Money bargain prices used: Buffett-familiar Munger doubles its share of Alibaba

06:05  12 october  2021
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Oil prices surge, stocks slump

  Oil prices surge, stocks slump Oil prices surged on Monday as OPEC+ held to its planned output increase, while US and European stocks subsequently slumped. US oil prices soared to their highest level since November 2014, reaching $78.38, after OPEC and key allies -- known as OPEC+ -- decided to stick with their planned moderate increase next month, despite the recent surge in prices. Meanwhile, the price of the main international contract, Brent oil, jumped nearly 3 percent to above $81 per barrel.

of the Vice of Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, has massively expanded its investment in the Chinese Alibaba Group and used the strong pricing of the share.

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• Meaner buys again Alibaba shares

• Position almost doubled

• Value investor apparently focuses on good businesses

The right hand of Warren Buffett at the legendary investment company Berkshire Hathaway had only surprised in April with his entry into the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba . In the meantime, the investor has significantly increased its position and now holds twice as many shares as in the spring of 2021.

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Munger has doubled Alibaba share

Since the start of the year, the Alibaba share has lost around 30 percent of the value. In the last three months, the downward trend speeded up massive and the share of the e-commerce company from China is almost outdoors: 21.4 percent has lost the share certificate since mid-July.

What is the chagrin of the Alibaba investors, Charlie Munger has now exploited and his commitment to the company significantly expanded: via his asset company Daily Journal Corp. almost doubled the 97-year-old participation in a total of 302,000 shares. In view of the weak share price development in the period of sale, the investor has been able to use bargain prices. In April, the Company had only 165,320 Alibaba shares in the portfolio, meanwhile, the value of Alibaba shares in the depot total to $ 45 million. Thus, the China share accounts for around 20 percent of the total portfolio.

Energy bills will rise further, warns regulator

  Energy bills will rise further, warns regulator Bills will go up in line with soaring wholesale costs, with prices set to stay volatile, says Ofgem.A price cap limits the impact of rising energy costs for customers, but Ofgem said this would increase.

Mgerner as Value Investor

Da Charlie Munger - as well as Warren Buffett - belongs to the Value investor group, buy the shares that they consider undervalued and whose business model is sustainable, re-purchase is likely to be an indication of the new purchase at low prices. That Munger of the Alibaba share is a significant long-term uptrend.

In fact, the company is the Chinese market leader in E-Commerce, Fintech and Cloud. As one of the largest technical corporations in the country, Alibaba can set a broad customer class in all growth segments on the home market. Even if the growth was last attenuated in the face of increasing competition , the Amazon competitor still has a dominant market position.

Mgerner himself had repeatedly expressed positively to the Chinese market in the past and even suggested the United States to take an example of the Chinese government in some areas . In particular, the buffett-trusted also referred to the strict access of the Chinese regulators in the planned IPO of the Ant Group , a subsidiary of Alibaba. This was forced to convert to a financial holding, the parent company was versed in due to violation of antitrust to a billion penalty. Munger advocated the approach against just that Group, from which he has now fully covered with shares. In particular, that Alibaba boss Jack Ma was increasingly becoming the visor of the authorities was positive by Munger. Ma is a "Lebemann", which one must take to the leash, because he simply wanted to take the banking business to attack without regulating, and want to do "Whatever you like," said Munger in the interview with CNBC.

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