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‘Lady tradies’ transforming the industry

Saturday  04:45,   20 october 2018

Women are entering traditionally male-dominated tradie roles at increasing rates, and the industry is ready to welcome them. According to New South Wales TAFE Minister Adam Marshall, the state has seen double-digit increases in apprenticeship... >>>

'If you want to worry about something ... this is it': Central banks, investors sound alarm

Saturday  04:31,   20 october 2018

One troubling corner of the debt market has investors and the central banks of the UK and Australia raising red... >>>

This 30-year-old makes $100,000 a year doing what she loves—here's why she still doesn't feel rich

Saturday  03:56,   20 october 2018

Writer, actress and host of the podcast "Bad with Money" Gaby Dunn earns around $100,000 a year in Los Angeles. Here's how she saves and spends her... >>>

The Australian dollar can't break higher no matter how hard it tries

Friday  23:07,   19 october 2018

The Australian dollar came under renewed selling pressure on Wednesday, trimming earlier gains to close mixed for the... >>>

Strawberry needle scare: History shows growers may bounce back stronger than ever

Friday  16:21,   19 october 2018

How will strawberry growers recover from the needle crisis? If food tampering cases from the past are anything to go by, they'll bounce back stronger than... >>>

If you think the best way to advance your career in Australia is to jump from job to job, think again. Most employers will overlook you

Friday  16:07,   19 october 2018

The vast majority of Australian employers overlook candidates who often change... >>>

Clock ticking on Dollarmites survival, time for ASIC to step up

Friday  16:07,   19 october 2018

More than 80 years after enticing children to become CBA customers for life through its Dollarmites program, the clock is ticking on its... >>>

iPhone XS and XS Max sales start strong, could lead to new records for Apple

Friday  13:19,   19 october 2018

In a report released on Thursday, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) shared data which shows that early returns for the iPhone XS and XS Max have been generally positive, with each accounting for 8% of US iPhone sales, respectively, for... >>>

China's expanding middle class targeted by Australian quality food exporters

Friday  13:19,   19 october 2018

Whether it be wine, beef or grain, China's rapidly growing middle class is developing a taste for quality Australian... >>>

How Facebook’s Chaotic Push Into Video Cost Hundreds of Journalists Their Jobs

Friday  12:00,   19 october 2018

Facebook egregiously overstated the success of videos posted to its social network for years, exaggerating the time spent watching them by as much as 900 percent, a new legal filing... >>>

Uber is testing an on-demand staffing business called Uber Works

Friday  11:43,   19 october 2018

The potential new business could help further inflate the company’s... >>>

Look up! The Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend

Friday  11:31,   19 october 2018

The Orionid meteor shower should be visible Friday and Saturday nights, but the best views are expected to be Sunday morning after the moon has set but before the sun rises. "The Orionid meteors are debris left behind by Comet Halley, arguably the... >>>

The truth about Australians lying in job interviews

Friday  11:22,   19 october 2018

41% of Australians think it's okay to lie during a job interview. Men are more likely to lie than women, and more than half those aged 18 to 34 think it's... >>>

This Google engineer was asked to create a censored version of Google News for China. He refused.

Friday  08:32,   19 october 2018

This week, Google finally confirmed that the company is exploring expanding its products into China and that Google has been working on a version of its search engine that would comply with Beijing’s strict censorship... >>>

Fairfax-Nine merger not a question of price: Nine boss Hugh Marks

Friday  08:32,   19 october 2018

Nine chief executive and chairman Hugh Marks has hit back at suggestions a merger between Fairfax and Nine will reduce media diversity and dismissed speculation shareholders could vote against the deal because there is no longer a price... >>>