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15:35  22 july  2021
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Strong emission cuts better for economy

  Strong emission cuts better for economy Australia's energy market operator has pointed to alternatives to a net zero by 2050 target it says could lead to deeper emissions cuts and a stronger economy.Australia has not committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2050, but says it is a preference to get there by then.

Germany can meet its energy needs soon completely from renewable energy sources, have DIW researchers calculated. Critics believe this is unrealistic.

Energie, die der Wind bringt. Der Ausbau von Windkraftanlagen verläuft in Deutschland zu schleppend. © Photo: Jens Büttner / dpa energy that brings the wind. The expansion of wind power plants in Germany runs too slowly.

whole without fossil fuels, lignite, hard coal, natural gas and nuclear power for energy supply - that's apparently considering. Germany could meet its needs from 100 percent renewable energy when the expansion pace of wind and solar energy is greatly increased , revealed to the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in Berlin. That gave the energy economist Claudia Kemfert, head of the DIW Department of Energy, Transport and Environment, said Wednesday. will possible that in ten to 15 years, not only for the current demand, but for the entire energy demand. "100 percent renewable energy is technically feasible and economically efficient," Kemfert said. The scientists calculated scenarios of a full supply based on photovoltaic, wind power on land and at sea, and other renewable energies for the current study.

Taliban seem to have 'strategic momentum' in Afghanistan: top US general

  Taliban seem to have 'strategic momentum' in Afghanistan: top US general The Taliban appear to have the "strategic momentum" in their sweeping offensives across Afghanistan, but their victory is far from assured, the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff General Mark Milley said Wednesday. The Taliban are surging across Afghanistan, snapping up territory, seizing border crossings and encircling cities. Their success has tested the morale of the Afghan army, already battered by years of shockingly high casualties and, more recently, the decision by US-led international troops to leave.

No more nuclear power, no coal - where should be the power come from?

The topic is controversial. Because Germany's climate targets must reach to the end of 2022 getting out of nuclear power and no later than 2038, step by step from the coal, it is about the question of where the power is meant to arrive - and whether the renewable energies cover the complete needs.

Video: What a waste of energy! (Dw.com)

According to the DIW study, although the trend would rise strongly for the electrification and thus more power needed. The scientists of more than 1,000 terawatt hours in 2018, the demand was 500 terawatt hours. The total energy consumption is but 1,200 terawatt hours less than half as high as in 2018, when he came in at 2,600 terawatt hours.

Rights groups call on car makers to address aluminium abuses

  Rights groups call on car makers to address aluminium abuses A new report details how aluminium production destroys farmlands, pollutes waterways and contributes to climate change.On Thursday, Human Rights Watch (HRW), along with Inclusive Development International (IDI), released a 63-page report detailing the fallout from aluminium production – particularly related to mining and refinement of the raw material bauxite – in countries including Guinea, Ghana, Brazil, China, Malaysia and Australia.

Two scenarios, the researchers have developed: Both are based on a production mix of renewable energy throughout Europe, taking into account electricity, heat and transport. According to the "integrated scenario," the expansion of capacity of generation and storage will connected to the network expansion. It is the second "disintegrated" scenario superior because the energy closer to the consumer: will produce inside and therefore need less battery storage and power lines. What is important here is that the potential for renewable energy in all regions there is. It would been used very unequal, says DIW research director for international infrastructure policy and industrial organization, Christian von Hirschhausen. Total supply was not jeopardized. Then let include calculations for which the researchers faced internal electricity production and consumption in the winter at the time of the lowest feed-in of solar and wind energy. "High levels of fossil natural gas power generation in network development plan for Germany are the shadows of an energy policy of the past," says kemfert.

AstraZeneca searching for vaccines for virus-hit Southeast Asia

  AstraZeneca searching for vaccines for virus-hit Southeast Asia Drugmaker AstraZeneca said Saturday it was scouring its supply chain to find more doses of its Covid-19 vaccine for Southeast Asia, which is facing its most serious outbreak yet of the virus. Drugmaker AstraZeneca said Saturday it was scouring its supply chain to find more doses of its Covid-19 vaccine for Southeast Asia, which is facing its most serious outbreak yet of the virus.

We need more windmills

Malte Küper by the Institute of the German Economy (IW) in Cologne sees the study, however, critically: "The DIW has highlighted potential, the actual implementation while maintaining security of supply is, however, very ambitious, especially since only the number of new wind turbines increased in recent years, far too slow, "the IW Speaker declared energy on demand. Also the waiver of non-European imports of hydrogen and synthetic fuels keeps Küper given the required amounts not appropriate, as there is great potential remained unused. The pace of expansion in wind and solar energy, however, must set actually strong.

The fossil power has passed its peak worldwide in the year 2018th This says a study by two NGOs, which was also unveiled on Wednesday. Because solar and wind energy would cost less and less, many developing countries would coal and gas quasi Skip to strengthen their power, declared the British initiative Carbon Tracker and the Indian Institute CEEW. The study is based, the data and forecasts of the International Energy Agency IEA and the OECD. AFP / dpa

National Cabinet is about to receive the COVID-19 modelling that could chart the path out of the pandemic .
The "magic number" of COVID-19 vaccinations needed for the country to safely reopen will be considered by National Cabinet today, but we won't know its decision just yet.And National Cabinet will today get its first glimpse of what they might look like.

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