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What is a smart display and do you need one?

Wednesday  15:45,   17 october 2018

The Google Home Hub, the Amazon Echo Show and the Facebook Portal are popularizing a relatively new category of tech. What are these devices and how do they fit into your... >>>

Origin turns tables on telcos and launches into broadband

Wednesday  15:45,   17 october 2018

Origin Energy is stepping into telco territory, as telcos become electricity retailers, by offering its own broadband... >>>

Shares in the Reject Shop plunged 40% after its CEO blamed stalled wage growth for the retail crunch

Wednesday  15:45,   17 october 2018

Shares in the Reject Shop fell steeply after the retailer announced a profit downgrade as sales continue to... >>>

RBA giving housing slump 'pretty close attention'

Wednesday  15:23,   17 october 2018

The RBA says it remains unclear whether the slump in prices will drag on the wider economy. After a year-long slide in house prices in the biggest cities, with some economists concerned the trend will drag on growth, Dr Debelle said the trend needed >>>

Google Call Screen: Everything you need to know

Wednesday  10:45,   17 october 2018

Don't want to bother with that phone call? Google can take it for... >>>

Amazon debuts the new, waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

Wednesday  09:35,   17 october 2018

Amazon's latest Kindle offering is smaller, lighter, comes with twice the storage, and can survive an hour-long dip in... >>>

Netflix spikes as earnings and subscribers blow past estimates

Wednesday  07:20,   17 october 2018

Netflix posted Tuesday third-quarter earnings and subscriber growth that topped... >>>

YouTube was down but now it’s back

Wednesday  06:57,   17 october 2018

YouTube is experiencing a major... >>>

Aussie dollar set to rise

Wednesday  06:31,   17 october 2018

The Aussie dollar has also continued its rise, buying 71.41 US cents from 71.22 US cents at Tuesday's close. The Australian share market is poised to hitch a ride on Wall Street's overnight rally, with the major US indexes shrugging off a recent... >>>

Amazon Australia makes its move into groceries, with thousands of products from 400 brands

Wednesday  06:21,   17 october 2018

Amazon Australia launches Pantry Food and Drinks, a new range of... >>>

China's new Australian buzzwords to counter Trump

Wednesday  05:32,   17 october 2018

A term that was used 22 years ago by the Australian government is China's latest weapon in its trade spat with the... >>>

Facebook News Feed now downranks sites with stolen content

Wednesday  05:07,   17 october 2018

Facebook is demoting trashy news publishers and other websites that illicitly scrape and republish content from other sources with little or no... >>>

NASA’s Chandra spacecraft snaps out of ‘safe mode’ funk, resumes operations

Wednesday  04:55,   17 october 2018

It was only a few days ago that NASA announced its Chandra X-Ray Observatory was experiencing a bit of unexpected... >>>

Ex-Soviets, Ferraris and George Brandis: the car deal that stalled

Wednesday  04:32,   17 october 2018

An alleged fraudster and his colleague had plans to import luxury sports cars cheaply from Ukrainian car dealers. But the signature didn't ring... >>>

Drivers in remote Australia paying more than $2 a litre for fuel as prices continue to climb

Wednesday  04:20,   17 october 2018

As the cost of fuel reaches record levels around the country, residents in regional towns are bracing for prices of up to $1.90 a litre for petrol, while diesel is already selling at $2.05. While the latest price spike has driven metropolitan prices >>>