Money Fear of Yahoo Scenario: Will Tesla's Rating and Promotion into the S&P 500 Mean the End?

13:10  03 december  2020
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Tesla has 104% upside potential in bull-case scenario as global demand for EVs hits tipping point, Wedbush says

  Tesla has 104% upside potential in bull-case scenario as global demand for EVs hits tipping point, Wedbush says Tesla's inclusion in the S&P 500 and its "sustained path to profitability" means the bull story is now all about an acceleration in demand for electric vehicles, according to a note from Wedbush. As global demand for EVs hits a tipping point, Tesla could surge 104% in a bull-case scenario to $US1,000, Wedbush said in the note. "New designs around Cybertruck and Model Y will further aid growth globally and thus enable Tesla to achieve its million delivery units likely by 2023," Wedbush said. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

Tesla was not included in the S & P 500 for a while, although it had met the criteria in the index' s The electric car maker’ s inclusion means that all of the index funds and ETFs that track the index will But getting into the index has not been easy for Tesla , which up until recently met much of the criteria for

The announcement on Monday that Tesla will enter the S & P 500 on Dec. 21 follows months of The inclusion and the rapid rally over the past few months mean money managers overseeing passive Tesla has tapped into that investor goodwill with multiple secondary share offerings over the past

For a long time there was speculation about the rise of the Tesla share in the broad US S&P 500 index. With the latest quarterly balance sheet, the e-car manufacturer once again proved its profitability and the rise was a done deal a short time later. But should investors really be happy about that?

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• Tesla will rise in the S&P 500 on

on December 21, 2020 • Investors reacted euphorically to

report • Bloomberg expert sees the rise as the beginning of the end

Der on Elektro -Vehicle specialist US automaker Tesla has already made an impressive development this year. It wasn't long ago that Elon Musk 's company was on the verge of bankruptcy . The Tesla CEO recently admitted that himself on Twitter . According to him, the end of the car manufacturer was only "about a month" away during the production of the Model 3. But since then a lot has turned for the better for the e-specialist. In the last quarterly presentation for the third quarter of 2020, Tesla was able to show a profit for the fifth time in a row and also surprisingly positively so far with its delivery figures this year.

Tesla Grünheide: Elon Musk wants to build the world's largest battery factory

 Tesla Grünheide: Elon Musk wants to build the world's largest battery factory The Tesla plant in Grünheide is to be expanded significantly. Elon Musk has announced plans to build the world's largest battery factory there. © t3n Elon Musk wants to revolutionize battery cell production and then build the largest cell factory in the world in Germany. As part of the European Battery Conference organized by the Federal Ministry of Economics, Tesla boss Elon Musk announced not only the development of a compact current for the local market .

If Tesla stock goes into the index, it could unleash a flood of new investors in shares that have already soared to monumental levels. Zac and Jesse from the Now You Know YouTube channel discuss Tesla and its possible inclusion in the S & P 500 index. Demand for shares of Tesla will increase, as

Adding Tesla TSLA to the S & P 500 symbolizes the reckless investment environment of our day and Tesla bulls will argue that the firm’ s foray into providing insurance to drivers of its vehicles is further See the math behind this reverse DCF scenario . In this scenario , Tesla would earn 4 billion in

This was also reflected in the development of the Tesla share certificate, which in the meantime had to be subjected to a 1-to-5 share split, the paper had meanwhile shot to such lofty heights.

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Tesla rises in the S&P 500 to

The last success message from the electric car maker was the news that Tesla would be on December 21, 2020 move up to the highly regarded US index S&P 500 . With a market capitalization of now 554 billion US dollars, the electric car company is not a lightweight either, but is one of the most valuable companies in the index. While the news about the inclusion in the S&P 500 was euphoric among Tesla investors, Bloomberg columnist David Fickling, on the other hand, doubts that the rise should benefit the share of the Stromer producer as well as the index.

