Money British police seek hemp plantation - and finds bitcoin-mining farm

01:05  31 may  2021
01:05  31 may  2021 Source:   t3n.de

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 Impending Regulation in China and the United States will send bitcoin course again on descent © Shutterstock Bitcoin. Just the Bitcoin had recovered somewhat from his crash of the past days, so it went downhill again. The debt was the threatened sharper regulation in China and the USA. After the rally of the past few months, a crash in the crypto currencies was probably only a matter of time. The - at least partially - from the announcement Teslas, bitcoin but not to be accepted as a means of payment , triggered descent cost the crypto market a few hundred billion dollars.

high power consumption, ventilation systems and heat - everything indicated an illegally operated hemp plantation. But what the police found in Birmingham then was a bitcoin mining farm.

Beschlagnahmtes Bitcoin-Mining-Equipment. © West Midlands Police confiscated bitcoin mining equipment.

What hemp plantations and bitcoin mining farms occurs is their high power consumption. When creating a kilogram of grass, calculations should be used around 5,000 kilowatt hours of energy. The bitcoin exceeds this . Several ten thousand kilowatt hours is likely to devour the mining of a bitcoins. Since the police often became careful about the high power consumption on illegal cannabis plantations (made), it is no wonder that it comes to confusion every now and then. As just happened again in Birmingham.

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hemp plantation? No, Bitcoin Mining Farm

Just outside the British city, the West Midlands Police met when looking for a hemp plantation in a building in an industrial area on a bitcoin mining farm . The police had become aware of the building, because there was electricity in value of several thousand pounds illegally diverted. In addition to high power consumption, the police found numerous cables and ventilation channels. A police drone also took a heat source.

and there should be several people regularly and assumed - for the police normally safe indications of the presence of a cannabis plantation. In this case, however, the policemen in the building were instead of plants around 100 computers, which were apparently responsible for the mining of Bitcoins. "That was certainly not what we expected," said Jennifer Griffin, Police Sergeant from Sandwell near Birmingham. Everything has pointed to cannabis cultivation. The bitcoin mining plant dealt with the first second in the West Midlands region.

police officers are responsible for Electricity Clay

Ultimately, the bitcoin mining is of course not prohibited. However, the operators have made punishable with the illegal branch of the electricity. In the search of the building, police officers had not encountered - and therefore no one can arrest. The hardware was meanwhile confiscated. The police now wants to locate the owner of the building and question the bitcoin mining plant, as it is called in a message .

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