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Elon Musk once again proposes to buy Twitter, at the agreed price in April

Wednesday  01:40,   05 october 2022

the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk had ended the Twitter buyout agreement in the amount of $ 44 billion in early July. © provided by Franceinfo Elon Musk has changed his mind again. The boss of Tesla finally proposed to Twitter to buy the... >>>

Musk and Selenskyj deliver Twitter dispute via Peace Plan

Tuesday  04:40,   04 october 2022

United Nations, Oct 4 (Reuters)-Tesla boss Elon Musk calls on the Twitter users on Monday to coordinate the end of the Russian war in Ukraine. He proposed (UN) monitored elections in the four occupied regions that the government in Moscow wants to... >>>

Tesla: Rebound of deliveries after a gloomy year

Monday  10:10,   03 october 2022

© Julien Sarboraria Tesla: Rebound of deliveries after a gloomy year after notably the closure of its Chinese factory for several weeks, Tesla delivered more than 343,000 Vehicles in the third quarter, upstairs over one year. Deliveries go... >>>

Tesla again with delivery record

Monday  01:50,   03 october 2022

Tesla has reached the next record in the deliveries in the past quarter - but at the same time failed even higher expectations of analysts. The company from Tech-billiard Elon Musk brought 343,830 electric cars to buyers from July to September. The >>>

Frédéric Comyn: "I was educated in the good, the crude and the homemade"

Saturday  10:50,   01 october 2022

The baker perpetuates a know-how which has earned him numerous prizes. He offers a Paris-Brest in the shape of a wheel in tribute to his grandfather, also a baker, who loved the Tour de France. "Child, I spent a lot of time in the bakery of my... >>>

Tesla boss Musk leads robot prototypes in front of

Saturday  08:00,   01 october 2022

The electric car manufacturer Tesla demonstrated the prototype of a humanoid robot. The machine with uninhibited mechanical joints and cables took a few steps on a stage at an event at night and waved to the audience. Tesla is aiming for a price at >>>

"Will we be open tomorrow?" ». The Camaïeu brand placed in judicial liquidation

Thursday  21:20,   29 september 2022

© Charles Platiau / Reuters The brand founded in 1984 had requested its placement in receivership two months ago. The northern ready-to-wear brand Camaïeu was placed this Wednesday, September 28, 2022 in compulsory liquidation. Diving in the... >>>

No "Who will be a millionaire" on Monday: What works instead

Monday  15:50,   26 september 2022

Cologne - Nanu! Anyone who has studied the television program at RTL will find that something very essential is missing today on Monday: " Who will be a millionaire "! © provided by Tag24 Only next Monday "Who becomes a millionaire" with Günther... >>>

Why you should definitely put lemon in your full washing machine

Sunday  07:11,   25 september 2022

The laundry basket is full and its contents straight into the washing machine. Stop, be sure to add some lemon! © ISTOCKPHOTO This happens when you put lemon in your laundry ISTOCKPHOTO lemons not only taste delicious and are real vitamin booster,... >>>

Tesla: The ambitions of Elon Musk brake in Germany

Thursday  20:20,   15 september 2022

© Julien Sarboraria Tesla: The ambitions of Elon Musk brake in Germany with the new regulations to come, providing for tax incentives for manufacturers if the batteries are manufactured and Assessments in the United States, the Elon Musk group... >>>

France: Several hundred deliverers demonstrate in Paris against Uber Eats

Monday  23:50,   12 september 2022

© RFI / Alexis Bédu of the demonstrators against Uber Eats brandish a banner on the Place de la République, in Paris. About 500 people demonstrated on Monday against the American firm Uber Eats. They denounce the disconnection of approximately... >>>

CDU party conference decides on basic value charta

Saturday  14:00,   10 september 2022

The CDU party conference has approved a basic value charta to give a clearer profile after the election defeat in the Bundestag election last year. The delegates voted on Saturday in Hanover in several votes on partial chapters for the proposal of... >>>

Elon Musk did not like "power rings" and lets go on Twitter

Wednesday  21:40,   07 september 2022

© Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Elon Musk We cannot please everyone. Elon Musk hated the first episodes of the Amazon series the rings of power, and he lets him know on Twitter. The richest man in the world notably invoked the name of the author >>>

Creative Freedom: Mechanical keyboard with your own Lego bricks customizable

Wednesday  16:10,   07 september 2022

With this gaming keyboard inspired by LEGO, it won't get boring so quickly if you still have a few lego bricks at home. © Melgeek Here you can become creative. gaming keyboards do not always have to come serious, seriously and with as much RGB... >>>

IFO: Companies increase prices

Wednesday  15:53,   07 september 2022

The IFO Institute does not see a quick end to high inflation in view of the announced price increases of German companies. According to a survey by the Munich researchers, many companies want to raise their prizes to a large extent. In August, the... >>>