Money New Records at Bitcoin, Ether, XRP: 3 The 4 most important crypto currencies go steep

20:10  13 april  2021
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Howard Marks About Bitcoin: "Now I have learned how much I do not know"

 Howard Marks About Bitcoin: In an interview, Howard Marks from Oaktree Capital honestly admits that his first reaction to Bitcoin was not right ago. Meanwhile, he learned how much he did not know about the popular crypto currency. © Provided by finanzen.net Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images • Marks refers to Krypto currencies 2017 as "unfounded fad" • Investor writes Bitcoin because he has "no inner value" • First reaction was according to Marks, however, " Not a good way to behave " Oaktree co-founder Howard Marks was c

The market of crypto feeds moves significantly upwards. Bitcoin, Ether and XRP set new records. BnB stagnates after a brilliant Monday.

Treibt der bevorstehende Coinbase-Börsengang den Kryptomarkt? © Primakov / Shutterstock Drive the upcoming CoinBase IPO to the Krypto Markt?

The oldest and most important crypto currency represents the clock again. With a sub-day maximum value of $ 63.253, the bitcoin has marked a new all-time high.

massive growth in important assets

market capitalization increases by around four percent and moves to the trademark of 1.2 trillion dollars. The trading volume in 24 hours has risen by almost 25 percent.

Similarly develops on Tuesday of ether. He rises by around five percent in the maximum of $ 2.265.81 - which also marks a new all-time high. The trading volume is moving to an increase of 20 percent in 24 hours, the price gain is five percent. Market capitalization rises to around $ 260 billion.

Bitcoins mines contradict China's zero carbon objectives

 Bitcoins mines contradict China's zero carbon objectives © Reuters - Dado RUVIC China houses more than 75% of Bitcoins mines around the world and they are bulimic electricity. digital pollutes, and if nothing is done the digital currency could even derail Beijing's zero carbon goals. It is in any case what a study of the Chinese Academy of Sciences published by the Journal Nature. China houses more than 75% of Bitcoins mines around the world and they are bulimic electricity.

While the BNB recovered from a rapid increase on Monday on Tuesday, the XRP once again places 25 percent again and reached $ 1.74 its highest level for three years. The trading volume in 24 hours rises significantly to around 60 percent.

Thus, XRP has shown a price increase of around 81 percent within seven days. is the strongest growth of all crypto currencies in the top 50th place 2 The strongest all-rounder is already the Binke Coin with growth of around 47 percent.

What's behind the price gains?

experts see the rapid ascent primarily in the IPO of the Crypt Börse CoinBase , which is upcoming on Wednesday. This hopes will be accompanied by the fact that in the USA, a Börshandeled Fund ( ETF ) with Bitcoin could be approved as the underlying. That would be an important signal for more acceptance in the mainstream, because the US Stock Exchange Supervisory SEC so far pursues an very rigid policy in dealing with crypto currencies.

Likewise, the various auxiliary packages all over the world will have a clear influence on the price development of the crypto currencies.

At the time of publishing this article, Bitcoin is $ 63,000, the ether around $ 2,250 and XRP (Ripple) is $ 1.72. The Binke Coin currently does not show any other uptighting at after magnificent growth on Monday and is $ 575. All numbers are from Coinmarketcap .

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