Money Gold Plated Model S Plaid Plus: Gold Tesla costs $ 300,000

23:15  02 may  2021
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Tesla Autopilot 'tricked' to run without driver

  Tesla Autopilot 'tricked' to run without driver A Model Y made multiple trips on a test track without a human in the driver's seat, engineers found.Consumer Reports engineers looked into claims that Autopilot can operate without a driver present.

The Russian company Caviar, known with the gilding of hardware such as iPhones, now offers a gold-plated model S Plaid Plus - for $ 300,000.

Tesla Model S Plaid Plus in Gold. © Caviar Tesla Model S Plaid Plus in Gold.

"Model Excellence 24K" has called the Russian company Caviar its latest gold: a gilded Tesla model S. Some vehicle parts such as the grille, side skirts, hub caps, parts of the rearview mirror and bumpers have covered the Caviar Designer with 24-carat gold . For the Model S Plaid Plus , Caviar wants to have $ 300,000. But the concept car is limited to 99 pieces.

Tesla Model S Plaid Plus: Without Gold Half value

as a comparison: A "normal" Tesla Model S Plaid Plus costs in this country 149,990 euros. The new top model should - in the US - but only in mid-2022 on the market. The electric car should have a range of 840 kilometers and reach a top speed of 320 kilometers per hour. Under the hood it has 1,100 hp (820 kilowatts).

Tesla says it appears driver was at the wheel in crash

  Tesla says it appears driver was at the wheel in crash Tesla said Monday scrutiny of wreckage from a fatal crash in Texas indicates that someone was at the wheel, contrary to an early report that the driver's seat was empty. Tesla came under renewed scrutiny last week following a report its cars could be fooled into driving with no one behind the wheel, with two senators demanding a vigorous federal probe of the crash. The accident, which killed two people, involved a Tesla Model S that caught fire after hitting a tree late on April 17 near Houston. Investigators found no one in the driver's seat of the vehicle, local police said.

The already impressive vehicle is already an impressive vehicle, it says on the Caviar website , not just the car of the future, but a new one in the modes of luxury cars. To convince potent customers that they absolutely need the gilded model S speaks Caviar also from a "synthesis of high technology and luxurious materials" as well as the "quintessence of sophistication, luxury and self-confidence".

Gold PlayStation costs $ 200,000 more

for the Gold Tesla talked that a since February for sale Limited Gold Edition by Sony Playstation 5 costs significantly more - namely $ 499,000. At the console and the controllers Caviar installed a total of 20 kilograms of 18-karat gold. The material price alone should be worth around 1.5 million euros.

Deadly Accident: Memory from Tesla at Crash damaged? .
The fatal accident with a Tesla electric car in Texas, in which, after the first to the police, no one should have sat at the wheel, will probably never be fully explained. © Christophe Gateau / DPA Two dead was with an accident in Texas with a Tesla. Whether someone has sitting on the driver's seat at all may not be clarified.

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