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MoneyJobs boom in CBDs leaves a long commute for exploding outer-suburban population

11:30  12 june  2019
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Australia's sprawling outer suburbs have rapidly growing populations , but most of the new residents have a very long commute to get to jobs that are mainly located near the CBD.

“Australia’s urban commuters have little to fear from population growth, if recent experience is any “Other people simply accept a longer commute — at least for a time — particularly if they earn a “It’s a common misconception that jobs are centred in CBDs which get harder to access as cities grow

Jobs boom in CBDs leaves a long commute for exploding outer-suburban population© Simon Winter Commuters struggle to get parking at Wyndham Station in Melbourne's west. Jobs and growth, that is the mantra of governments Australia-wide. But where are the jobs, where is the population growth and do they line up together?

An analysis of census data by ABC's The Business has found some areas of Australia are sucking up new jobs and workers, while others are suffering from a lack of jobs growth, forcing many new residents into mega-commutes.

Wyndham — located in Melbourne's sprawling south-west along the highway between Melbourne and Geelong — experienced one of Australia's largest population increases between 2011 and 2016, according to government statistics, adding 65,000 people in just five years.

Inside the suburban Melbourne basketball factory that produced Ben Simmons

Inside the suburban Melbourne basketball factory that produced Ben Simmons Before he was a multi-millionaire athlete dating a Kardashian, NBA player Ben Simmons was a regular student at a nondescript public school in Melbourne's suburbs. 

A suburb is a mixed-use or residential area, existing either as part of a city or urban area or as a separate residential community within commuting distance of a city.

Despite a falling birthrate, the population will boom thanks to migration and an ageing population . Sydney to have three cbds . The report highlighted that western Sydney’s booming “If we can just ease the pressure on the big cities and enable the further growth in those jobs to be filled in the

According to 2011 census figures, the area had 43,401 people working in the area, spread across most industry categories. Compare that to the 161,577 people who reported they lived in the area and worked.

This left Wyndham with a jobs-to-workers deficit of almost 118,000 in 2011, forcing many to commute and work elsewhere.

This figure had grown much worse by 2016, with people working in the area growing to 61,909 but people in the area who work growing to 217,118, leaving a total jobs deficit of almost 155,000.

All this means that after five years of breakneck population growth, Wyndham added 37,000 fewer jobs than workers.

That is 37,000 people who are commuting out of the area to work.

The reason we look specifically at workers is the population of many of these growth areas are boosted by baby booms, as well as tree-changers and sea-changers fleeing the city but who may not work.

Stagnant wages, stagnant economy — when will jobs start stagnating too?

Stagnant wages, stagnant economy — when will jobs start stagnating too? The federal election might ensure that jobs growth stays strong for another month — but eventually it will succumb to gravity.

CBDs can't leave downtown area so they expand underground and above ground (with skyscrapers). - Cities are unable to house rapidly growing amount of poor people - population is increasing because of NIR and migration for job opportunities.

Or maybe you have a long commute and an “ok” job – but it’s a great company and there seems to be room for advancement? Are you willing to go “outside” your comfort area to find a job ? What matters most – cultural activities, access to shopping, weather, access to hobbies, population density?

It is a similar story across Australia's capitals.

Tasmania has had a lot of employment growth in central Hobart, with population growth more spread out.

Western Australia also saw extremely strong job creation in and around the centre of Perth, with much of the population growth happening outside the city.

According to census figures, there are almost 1 million Australians who work in the centres of Sydney and Melbourne.

Broader figures for NSW are harder to get a handle on, due to local government amalgamations in 2016 that disrupted census figures, but the pattern is broadly still clear — Sydney magnetically attracts workers, though Parramatta gives a good show too, with 130,000 working in the area in 2016.

Workers on mega-commutes from job deserts

All these people need to get to work, which may explain bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeways and the scrum at suburban railway stations each and every weekday morning.

Federal MP hasn't asked Adani about jobs

Federal MP hasn't asked Adani about jobs A federal MP who has spruiked the jobs Adani's mine will create in her Queensland electorate admits she's never asked for a precise figure.

Australia has the highest rate of population growth of all the medium and large OECD countries. Cities suffer the planning consequences of rapid population growth while the federal government reaps the revenue.

The following is a table of the largest incorporated suburbs worldwide, with over 700,000 people. A suburb here is defined as subordinate to a central city from a business or infrastructure sense

Peak hour starts early in Wyndham, with the station car park filling by 7:30am, forcing many who drive and commute to park illegally along the verges and across the road on the grass.

