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Tesla: For the first time over a billion dollar quarterly profit

 Tesla: For the first time over a billion dollar quarterly profit of US electric autobeuer Tesla has made another quarter with record results and earned more than a billion dollars for the first time in a quarter of a quarter. © Ding Ting / Xinhua / DPA View into the Tesla Giga factory in Shanghai. The US Electroautobauer Tesla has made another quarter with record results. The company of Elon Musk renewed the surplus in the three months to the end of June year-on-year to $ 1.1 billion (0.8 billion euros).

Tesla on Tuesday unveiled a plan to raise billion, its second such move in three months as the electric car maker cashes in on a meteoric rally in its shares this year. The additional shares will be sold "from time to time" and "at-the- market " prices, Tesla said in a filing with the Securities and The plan comes at an important time for Tesla , which is in the process of building new factories in Germany and Texas as part of its global expansion. Building new plants is extremely capital intensive for automakers. Tesla warned investors of its upcoming spending in October, saying it planned to spend

" Tesla couldn’t deliver the truck in 2019. So it was delayed in 2020, which became 2021, but now things are really starting to move," Fred reassured his readers. As far as pinning down an exact date, electrek reports that "some long-time reservation holders are also expected to take delivery this year." Volatility as an asset is a rather complex area and most haven't traded it as an asset itself. Just looking at VIX doesn't tell you much at all (until it is too late). Observing "under the hood" stuff in volatility space is essential if you do not want to be ahead of the curve. VVIX (there are many more ) was once again

in the run-up to Teslas balance sheet template in the coming week made an analyst of RBC Capital Marktes with regard to the share of the E car manufacturer an unusual discovery: unlike in the Past barely correlates the Tesla stock with the papers of other great US tech companies. A possible cause is quickly found.

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• Tesla shares developed in the past similar to other large tech corporations

• Correlation between Tesla and NASDAQ 100 recently massively sunk

• Experts see Bitcoin and upcoming quarter numbers as Reason

In the past, the Tesla share usually developed in the same step with other large US companies from the tech area. As reported "Bloomberg", the value for the 20-day correlation between the share of the E car manufacturer and the NASDAQ 100 was still in mid-June at 0.83 and thus quite close to 1.0, which is a perfect one Correlation describes. Within a month, however, the situation has changed and the 20-day correlation was only 0.14 in mid-July. This is very low, considering that no correlation is recognizable at a value of 0.

Tesla: The subscription for Full self-driving is available

 Tesla: The subscription for Full self-driving is available Elon Musk has always announced it, now it's there: the FSD subscription. Tesla presents various price models - the monthly price drops if the customer has previously invested in the autonomous driving system. © hyperchange / t3n The Tesla drives ghost hand - but all the decisions of the FSD can not be trusted. The "Full self-driving" subscription package costs 199 euros per month for all models in which the "Basic AutoPilot" belongs to the equipment. These are quasi all newer Tesla types.

There are now more shares of Apple and Tesla to go around. On Monday, shares of Apple ( AAPL ) and Tesla ( TSLA ) began trading on a split-adjusted basis. (Bloomberg) -- China has dispatched a team of officials to conduct on-site inspections at Didi Global Inc. as part of a probe into the ride-hailing giant.Officials from the Cyberspace Administration of China, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of State Security, Ministry of Natural Resources, as well as the tax, transport and antitrust regulators are beginning an investigation into.

The Tesla Semi is about two years delayed by now, but recent reports and rumors suggest that the all-electric Class 8 truck is indeed closing in on production. If these prove accurate, Tesla ’s lineup this year would be boosted by what could very well be its most disruptive vehicle yet. Around March, Tesla community members who reportedly had access to inside information noted that the Semi’s production was drawing closer. Not long after, multiple job postings specifically related to the Semi were offered by Tesla .

