Money Elon Musk says he will support the Republican Desantis if he chooses to appear against Trump.

11:10  26 november  2022
11:10  26 november  2022 Source:   news360.es

Where Trump and DeSantis actually disagree

  Where Trump and DeSantis actually disagree The murky policy differences between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, explained.Nevertheless, Republicans who are dubious of Trump’s return are uncomfortable with not only his bigotry and authoritarian streak but also his disinterest in governance itself.

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The owner of the Twitter platform, billionaire Elon Musk, said on Friday that he will support the governor of Florida, the Republican Ron Desantis, S ' He decides to introduce himself to the primaries of the Republican Party, thus competing with former President Donald Trump.

Questioned by a user of his social network to know if he would support the governor of Florida if he decided to present himself in the presidential election of 2024, the South African magnate recognized that "yes".

The Musk's confession comes a few hours after saying that he was "a big supporter" of the presidency of Barack Obama with Joe Biden as vice-president and that, during the 2020 election, he voted "reluctantly "For the current president rather than for Trump.

Is Trump Still a Viable Candidate? Yes and No.

  Is Trump Still a Viable Candidate? Yes and No. Even after a disappointing midterm election, the former president retains his grip on the GOP.Widespread voter resistance to a Republican Party refashioned in Trump’s image offset disenchantment with the economy and President Joe Biden’s performance and allowed Democrats to post one of the best first-midterm showings for the sitting president’s party in more than a century. In almost all the key battleground states, the same powerful coalition of voters who opposed Trump in the 2018 and 2020 elections delivered stunning rebukes to GOP candidates running with the former president’s endorsement or in his polarizing style, or both.

"My preference for the presidency of 2024 is someone reasonable and centrist. I had hoped that this would be the case with the Biden administration, but so far, I have been disappointed," said the owner of Twitter.

In the meantime, Musk defended his decision to restore the account of the platform of former president Trump - whose profile had been suspended since January 2021, after having encouraged the Capitole, until last week - Arguing that it was a "serious error".

"I agree so that Trump does not tweet. What is important is that Twitter corrects a serious error by prohibiting his account, even if he has not raped the law or the conditions of service. The abolition of the profile of an exercise president has undermined the public's confidence in Twitter in half of America, "said the magnate.

The GOP Can’t Hide From Extremism .
A perfect storm is brewing among Trump, Fuentes, Ye … and Twitter.The backlash against former President Donald Trump’s meeting with Nick Fuentes, an avowed racist, anti-Semite, and Christian nationalist, has compelled more Republican officeholders than at any point since the Charlottesville riot in 2017 to publicly condemn those extremist views.

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