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In New York, $35 million will buy an apartment -- or Grand Central

Friday  04:55,   16 november 2018

For $39 million, you could buy a mansion in New York’s Upper East Side or you could buy Grand Central Terminal and still have $4 million to spare. On Thursday, the New York state-run transportation agency’s board approved the purchase of Grand... >>>

Shoppers happy to pay more for fruit and vegies if workers paid fairly

Friday  03:46,   16 november 2018

New research shows many supermarket shoppers are willing to pay up to $1 per kilo more for their fruit and vegetables if the workers that picked them were not underpaid. The study, commissioned by the Fair Work Ombudsman, shows that while consumers... >>>

Is a weaker currency Australia's next big tourist attraction?

Friday  03:30,   16 november 2018

A record 9 million overseas tourists came to Australia last year, and tourism industry insiders say the weaker Australian dollar is luring them onto the... >>>

Facebook will reduce reach of ‘sensationalist and provocative’ content

Friday  03:10,   16 november 2018

The new term is ‘borderline... >>>

NASA spots a distant galaxy that is actually sucking up other galaxies

Friday  02:55,   16 november 2018

When NASA sets its sights on a far-away galaxy, there's often a lot to take... >>>

The Australian dollar is higher across the board

Friday  02:55,   16 november 2018

The Australian dollar surged across the board on Thursday, helped by a strong Australian jobs report for October. Brexit chaos weighed on the British pound, seeing it tumble against all of the major... >>>

Iron ore futures have suddenly bounced

Friday  02:30,   16 november 2018

Iron ore spot markets closed mixed on Thursday, largely reversing the moves seen a day... >>>

Why companies go broke: ASIC data reveals pain for food and accommodation businesses

Friday  01:55,   16 november 2018

ASIC has released new data on corporate insolvency, which has shed some light on the difficulties faced by food and accommodation firms in... >>>

Are China's cheap loans to poor nations a development boost or a debt trap?

Friday  01:46,   16 november 2018

China is in the midst of a rapid push to gain economic and political ascendancy across the globe — and it is splashing out billions of dollars in concessional loans to developing countries in the... >>>

Ripped off by $10.50: How Sandra Parker learnt meaning of fair work

Friday  01:21,   16 november 2018

The Fair Work Ombudsman knows what it's like to be underpaid - and have someone fighting in her... >>>

Risky, patronising and unequal: what's to love about superannuation?

Friday  00:45,   16 november 2018

A new skirmish has opened up in the ongoing debate about retirement policy. This fight reveals some interesting things about how corporate and financial power influences Australian... >>>

Struggling retailers depend on Christmas lifeline

Friday  00:20,   16 november 2018

The Christmas shopping season has kicked off with Australians predicted to spend more than $50 billion these holidays. The National Retailers Association believes from today, Christmas sales will be $16.4 billion, up six percent from this time last... >>>

‘Netflix for cars’: Rent, sell a vehicle at your local servo

Thursday  23:45,   15 november 2018

Service stations across the country are being turned into car yards in an Australian... >>>

WestConnex construction causing depression and asthma, residents claim

Thursday  23:20,   15 november 2018

Residents near the controversial WestConnex in Sydney's inner west claim noise and air pollution from the construction of the road project has caused depression, as well as breathing problems such as asthma. Kate Cotis, a St Peters resident for the... >>>

Devonport abattoir takeover deal announced, but dozens of jobs still lost

Thursday  23:20,   15 november 2018

A deal is struck for Tasmanian Quality Meats to take over pork processing at the Devonport abattoir in the state's north-west, but just 18 people out of the facility's more-than-100-strong workforce will keep their... >>>