Also, at viewing the price development since the beginning of July, Tesla has decoupled from the broad market. Because during the NASDAQ 100 has been able to increase by around 1.19 percent for the beginning of the month, Tesla papers lost 2.8 percent in the same period (as of 20 July).

experts: This investment is to blame the behavior of the Tesla share

Tesla is actually highly correlated with Big Tech, ie the tech shares, which have a particularly high market capitalization, wrote Amy Wu Silverman, derivatives strategist at RBC Capital Markets , in a comment that is "Bloomberg". "This relationship has been really decoupled in recent times," says the expert. When looking for a reason, there is obviously unity among the stock professionals: "When I ask for, I get the feedback that this is related to your Bitcoin risk position and how it must be shown when you submit the quarterly figures," wrote Silverman further.

from Tesla to Plug Power: Hydrogen Group grabs Gigafactory expert by Elon Musk

 from Tesla to Plug Power: Hydrogen Group grabs Gigafactory expert by Elon Musk The hydrogen company Plug Power has reported a personnel that lets you list: the company committed to David Mindnich, who was most recently worked with Tesla. Thus, the electric autobauer loses an important employee once again. © Provided by finanzen.net firs MAURY / AFP / Getty Images • Plug Power gets David Mindnich as Vice President of Global Manufacturing • Equal activity as previously at Tesla • Profitability in view in a press release announced the US-American Manufacturers of Fuel Cells,

Fears about broadly rising coronavirus cases drove the Nasdaq and S&P 500 to their biggest drop in nearly two months, and sent benchmark yields to their largest decline in over 3 months as investors sought shelter from the uncertainty. The results will offering a fuller picture of how companies are faring as more parts of the economy reopened in the spring and early summer. According to data from Bank of America, second quarter earnings per share are tracking 3.5% above consensus, led by financials, with raised guidance and better-than-expected topline results also strong.

The top cryptocurrency lost more than 6% on Tuesday, trading around ,700, with rivals ethereum and XRP losing 9% and 11% respectively, CoinDesk data shows. However, bitcoin inflows for the year still stand at a hefty .2 billion. Still, experts predict a further drop in bitcoin prices until the bullish market returns. “I am expecting a strong dip towards k,” Patrick Heusser, head of trading at Crypto Finance AG, told CoinDesk. “There’s been a broad sell-off in global markets , risk assets are down across the board,” Annabelle Huang from crypto services firm Amber Group told CNBC, explaining the

The cause of the declining correlation between the Tesla share and Big Tech is therefore a unanimous opinion of the Bitcoin. The Group around Elon Musk had made a large bitcoin investment in February. Part of the coins was then sold again, which helped to write Tesla in the first quarter 2021 black numbers writing . Also on the balance sheet for the second quarter, which will be presented by the E car manufacturer on July 26, the bitcoin investment should have an impact, but probably no longer positive. Because the biggest crypto currency is currently moving very well under its former all-time high of in mid-April at just under $ 65,000 US dollars. At times, it has probably fell by the course slide under the book value, the Tesla had in the first quarter in the balance sheet . Due to the special position of crypto currencies, Tesla will use the lowest price in the balancing quarter for accounting and thus have to pay a loss in relation to the Bitcoin Investment.

At the stock market, investors obviously already introduce themselves - and since no other large Tech Group is followed by a bitcoin investment to the role model of Tesla, the Tesla share is now treated differently in advance of the balance sheet template than other titles from the sector . Whether the correlation between the Tesla share and the NASDAQ 100 will therefore remain so low even after presenting the quarterly numbers or will resign again at the usual level, remains to be seen.Redaction Finanzen.net

Virgin Galactic-CEO Branson invests in further space Startup .
The fascination of Richard Branson for the universe is known. Now the British billionaire at Seraphim has entered, a venture capital provider specializing in investments in young space companies. © Provided by finanzen.net Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images • Richard Branson wins the billionaires' race into All • Branson invested in space Startup Seraphim • Criticism of Space Tourism The Richard Branson known as an adventurer, made headlines, When he enjoyed the weightlessness on July 11 at a h

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