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Ford boss accused Tesla indirect: Testing customers unfinished technologies? Spread

 Ford boss accused Tesla indirect: Testing customers unfinished technologies? Spread Page bows against competitors via Twitter - this is not uncommon in the age of digitization and is used by personalities like Tesla Chef Elon Musk. But not musk is the focus of recent events, instead, Tesla itself became supposedly victim of such a tweets. The focus is on the topic of autonomous driving. © Provided by Finanzen.net Servais Mont / Getty Images • Ford boss distributed in Tweet Hidden Side Shift • Auto pilot of Ford models in "real" test phase • TESLAS technology in criticism Via T

Tesla has increased significantly in the first quarter of the year both in terms of sales and earnings and achieved its highest quarterly profit so far.

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In the three months to the end of March, Tech-billionaire ELON MUSK's company deserved $ 438 million (362 million euros), as it announced on Monday to US Stock Exchange . A year ago, the balance sheet had only a slight increase of $ 16 million. The construction of the first European Tesla factory in Grünheide near Berlin continues progress - but apparently no longer quite as fast as hoped.

Tesla already managed the seventh quarter with black numbers in a row in the opening quarter. However, an important factor was again the trade in exhaust certificates that other car manufacturers need to improve their emission balance and thus fulfill legal requirements, for example in California or Europe. In the first quarter, Tesla thus implemented $ 518 million. In addition, the balance sheet benefited from an investment in the crypto currency Bitcoin, with which the company had made headlines in February. Tesla had covered for $ 1.5 billion with Bitcoins, then sold around 300 million again and earned a good 100 million.

Unhappy Tesla customer gets company apology, five-day detention

  Unhappy Tesla customer gets company apology, five-day detention Video shows a woman in a T-shirt that says ‘The brakes don’t work’ shouting similar accusations at a Shanghai auto show.Police said the woman and a female accomplice — identified only by their surnames, Zhang and Li — “caused chaos” at the trade fair on Monday when they arrived at the Tesla display “to express their dissatisfaction due to a consumer dispute”.

Revenues rose by 74 percent to $ 10.4 billion. Although the figures were in the framework of market expectations, the stock was downright significantly in the minus. Thus, the Tesla share at the NASDAQ on Monday after the close of trading was 2.49 percent to 719.85 US dollars to.Tesla delivered in the first quarter of 184 877 E cars - this corresponds more than a doubling compared to the previous year and a new record in the history of the Group founded in 2003. Especially in China, demand was high, even if Tesla was confronted here with complaints of customers. Most recently, it had even given a score by a protest at the Shanghai Automess, the Tesla continued under pressure. Notwithstanding the criticism in the most important foreign market and increasing competition by established car makers such as

Tesla Autopilot 'tricked' to run without driver

  Tesla Autopilot 'tricked' to run without driver A Model Y made multiple trips on a test track without a human in the driver's seat, engineers found.Consumer Reports engineers looked into claims that Autopilot can operate without a driver present.


or General Motors , which penetrate into the electric segment, Tesla confirmed its growth targets for the current year. The company continues to expect an increase in global deliveries by around 50 percent. In 2020, Tesla had brought to the clientele over half a million e-cars. The construction and start of construction of new autofactics in Grünheide near the German capital Berlin and in the US state of Texas is intended to speed up growth this year. However, when in Germany, there was inventories at the bureaucratic level, but the final environmental approval for the work through the state of Brandenburg is still standing out. The Tesla Annual Report is now that the project is on course to start production and deliveries in late New Year 2021. This indicates delays, so far it had always been called from industry circles that the tapes should start in the middle of the year. A spokesman of Tesla in Germany had stressed until recently that the original timetable continues to stand. After a deadly accident in Texas, Tesla's driving assistance system with the controversial name "autopilot" again came into the headlines. The more detailed circumstances are currently being determined, but according to the local police, the driver's seat should have been empty when two men bounced against a tree with a Tesla and they came to life. Musk had already announced that the "autopilot" was not activated after available data. With a conference switch with investors and analysts, this was reiterated after the balance sheet template.

Tesla Manager Lars Moravy explained that the steering wheel had been "deformed", which is on the fact that someone was at the wheel. Reports, after which the driving assistance system was switched on, are "completely wrong," said Musk. The responsible journalists should be ashamed. Tesla has been under pressure because of the term "autopilot". Critics find that the name is an exaggeration that could invite negligent use. The next evolutionary stage of the program calls Tesla even "Full self-driving" (completely self-propelling) - although after popular criteria, only one assistance system remains.

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Since the first announcement of Teslas solar brokes, a few years have now been pulled into the country. Nevertheless, the company's high demand for environmentally friendly electricity recovery is currently not fair. CEO Elon Musk now explains the reasons for delays. © Provided by Finanzen.net Andrew Burton / Getty Images • Product Presentation already 2016 • Tesla takes over SolarCity after cooperation • Criticism of price increases Energy recovery from Tesla Tesla is not only known for its el

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