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05:05  20 april  2021
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Elon Musk's 'public transit' in Vegas people driving slowly in tunnel

  Elon Musk's 'public transit' in Vegas people driving slowly in tunnel Elon Musk's Boring Company has unveiled its Vegas Loop transportation system at the convention center. The project has cost $55 million with plans to expand to other areas of the city.But the reality seems to be far less exciting, with the first look of Elon Musk's public transportation system in Las Vegas having been unveiled to disappointing and lackluster reviews.

Page bows against competitors via Twitter - this is not uncommon in the age of digitization and is used by personalities like Tesla Chef Elon Musk. But not musk is the focus of recent events, instead, Tesla itself became supposedly victim of such a tweets. The focus is on the topic of autonomous driving.

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• Ford boss distributed in Tweet Hidden Side Shift

• Auto pilot of Ford models in "real" test phase

• TESLAS technology in criticism

Via Twitter shared Ford -ceo Jim Farley A video showing the testing of autonomous driving functions of own Ford models under real conditions. "Real highways" and "real weather" is among other things. Farley wrote to the video: "BlueCruise! We tested it in the real world so that our customers do not have to do that."

Tesla-CEO instead of VW boss? Why Herbert Nas Nas Elon Musk would have built

 Tesla-CEO instead of VW boss? Why Herbert Nas Nas Elon Musk would have built , Tesla is the world's largest electric autobauer, but Volkswagen is close to the US Group tightly on the heels. Also, because VW boss Herbert this is crucial to the transformation of the Wolfsburg. © Provided by finanzen.net Mario Vedder / Getty Images • Bi: Musk wanted to do this as Tesla boss • This was the preferential • Both managers associated in friendship 2015 made it to date as VW brand boss acting Herbert this to the top of the traditional building Volkswagen .

BlueCruise! We tested it in The Real World, so our Customers do not have to. pic.twitter.com/dgqvkwh31r

- Jim Farley (@ jimfarley98) April 14, 2021

is a hidden side shelf against E-Auto Pioneer Tesla ? The instructions in the short message as well as in the video let it at least suspect.

beta version of Teslas AutoPilot tested by customers

to be able to recognize a stitching in the Tweet of the Ford Chef, a review of October 2020 is needed: At this time, Tesla brought out a beta version of its premium driving assistance system - an unfinished Version that marketed Tesla as "Full Self-Driving" (FSD). Customers were able to acquire access to this beta version of the FSD and try the latest functions themselves. The E car manufacturer then shared with the package to have rolled out to 2,000 riders. However, some of the access was taken again because they were allegedly not sufficiently paid attention to the driving situation, the US station reported CNBC.

Unhappy Tesla customer gets company apology, five-day detention

  Unhappy Tesla customer gets company apology, five-day detention Video shows a woman in a T-shirt that says ‘The brakes don’t work’ shouting similar accusations at a Shanghai auto show.Police said the woman and a female accomplice — identified only by their surnames, Zhang and Li — “caused chaos” at the trade fair on Monday when they arrived at the Tesla display “to express their dissatisfaction due to a consumer dispute”.

At the beginning of April, Elon Musk on Twitter should not respond again to the topic: "Almost finished with FSD Beta V9.0. Gradually improvement is huge, especially for unusual curves and bad weather. Pure view, no radar." Meanwhile, the tweet is no longer found, CNBC reported from the short message.

AutoPilot and FSD: "No autonomous system" despite the designation that can be translated with "complete self-feed", the FSD system is apparently not a driver replacement in each traffic situation. CNBC lay records that Tesla had communicated Californian DMV (US motor vehicle registration office) at the end of 2020 that "neither autopilot nor FSD Capability is an autonomous system."

Due to the product name, Tesla is already in criticism in the US, because the name implies that the car can navigate through the road after installation of the software alone. The criticism always receives new food when it comes to accidents where the systems were active. On the bundle level, a study started as a result of the accumulation of such accidents, whether the driving assistance systems could have been co-responsible for the distances.

Tesla Autopilot 'tricked' to run without driver

  Tesla Autopilot 'tricked' to run without driver A Model Y made multiple trips on a test track without a human in the driver's seat, engineers found.Consumer Reports engineers looked into claims that Autopilot can operate without a driver present.

In Germany, for example, a court has prohibited Tesla to use terms such as autopilot or full self-driving in commercial contexts.

BlueCruise system: What makes Ford different?

The corresponding and video-addressed system of Ford - BlueCruise - promises fewer functions than those of Tesla. Instead, however, a camera-based system in the car innumers should check whether the driver's eyes and attention has focused on the traffic. In contrast to Tesla, Ford restricts the use of the driving assistance system by prefetched sections such as highways in the US. Similar precautions can also be found at the co-competitions General Motors .

after 500,000 miles covered in development tests, and a final fine tuning is to be introduced this year BlueCruise for the 2021 versions of the Ford F-150 and the electrified cult model Mustang Mach-E.

Due to the distinctive differences and early release of the system at Tesla customers, the question seems entitled to make Tesla customers a manifestly unfinished product. At least the subliminal side block of the Ford boss is a small spark that continues to strain the debate on Teslas FSD offer. REDACTION FINANCEN.net

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