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23:13  16 october  2021
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A woman who was booming from flying the beer of Nancy Pelosi during the storm of the Capitol was arrested

 A woman who was booming from flying the beer of Nancy Pelosi during the storm of the Capitol was arrested © far-right activists group each other around the Capitol on January 6, 2021, supports it. . far-right activists are grouped around the Capitol on January 6, 2021, supports it at Donald Trump. | Tyler Merbler via Flickr. "I was in the first group who returned ... We stormed the Peloski [sic] office and we took his beer. She drinks corona.

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Why is it important to know how to identify an good beer ? It has become more and more popular to go to breweries or places where different beers are sold in jars, and find the best becomes a tasting and curation job. In general, the identification of an good beer follows about the same steps as when we try to know if a wine is of quality or not. It goes beyond the unique taste, and addresses those who want to become true connoisseurs (and do not spend for the beer ).


If you have already entered an brasser, you know that the smell is one of the main elements of the drink. Even before you taste it, the aroma of malt gives you an idea of ​​its flavor. Whatever the type of beer , it must clear a pleasant aroma (which may vary depending on its production). In a bottle or pot, just take a good breath to smell the smell, but if you do not feel anything or if the smell is bad, weird or not nice at all, it's not good quality.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet BLASTS himself in the face with beer

  NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet BLASTS himself in the face with beer New South Wales' new premier sprayed himself in the face with beer while attempting to change a keg as Sydney prepares to break out of lockdown on Monday.New South Wales' new premier appeared at Marsden Brewhouse in western Sydney on Sunday afternoon where he tried to help staff prepare for the pub's re-opening on Monday.


The Beer Color is an important factor when talking about quality. Whether clear or dark beers , the beverage must have a clear and consistent appearance. If it does not have a classic hue (unless it is a special flavoring beer), the quality may be less good. It can be identified if the drink seems too clear or too dark, or if, when you shake it a little, its color changes a little and does not stay the same in the whole bottle or jar. Taste and aftertaste

There is not a single

beer taste , and there is actually different categories, not to mention craft flavors, among others. It can be sweet, bitter or have other types of flavors, but whatever the type, the taste must be clear in the mouth, and if some say that it should not leave aftertaste, Brasseries specialize in drinks that leave a little more. If the taste is light, or barely perceptible, it is not good. Similarly, if the aftertaste is strange or if it scorsens the tongue, whatever your taste, it's not a good beer . foam

Sydney has reopened, but how easy will it be to get booked in?

  Sydney has reopened, but how easy will it be to get booked in? In a city of millions with everyone trying to book a haircut, restaurant or a drink all at the same time it might be tricky.In that time, we've not just been denied time with family, friends, and colleagues but things like haircuts, a meal in an actual restaurant, or a drink at a real-life pub.

Another way to know if you drink an

good beer is to watch the foam. An good beer generates a lot of lightweight foam that takes a long time to dissipate. In fact, once you get it, whether it's in an beer or in a glass, it should leave a small foam drag. If this is not the case, it is not good. On the other hand, if you speak of the ingredients of the beer , try to identify them by the taste, and if the taste is not the same or if it is not as strong, it may be that the Quality is not as good. Some places specializing in beer offer a list of all the beers they have available, sometimes from other countries or other places. In these cases, we can say that a selection is good if there is a balance between the parts, if the curation is done in a way that includes the season or products they sell. It depends a lot on the curator and the place. Although everyone's tastes are different, when it comes to identifying a good or a bad beer , some factors become very clear. Now that independent and artisanal offers are so popular, it's important to get an idea of ​​what we drink and whether it's worth it to spend money. Consider each experience like a taste adventure, and treat each beer like a wine.


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Nantes. Latest tastings at the Beer Festival, this Sunday .
© West France Vincent Loizeau, Communication Manager, Brasserie La Muette; Clement Touzé, manager brewer the nautile; Amaury The Bodo, Communication Manager Brasserie La Nautile. The final of the Festival of Artisanal Beer takes place this Sunday in Solilab, on the island of Nantes. About forty breweries present their mosses there. A beer was even created specifically for the event. Here, the artisanal beer flows to flows.

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