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08:55  29 october  2020
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This is McDonald ' s , not Starbucks. Complaining about prices to workers who have no control over them is pointless. As someone who has worked at McDonald ' s for the past two summers and over breaks, I have a pretty good understanding of what bothers a McDonald ' s worker.

1. McDonald ' s employees can't always deliver fast food all that fast. While McDonald ’ s and other fast-service restaurants pride themselves on getting customers on their way, some menu items just don’t lend themselves to record service times. According to Bob, an assistant store manager at a

Working in a fast food restaurant is often stressful. If the customers then cause problems, the mood is gone. What particularly annoys McDonald’s employees about their customers.

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Anyone who works in a busy fast food restaurant like McDonald’s comes into contact with a large number of customers every day. It is clear that you don't get on well with everyone, but polite and respectful interaction should actually be given on both sides. The American edition of Business Insider talked to various McDonald’s employees about customers and also collected various impressions from McDonald’s employees on how to deal with difficult customers on Reddit in a photo gallery. What particularly bothers McDonald’s employees about their customers.

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McDonald ' s employees have also taken to Reddit to share their thoughts on the annoying thing certain restaurant patrons do, from treating the store like a babysitting service to making vague, poorly-thought-out orders. Here are the annoying behaviors McDonald ' s employees wish customers would

McDonald ' s employees have some seriously fascinating insight into the fast-food giant. From strange orders to the chain of command, here's a look at insider facts gleaned from McDonald ' s employees in the UK may be more attentive at certain times — and customers can use this to their advantage.

Difficulties ordering

One of the main things that McDonald’s employees have in store for customers is when there are difficulties ordering. Some customers would assume that there is some kind of "secret menu" and order burgers that are not on the menu. Since McDonald’s branches are run by franchisees, it is quite possible that there are certain special requests in a certain main branch of the customers, a former employee told Business Insider. In principle, however, all branches get the same basic food for making the same burger. Customers shouldn't expect to be able to order an unfamiliar burger that is not on the menu anywhere.

When ordering, customers should also know in advance what they want and communicate this clearly. An employee on Reddit explained that he couldn't know that customers who order a BigMac menu actually only want the burger. Even those who order several happy meals for their children should clearly state which child wants which content - otherwise it will only get on the nerves of the employees.

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when the lady at McDonald ' s judges you for getting a happy meal #trickortreat. They’ve got their methods down to a precise science. If you come in with a special order, it throws off the Employees on lobby are in charge of cleaning up in the dining area: wiping down tables, sweeping, bringing

McDonald ' s Corporation is an American fast food company, founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald , in San Bernardino, California, United States.

What is also annoying for employees: When customers have a thousand special requests. A lettuce leaf instead of the burger bun, an extra slice of cheese and just a tiny dollop of ketchup in the middle. In a fast-food restaurant, where things have to happen quickly, such extra requests often cause delays, which in turn can annoy other customers and annoy the employees.

Many customers apparently also use a trick to get fresh fries: They order them without salt, because the fries then have to be prepared in a separate fresh deep fryer. Some employees complained about this on Reddit. Especially if the customers asked for salt for their fries afterwards.

Pay with change when the store is full

Even after the order has been placed, there are still a few things that employees can do about their customers. For example, when customers want to pay for their food with a lot of change - when the shop behind them is packed. At least that's how Business Insider quotes a McDonald’s employee.

Employees would also be annoyed if customers didn't clear away their rubbish themselves when leaving the restaurant. Normally it is thought that McDonald’s customers clear their trays, including packaging waste, from the table when they leave the branch. If this is not done, it means more work for the employees that they actually shouldn't have to do.

The points mentioned so far are all primarily related to the ordering process and the food. But what is likely to annoy many McDonald’s employees most - and probably also hurt - is when customers talk condescendingly about them and their job. If parents would tell their children, "If you are not careful at school, then you have to work here too," is not at all nice, Business Insider quotes a Reddit user. Finanzen.net editorial team

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