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Elon Musk forced Schnapsidee: Tesla wants to secure Giga Beer and Giga Beer

Friday  11:00,   22 october 2021

to Tequila is probably really beer. Tesla wants to protect the brand protection rights to Giga Beer and Giga beer. But at least in Germany immensely threatens. © Nitzao / Reddit Elon Musk at the idea of ​​the GIGA beer idea. ever had Tesla Chief... >>>

These are the 25 most recent billionaires in the world

Thursday  17:40,   21 october 2021

The recent billionaires of this world are young and rich. To be included in this elite list, you have to be under 35 and have at least one billion dollars in the account. © Brian Oh / Getty Images John Collison These ladies and gentlemen definitely >>>

Tesla figures exceed the expectations: Tesla earns significantly more - Tesla share virtually still under pressure

Thursday  14:05,   21 october 2021

with tension had expected the markets the quarterly figures of the electro-automotive Tesla. © Provided by Finanzen.net Saeed Khan / AFP / Getty Images Despite the global chip crisis and delivery problems, Tesla has retracted the third record... >>>

Tesla with record quarterly profit of 1.6 billion Dollars

Thursday  01:25,   21 october 2021

Despite the global chip crisis and delivery problems, US electric car new Tesla has earned as much earnings in the third quarter as never before in a quarter of a year. © Jae C. Hong / AP / DPA Teslas CEO Elon Musk prior to unveiling of the Teslas... >>>

KSC shareholders cheap capital increase

Thursday  00:50,   21 october 2021

Important step for the Karlsruher SC: The traditional club records a capital increase after the vote of his shareholders. © Imago Images / Picture Point Le The Wildpark shines in new splendor: Karlsruher SC. IPO For the time being not planned The... >>>

beer becomes more expensive: three large breweries cancel price increases to

Tuesday  20:50,   19 october 2021

Radeberger, Krombacher and Veltins want to rotate due to increased energy and raw material costs on the price screw. Other brewers could follow. © Photo: Angelika Warmuth / dpa Archive - 17.10.2020, Bavaria, Altenau: An operation taps beer in a... >>>

Over $ 230 billion: Elon Musk is richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Together

Tuesday  13:31,   19 october 2021

The Tesla share continues to rise and with her also the wealth of the company chief Elon Musk: most recently, the fortune of tech pioneer achieved a value of over 230 Billion dollars, which makes him with the richest man in the world. But not only... >>>

bitcoin and other crypt feeds undermine sanctions

Tuesday  03:40,   19 october 2021

Washington. The US see a risk for the effectiveness of road measures against other countries in crypto currencies. Therefore, the Biden government prepares a reform of its sanction policy. © Nicolas Armer Immediate coin with the logo of the crypto... >>>

Would you like to move to France? An interactive map helps you find the ideal city

Monday  14:50,   18 october 2021

© Click your city You want to move to a small French city? An interactive map helps you make your choice. rather Brittany, French Riviera or Southwest? If more and more French want to leave big cities to afford a better living environment, not... >>>

How to identify a good beer in 5 steps

Saturday  23:13,   16 october 2021

© Westend61 1272245513 Why is it important to know how to identify an good beer ? It has become more and more popular to go to breweries or places where different beers are sold in jars, and find the best becomes a tasting and curation job. In... >>>

Elon Musk speaks as a surprise guest at VW conference

Saturday  22:23,   16 october 2021

Tesla chief Elon Musk has occurred as a surprise guest by video at a VW executive meeting in the Austrian Alpach. Group chef Herbert This was published on Twitter a picture, which showed him together with Musk on a screen on a stage. © Jae C. Hong... >>>

living increase due to more expensive energy?

Thursday  14:45,   14 october 2021

Consumer Centers demand rapid protection for people with lower income in the face of high energy prices. © Bodo Marks / dpa / dpa Living allowance increase, "so no one has to freeze this winter». In the short term, an increase in the housing... >>>

Tesla again in the viewfinder of the US authorities

Wednesday  21:25,   13 october 2021

© Tesla Tesla again in the viewfinder of the American authorities An American regulator calls the automaker again on its driving assistance systems. The US Road Safety Agency (NHTSA) asked Tesla of additional explanations on its driving assistance... >>>

Schmidt: "A situation that I can not incidentally manage"

Wednesday  20:32,   13 october 2021

after that from Carsten Schmidt as CEO at Hertha BSC, he made it clear on the specially advanced press conference that there was no alternative for his step. © Picture Alliance / DPA listens to Hertha after ten months: Carsten Schmidt. After the... >>>

bargain prices used: Buffett-familiar Munger doubles its share of Alibaba

Tuesday  06:05,   12 october 2021

of the Vice of Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, has massively expanded its investment in the Chinese Alibaba Group and used the strong pricing of the share. © Provided by Finanzen.net Toru Yamanaka / AFP / Getty Images • Meaner buys again Alibaba... >>>