The traffic and parking snarl are so bad the local council has reportedly raked in more than $1 million in parking fines from commuters struggling to find spaces in and around the local stations.

A local resident told The Business the commute was a killer for those with young kids and families, and parking was getting so bad that he and some other families were talking about hiring charter buses to drop people off for the trains that come every 10-15 minutes.

The local bus routes routinely arrive after the trains have left.

"It definitely will help if there are CBD kind of situations out here where we have more jobs on the west side, as it's expanding a lot," he said.

Another Wyndham resident said he had a 90-minute, 60-kilometre commute each way every day, because there were "no IT jobs on this side of town".

This mega commute, while at the extreme end for some residents, is not uncommon. ABS census data show many Sydney workers have an 80-kilometre commute each way.

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Suburbanization is a population shift from central urban areas into suburbs , resulting in the Long -suppressed urbanization and a dramatic housing backlog resulted in extensive peri-urban With the increased use of vehicles to commute to and from the work place this causes increased use of oil

Suburban counties are once again gaining population at the expense of the cities around them. Lured by affordable housing and reasonable commute times, thousands are relocating to the suburban county Mostly farmland not too long ago, Hays has doubled in population since 2000.

Many Wyndham residents spend 45 minutes or more just on the train each way to work and back.

Australian suburbs are hollowing out

Principal of the Strategy Planning Group David Chalke said, although not new, the issue of workers living far from work was growing as industry left the suburbs.

"I see Victoria as being the prototype of what happens when you rapidly deindustrialise an economy," he said.

"Unless government takes action, businesses tend to cluster together with other like businesses and services that support them, and that means the CBD."

Kate Shaw, an urban geographer at the University of Melbourne, told The Business the current approach to where jobs were located and where new residents lived had huge economic benefits for business, but large costs for commuters and significant environmental downsides.

"People who need to go to those jobs have to travel extraordinary distances every day," she said.

"Often people have to stand, because their trains and trams are so incredibly crowded these days."

Dr Shaw said the anything-goes attitude from state and local governments all around Australia was encouraging an "LA style of development".

"In Australia we have a situation where developers and investors build what they want, where they want, and strategic plans tend to play catch-up," she said.

Australian striker Williams leaves Phoenix

Australian striker Williams leaves Phoenix Wellington Phoenix must rebuild their strike force after David Williams joined Roy Krishna in leaving the A-League club. David Wiliams has joined Roy Krishna in departing Wellington, leaving the Phoenix without their prolific A-League twin strike force of 2018-19. Former Socceroos forward Williams confirmed his departure on Tuesday, ending a one-season stint in Wellington which reaped 11 goals. The 31-year-old formed a potent combination with Johnny Warren Medal winner Krishna, who announced the end of his five seasons at the Phoenix last month. Neither player has revealed their next destination.

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This list tracks and ranks the population of the top 10 largest cities and other urban places in the United States by decade, as reported by each decennial United States Census

"That results in a concentration of jobs and commercial activities in central areas that are attractive to those kinds of businesses."

'Jobs needed in the urban fringe, not the regions'

It was not always this way.

In the past, many factories and businesses went to the suburbs to be close to workers. For example, car factories in the Adelaide suburb of Elizabeth, as well as in Geelong and Melbourne.

But Mr Chalke said the death of manufacturing spelled doom for this kind of industry and now the mission for government should not be sending jobs to the regions or rural areas, but to the suburbs.

"The real problem is not in people living out in the regional areas, but it's in the outer-metropolitan areas, the urban fringe — that's where the jobs are needed," Mr Chalke said.

"The real challenge is getting jobs and work out near where people live and not out to the regions."

He said the initial cost of putting jobs in one place and the people in another seemed low, but swiftly added up.

"When you add in the cost of commuting to Melbourne and the time lost commuting to work, two or three hours a day, the cost is astronomical," he said.

"The efficiency costs are the ones you don't see, the loss of efficiency is a hit to the whole economy."

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An alleged gunman has been charged with murder after another man was shot dead at a property in Mandurah, south of Perth. WA Police said a 61-year-old man died after he was shot about 5:00pm yesterday at the semi-rural property in the suburb of Stake Hill. Six police cars and officers from the Tactical Response Group (TRG) were sent to the scene when the alarm was raised. The man's body was found after TRG officers entered the house just after 8:00pm. © ABC News A man has been charged with murder after the shooting in Stake Hill.

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