More than just an automaker: Morgan Stanley raises price target for Tesla shares massively

 More than just an automaker: Morgan Stanley raises price target for Tesla shares massively Tesla shares have put investors in a good mood this year. But the end of the story does not seem to have been reached - an analyst has now issued an extremely bullish price target. © Provided by Finances.net Andrew Burton / Getty Images • Tesla shares with extremely good run in 2020 • Morgan Stanley analyst raises share to "Overweight" • Price target raised sharply Price increase of around 480 percent this year: Hardly any other investment was able to ensure such a good performance in investor

If the chips fall right, that means Tesla will be eligible for inclusion in the S & P 500 in the second half of this year Consider that at the end of 2018 the electric car manufacturer posted its first-ever back-to-back Tesla has surely notched some wins since then, but couldn’t turn that streak into a full year of

Its current size - Tesla would fit between Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and Facebook Inc., the fifth and sixth biggest The company invests in senior floating- rate commercial mortgages, as well as originating and Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk on Tuesday said he was open to discussing a merger of his

Tesla's high rating is difficult to justify

On the contrary - in his opinion, the listing on the broad index is equivalent to a "game-over". The pivotal point of his assessment is the high valuation of Tesla shares. Even if the share has lost some of its high volatility in the past and it no longer looks as if Tesla could go under at any moment, it is "still very difficult to justify the price of the share," as Fickling said in his Bloomberg -Column writes. For example, the carmaker's yields would only just "catch up with the broader automotive sub-index" and even if the analysts' estimates were correct that this could go up 20 percent in the next few years, Tesla would only be one level achieve what is considered "normal for an industry that has been losing popularity with investors for years".

Accordingly, in his opinion, the rapid share development has little to do with the fundamental data of the electric car manufacturer and it is "very difficult to see how Tesla will justify this valuation in the long term".

Ministers postpone decision on cutting health star rating for fresh fruit juice

  Ministers postpone decision on cutting health star rating for fresh fruit juice Fresh fruit juice's health stars are safe for the time being with a final, controversial ministerial decision on how to rate drinks with no added sugar on hold.On Friday, fruit growers and federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud were furious at what Mr Littleproud described as a "mind-numbingly dumb" decision by the state ministers to press on with a plan to introduce health star ratings [HSR] based on sugar content.

(Bloomberg) -- Tesla Inc. climbed on Tuesday after S & P Dow Jones Indices said it will be added to the S & P 500 Index in one shot on Dec. “It’ s ultimately less disruptive than trying something new with the largest index addition ever.” S & P Dow Jones Indices, announcing the plan in a brief statement Monday

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk on Tuesday said he was open to discussing a merger of his start-up electric carmaker with a rival. Speaking at an Axel Springer event in Berlin, Musk was asked whether he would consider buying a rival carmaker given that Tesla ' s market value of more than $ 500 billion

parallel to Yahoo?

In this context, the stock market expert is reminded of the initially meteoric rise of the Internet company Yahoo in 1999, which only a short time later experienced an equally rapid and deep fall with the bursting of the dot-com bubble. However, it was not only the sell-off on the stock markets that sealed the crash of Yahoo, but also the growing competition from, at that time, much smaller competitors such as Google . Fickling sees similar parallels here to Tesla, because there is currently a lot going on in the e-car sector and more and more smaller competitors are gaining momentum.

But the rise to the S&P 500 could not only be a problem for the stock. With his Yahoo comparison, the columnist also wants to suggest that it was also with Yahoo's rise to the S&P 500 that brought about the dramatic sell-off on the stock markets just a few months later. If you follow his argument, the alarm bells should be ringing for investors with the inclusion of Tesla in the US index, after all, according to an anecdote, "President John F. Kennedy's father knew at the moment that it was time to get out of the booming stock market in 1920 when the Boy who cleaned his shoes began to give him stock tips "and further" You can argue similarly when leading stock indices finally give their blessing to an up-and-coming share "- as recently at Tesla. Editors finazen.net

Bad quality and service? Taxi company demands compensation from Tesla .
A Dutch taxi company blames quality problems and poor service at Tesla for a million dollar loss in sales - and is now going to court. © Bas Czerwinski / FD / Bios-Groep Tesla taxis from the Bios-Groep. paintwork defects, a bad fit of body parts or squeaks and rattles: It is not the first time that Tesla has come under fire for quality defects in its electric cars. A J.D.

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