?

Sunday  03:40,   16 june 2019

Started as a defence against Virgin, the budget airline is now a money-making machine in its own right. So where to next for... >>>

Suplejack Station, NT's most isolated cattle property, sells at auction for $21m

Saturday  21:45,   15 june 2019

One of Australia's most remote cattle properties, Suplejack Station, sells for the first time in its 55-year... >>>

Something Appears to Have Ripped a Massive Hole in the Milky Way's Edge

Saturday  12:40,   15 june 2019

Something Appears to Have Ripped a Massive Hole in the Milky Way's... >>>

AUSTRAC began compliance talks with Afterpay in mid-2018

Saturday  12:05,   15 june 2019

Australia's financial crime watchdog, AUSTRAC, said it has been talking with Afterpay about compliance with the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws for almost a year before demanding an external audit of its compliance this... >>>

Exclusive: Business and pleasure - how Russian oil giant Rosneft uses its corporate jets

Saturday  05:35,   15 june 2019

Jets used for corporate travel by Russian state-owned oil major Rosneft flew at least 13 times to Mallorca, Ibiza, Sardinia and the Maldives when CEO Igor Sechin or people from his social circle were in the same vacation spots. Using publicly... >>>

Having a gas: Australia dominates China's LNG supply

Saturday  02:45,   15 june 2019

Having a gas: Australia dominates China's LNG... >>>

Unemployment figures likely to force interest rate below 1 per cent this year

Saturday  01:31,   15 june 2019

Australia's unemployment rate is now among the worst in the developed world and heading in the wrong direction. Australia's unemployment rate is now among the worst in the developed world and heading in the wrong direction with expectations growing... >>>

Couple who wanted out of timeshares never predicted nightmare ahead

Friday  23:50,   14 june 2019

There's no easy exit, as consumers lose thousands of dollars trying to unload timeshares. A General Motors retiree tells his... >>>

Revealed: The capital city suburbs where house prices won't rise as investors are warned to stay away

Friday  21:56,   14 june 2019

Real estate financial modelling shows market conditions in some suburbs in Perth, Brisbane and Darwin would not support... >>>

Adobe’s prototype AI tool automatically spots Photoshopped faces

Friday  19:42,   14 june 2019

Though it’s just a research project for the... >>>

India will build its own space station in the next decade

Friday  13:06,   14 june 2019

(ISRO) announced its ambitious plan to put up a space station in the next decade. The space agency’s chief said launch it by... >>>

Beethoven's Hair Fetches a Whopping $45,000 at Auction

Friday  11:10,   14 june 2019

Beethoven reportedly lopped a significant bit of hair from the back of his own head and wrapped it in a piece of paper. If you've been looking to snag a lock of Ludwig van Beethoven's hair, well, it's just been sold for a whopping $45,000 ($AUD... >>>

Afterpay faces audit after AUSTRAC order

Friday  10:51,   14 june 2019

Afterpay shares have fallen 12% after Australia's financial intelligence agency ordered an auditor to probe its compliance with money-laundering rules. Afterpay Touch shares have closed down 12 per cent as the high-flying buy now, pay later company... >>>

CBA, NAB to cut savings interest rates

Friday  10:05,   14 june 2019

Commonwealth Bank and NAB will cut interest rates on savings accounts by up to 0.25 percentage points in response to last week's cut in official interest... >>>