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08:25  26 october  2020
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Extradition trial of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou gets underway in Vancouver. An embassy spokesperson released a statement expressing "strong dissatisfaction" with the approval of the extradition request by the British Columbia Supreme Court of Canada .

Decision says Meng Wanzhou’s alleged actions in the US would be considered a crime in Canada , a key condition for extradition .

  Canada: nouvelle bataille dans la procédure d'extradition d'une cadre de Huawei © Provided by Le Point

An executive of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei , arrested at Canada at the request of United States , returns Monday before a Vancouver court to denounce the conditions of her arrest at the end of 2018 and demand the end of the extradition procedure against her.

Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei, was arrested during a stopover in Vancouver on December 1, 2018, with US authorities accusing him of circumventing US sanctions against Iran .

Ms Meng is charged with fraud for lying to HSBC bank about the relationship between Huawei and Skycom, a subsidiary that sold telecoms equipment to Iran, during a presentation in 2013, exposing the bank to US sanctions.

China warns Swedish firms of tit-for-tat action after Huawei ban

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Canada has said it will allow the US extradition case against Huawei 's chief financial officer to move forward, but the court must make a final decision. Her extradition hearing will also be scheduled at that time. This decision is still an early step in the process . If a judge is satisfied with the evidence

The formal extradition hearings for a Chinese Huawei executive who was arrested in Canada more than a year ago are to begin on Monday. This week's hearings will run from 20-24 January in the British Columbia supreme court in Vancouver and will focus on the next step in the extradition

Ms. Meng's defense will once again try to convince the judge that their client's rights have been violated, after she was questioned for three hours by Canadian customs officials without knowing what was being held against her before d 'to be officially arrested.

The lawyers also denounce the seizure of his electronic devices, in particular his telephone and his laptop, which were transmitted to the American FBI, which constitutes according to them a violation of the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms.

Ms. Meng "alleges a conspiracy by American and Canadian law enforcement agencies to compel the applicant to provide evidence for the benefit of the United States in violation of her Charter rights", according to documents of justice.

Huawei launches fresh phones despite chip freeze

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2:03 Chinese executive at centre of multi-national legal battle makes court appearance. Meng, who is the daughter of Huawei ‘s founder, was arrested in Canada in December and is fighting extradition to the United FBI Director Christopher Wray said the Huawei cases, which were filed in New York and Looming deadline to extradite arrested Huawei executive . It also said it is not aware of any

The arrest in Canada of a top Chinese technology executive for possible extradition to the United States has roiled markets and cast doubt on a Defendants have typically fought extradition on the grounds that their rights in the arresting country would be violated if they were sent to the requesting

Members of the federal police and the Canadian customs services must be called to testify during this new week of hearings.

The Chinese national's lawyers have previously defended allegations of abuse of process to seek access to secret documents which they claim prove the existence of a conspiracy between the FBI and Canadian authorities. Such a conspiracy, if proven, could result in the annulment of the extradition procedure.

Unprecedented crisis

Justice had already handed over piles of documents to the defense, most of which were redacted.

Lawyers have also requested in previous hearings access to reports, emails and notes written by Canadian intelligence agents. They were also denied that petition before the Federal Court in Ottawa in August.

"The Attorney General of Canada does not believe that there was any conspiracy to deprive Ms. Meng of her rights," replied the representative of the Department of Justice, Robert Frater.

The arrest of Meng Wanzhou, who has since lived under house arrest in Vancouver, triggered an unprecedented diplomatic crisis between Ottawa and Beijing.

A few days after his arrest, the former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig and his compatriot, the consultant Michael Spavor, were arrested in China, before being charged with espionage in mid-June.

Their detention is widely regarded in the West as a retaliatory measure.

New preliminary hearings are scheduled for next month and early 2021. Meng Wanzhou's extradition hearing is scheduled for April 26-30, but due to the numerous appeal possibilities, the proceedings could take several years according to experts. .

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report: Huawei plans to build its own chip factory .
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