News: Money

The 107-year-old menswear store brought to its knees by drought

Friday  11:55,   16 november 2018

It survived the Great Depression, two world wars and the global financial crisis, but Reilly's Menswear in regional NSW couldn't survive the... >>>

Power bills targeted in Victorian Coalition's trade-in scheme for energy-efficient TVs, fridges

Friday  10:30,   16 november 2018

Low-income households in Victoria would be able to trade in old televisions and fridges for subsidised, energy-efficient models, if the Coalition wins the November 24... >>>

Samsung will only allow free themes to be used for 14 days starting with Android 9 Pie update

Friday  09:21,   16 november 2018

Samsung is headed towards a controversial change that impacts customers who like customizing their Galaxy smartphones with third-party... >>>

A new meteorite impact crater was just found hiding under Greenland ice

Friday  09:10,   16 november 2018

We might not know a whole lot about what's going on inside Mars, the Moon, or even the deepest reaches of Earth's oceans, but scientists have a pretty clear picture of the Earth's... >>>

ASX puts Myer into a trading halt after sales figures leaked

Friday  07:31,   16 november 2018

The exchange operator has put the struggling department store in a trading halt after a media report revealed weak quarterly sales reducing its... >>>

Amazon encourages you to recycle your old gadgets

Friday  06:30,   16 november 2018

Amazon has launched a new portal called "Second Chance," which compiles information on how to recycle, repair and return... >>>

NAB CEO Andrew Thorburn just took a $2 million pay cut

Friday  06:30,   16 november 2018

The NAB released its annual report, showing its CEO's pay was $2 million less in 2018 than the previous... >>>

NASA confirms Mars Opportunity rover did not send signal back to Earth

Friday  06:21,   16 november 2018

One of NASA's radio antenna picked up a signal from Opportunity, but further investigation showed it was a false... >>>

Facebook will have a Supreme Court–like body within a year

Friday  05:55,   16 november 2018

Within a year, Facebook will introduce an independent body that will oversee appeals about content decisions, Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday (Nov.... >>>

Someone just paid more than $8 million for a 2-bedroom Toorak house - and now they're going to knock it down

Friday  05:20,   16 november 2018

Buying a 1960s house in Toorak in the mid-1980s was a relative bargain, with 45 Hopetoun Road selling for $545,000. Some three decades later, it turned out to be a wise investment for its... >>>

In New York, $35 million will buy an apartment -- or Grand Central

Friday  04:55,   16 november 2018

For $39 million, you could buy a mansion in New York’s Upper East Side or you could buy Grand Central Terminal and still have $4 million to spare. On Thursday, the New York state-run transportation agency’s board approved the purchase of Grand... >>>

Shoppers happy to pay more for fruit and vegies if workers paid fairly

Friday  03:46,   16 november 2018

New research shows many supermarket shoppers are willing to pay up to $1 per kilo more for their fruit and vegetables if the workers that picked them were not underpaid. The study, commissioned by the Fair Work Ombudsman, shows that while consumers... >>>

Is a weaker currency Australia's next big tourist attraction?

Friday  03:30,   16 november 2018

A record 9 million overseas tourists came to Australia last year, and tourism industry insiders say the weaker Australian dollar is luring them onto the... >>>

Facebook will reduce reach of ‘sensationalist and provocative’ content

Friday  03:10,   16 november 2018

The new term is ‘borderline... >>>

NASA spots a distant galaxy that is actually sucking up other galaxies

Friday  02:55,   16 november 2018

When NASA sets its sights on a far-away galaxy, there's often a lot to take... >>>