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Comment: People power will shape Australia's energy market in 2018

  Comment: People power will shape Australia's energy market in 2018 2017 was a year of disruption in the energy space, but what will be the real game changers in 2018?It has been punctuated by some of the highest electricity prices in the world, a future gas shortage, power station closures, fears of a repeat of South Australia’s total state blackout, and a half-built energy policy as a breakwater against an under strain power grid’s failure.

And we all know, money is not easy to come by. So if you are going to dig out of debt , then you need to track each dollar. That way you know you are throwing every dollar you can at your debt to dig yourself out faster. What are you doing to slash your monthly bills ? Do you have any tips?

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With the cost of living rising and wages stagnant, Australian household budgets are tighter than ever.

Many Australians are missing out on hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of savings on their bills by simply not checking to see if they’re getting the best deal.

Whether it's insurance, electricity or even the mortgage, the experts agree we're paying too much.

“It's really quite simple for the average Australian to save typically between three and five thousand dollars a year," Money Magazine financial expert Paul Clitheroe said.

Credit card debt: Typical balance at a 10-year low prior to Christmas

  Credit card debt: Typical balance at a 10-year low prior to Christmas It was once routine for our collective credit card bill to smash records during the festive season. But consumers are now more cautious.The latest figures on card use from the Reserve Bank shows the typical outstanding credit card balance was $3061.90 at the end of October, the lowest since late 2007.

To make a dent in your debt , you need to pay more than the minimum balance on your credit card statements each month. If you're looking for some easy ways to cut down your debt , follow the advice of these U.S. News My Money bloggers.

Sometimes creditors have hardship plans. You might be able to get a lower payment or have some of the finance charges knocked off the bill . For more ideas, check out Billeater’s 8 Easy Debt Reduction Tips.

Laura Crowden from comparison website iSelect said as a nation we're paying $5 billion every year simply by staying with the same provider, adding “they end up paying what we call the lazy tax.”

The comparison site has been given the challenge of finding savings for three different Australian families.

Rohmi and Kathryn Carmont have always considered themselves as a budget-conscious family but with two young boys they admit staying on top of the bills isn't always easy.

“It is like a full time job trying to keep up with it, what's good six months ago is nearly irrelevant now so it's tough” Kathryn said.

Like most families their biggest bills are for electricity and internet.

The Carmonts aren’t too happy with the internet speed they’re getting on the NBN and are on a $121 a month plan with Telstra.

GoPro shares slump as it sacks 255 workers, slashes CEO's pay to $US1

  GoPro shares slump as it sacks 255 workers, slashes CEO's pay to $US1 GoPro announces extreme cost-cutting measures, which will see it axe at least 255 jobs worldwide, cut the pay of its CEO to US$1 and stop manufacturing drones.GoPro is planning to re-structure through a US$80 million cost-cutting program, which will see least 255 employees lose their jobs to achieve a headcount of "fewer than 1,000 employees worldwide".

It can be hard to quantify the psychological impact of paying off debt , but there certainly could be benefits to having fewer monthly bills . Opening an account that earns you interest on your balance is an easy way to be rewarded for money that would typically sit without earning anything.

Get more tips for easy ways to lower your credit card debt . Be a smart shopper. Families typically spend a lot on groceries, so look for ways to reduce your bill . Buy in bulk, clip coupons, and mail-in rebates.

iSelect found by switching to MyRepublic, not only will the Carmonts enjoy faster internet but they’ll save $372 a year and by switching energy providers from Red Energy to Origin, they can also save $486.52 a year.

The biggest saving for the Carmonts is in their mortgage.

Kathryn and Rohmi have had their home loan with St George for close to a decade and they've only managed to negotiate a variable rate of 4.22 percent.

While they will have to pay an exit fee, a move to Suncorp could see them pocket $1416 a year. That’s $48,378 over the lifetime of the loan.

“I think around about two-thirds of Australians are not in the best mortgage they can be in,” Mr Clitheroe said.

“What I say to people is if your mortgage on your own home is not three point something or very low four point somethings, you are throwing away a ton of money.”

Self-funded retiree Michelle Williams and her husband switched their two mortgages to Bankwest a couple of years ago. While Michelle believes it was a good deal then, she questions whether it's the best deal now.

Australians left with $29 billion credit card debt bill after Christmas

  Australians left with $29 billion credit card debt bill after Christmas Australia is waking up to an almighty festive financial hangover.Aussies spent, on average, $1,727 per credit card in the month leading up to Christmas, a Finder.com.au analysis of Reserve Bank data revealed.

If you’re ready to make bigger dent in your balance, here are five easy ways to slash some big For 2015, the average refund is right around ,000, which is a nice bit of change you could put towards those lingering bills . by Eric Rosenberg. How to Snowball Your Debt the Right Way . by Beth Trach.

Home > From Around the Web > Credit.com > 5 Ways to Slash Your Monthly Expenses. To start using your money how you want, here are some ways to make a big dent in your spending. You can cut food bills by cooking and packing your own meals at home. To save even more, try making meals

“I am just a creature of habit and I worked for a  financial organisation for 21 years so I sort of stuck with what I knew,” Michelle said.

After iSelect ran a quick comparison they found Michelle and her husband were missing out on thousands of dollars worth of savings.

By moving their home loan on both their principal place of residence and her investment property from Bankwest to Suncorp, they save almost $3000 a year.

Over the lifetime of the loans that adds up to $90,000.

It’s not the only saving they could find for Michelle and her husband.

Having had two knee replacements in the past year, Michelle knows all too well the importance of good health insurance, but a quick check of her policy revealed she was paying for some things she no longer needed like pregnancy.

By switching from HCF to NIB Michelle and her husband save between $579 to $887.

Similarly Deb Angus is also concerned about her health insurance. She’s paying $216.50 a month with a $250 excess. ISelect found by switching from Bupa to HCF and doubling her excess she saves $496.20 a year.

Another bill, where she has the potential to save is car insurance. According to iSelect, Deb could pocket around $63 dollars a month by moving insurers. The only catch is her excess would increase and the value of her car would drop by more than $4000.

“The excess doesn't worry me because it is only about $100 but $4,000 less is quite a lot of money,” Deb said.

Whether it's for your car or your life, it's important to make sure you choose an insurance policy that suits your specific needs. With so many market comparison websites like iSelect out there, there really is no excuse not to save.

“I would suggest to people that they want to do this about once a year,” iSelect's Ms Crowden said.

“So we would really encourage you, when you get that bill, to take the time and give us a call.”

Ford plans $11 billion investment, 40 electrified vehicles by 2022 .
The investment figure is sharply higher than a previously announced target of $4.5 billion by 2020, Ford executives said.The investment figure is sharply higher than a previously announced target of $4.5 billion by 2020, Ford executives said, and includes the costs of developing dedicated electric vehicle architectures. Ford's engineering, research and development expenses for 2016, the last full year available, were $7.3 billion, up from $6.7 billion in 2015.

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