Money 8 years after the European Start: Tesla has now over 6,000 superchargers to 600 locations

22:15  25 march  2021
22:15  25 march  2021 Source:   t3n.de

VW's Tesla plans bring strongest increase since short squeeze

 VW's Tesla plans bring strongest increase since short squeeze (Bloomberg) - Volkswagen AG shares recorded the highest price increase since the historic short squeeze 12 years ago on Tuesday. On Monday, the Wolfsburg-based company announced that it wanted to replace Tesla Inc. as the global market leader for electric vehicles, and further strategic details on the timetable followed on Tuesday. VW's common stock rose up to 29% Tuesday.

Tesla has developed vigorously his European supercharger network in recent months. Currently there are over 6,000 the fast load columns at 600 locations in Europe.

Tesla Supercharger. © Tesla Tesla Supercharger.

With the arrival of Model S in Europe 2013, Tesla has installed the first of its SuperCharger in Norway. Three years later, with the start of Model X in 2016, it was already nearly 1,300 supercharger across Europe. In 2019, when Mode 3 came to the market , Tesla had launched 3,700 supercharger in Europe. Now it should be over 6,000.

Tesla has 6,039 SuperCharger on the net

a total of 6,039 SuperCharger at 601 locations - Tesla has now reached this milestone with his supercharger network according to own information. Over the past two years alone, electric cars should have loaded around 2.4 billion kilometers of electric reach of Tesla superchargers. This corresponds to about 22 round trip to Mars since the market launch of the Model 3.

Last day of Dutch Covid-dominated election

  Last day of Dutch Covid-dominated election Dutch voters are to cast their ballots at bike-through polling stations and museums Wednesday on the final day of a coronavirus-dominated election that could return Prime Minister Mark Rutte to power. Europe's first Covid election of 2021 has taken place over three days, with the elderly and at-risk voting at selected locations on Monday and Tuesday before the polls open for everyone else on Wednesday. People have also been allowed out past a 9:00 pm (2000 GMT) nationwide curfew to ensure they can vote -- the controversial health restriction in January sparked the Netherlands' worst riots for decades.

The SuperCharger network from Tesla has now been extended to 27 countries in Europe. Lastly, the Greek capital Athens came. In Germany alone, Elon Musk 's company operates over 850 superchargers at 84 locations. Incidentally, the largest location in Europe in Norwegian Nebben includes 44 Supercharger, at the first location there were still seven. In Oberhonnefeld, near the region Cologne-Bonn, Tesla customers are available 40 fast charging columns. The with 56 charging columns largest supercharger location of the World has been opened in November in California.

Supercharger: Efficiency and charging time improves

in the efficiency and the L Adjustments of the SuperCharger has also given improvements in recent years. In Europe, the V2 supercharger is the most widespread. Its top performance has risen to 150 kilowatts. Loading times can reduce Tesla by around 25 percent by ideally pre-climatic the battery and system of the Teslas over a corresponding function on the long-distance.

to the V3 superchargers (up to 250 kilowatts) the loading speed has been increased to up to 1,600 kilometers per hour according to the E car manufacturer. Compute example: A model 3 with the large battery (long range, performance) loads in the optimal case with the equivalent of 120 kilometers range in just 5 minutes. V3-Supercharger is currently available at some points of view in Europe, including in German City. Many other appropriate locations, including in Germany, are under construction how to see on the Superscharge.info page.

Hybrid and E cars keep entry into the fleet of medium-sized countries .
Germany-wide are currently slightly more than 300,000 electric cars approved. Hybrid cars are also popular with the Germans, their number rose by 530,000 cars last year. But not in private use, even as a company cars, more hybrid and electric cars are getting more frequent. The company Vimcar offers medium-sized companies software solutions for their own fleets and has now evaluated their own data of 100,000 service cars. It turns out that 6.6 percent of vehicles are electric cars in the fleet.

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