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Cute confusion: Animal shelter absorbs a baby cat - but it is not a cat

Tuesday  12:30,   29 november 2022

You just wanted to help: an animal shelter in England that specializes in cats recently recorded a kinship that was either exposed or born by a street cat and was left. At the first check, however, the team noticed that the small fur ball was not a >>>

Gérard Depardieu: his young son Jean, 16, shaves her skull ... to look like Eminem!

Monday  23:40,   28 november 2022

We often forget it but Gérard Depardieu had a boy, 16 years ago, when he was in a relationship with Hélène Bizot. The young man has just made a totally radical decision, capillary speaking ... 1/15 slides Gérard Depardieu: his young son Jean, 16,... >>>

Europa-Park: New roller coaster can be built

Thursday  17:50,   24 november 2022

The new roller coaster in Europa-Park, which has been planned for a long time, can be built. The district office of Ortenaukreis had granted the building permit for the new attraction, Germany's largest amusement park announced on Thursday in Rust... >>>

fewer and fewer standard vaccinations in Saxony: Plus in other

Thursday  13:40,   24 november 2022

, interest in many standard vaccinations against diseases has decreased steadily in recent years. As can be seen from the response from the Ministry of Social Affairs to a request from the left-wing parliamentarians Susanne Schaper, they declined... >>>

in Arles, the antiquity museum alerts to a threatened heritage: the treasures of the underwater funds

Saturday  18:50,   19 november 2022

The Arles ancient museum offers an exhibition until February 2023 entitled "Treasures of the bottom of the seas" to raise public on a heritage in danger. © provided by Franceinfo The Museum of Antiquities of Arles (Bouches-du-Rhône) presents until... >>>

animal shelters in not

Saturday  18:00,   19 november 2022

Federal Minister of Agriculture Cem Özdemir called up potential buyers of pets against the background of the precarious location of the animal shelters. "You should think a bit before a decision and check whether you have the necessary time, space... >>>

estimated at more than € 30,000, a painting of a renowned painter dating from 1853 auction

Wednesday  11:40,   16 november 2022

© Free-Photos / Pixabay A painting by Gustave Le Gray will be put up on Thursday, November 17, 2022 by the house of Labarbe sale in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne). Illustration photo. A canvas by Gustave Le Gray will be put up for auction Thursday,... >>>

squirrels: What do you really need?

Tuesday  18:30,   15 november 2022

Feed nuts, seeds and fruits are at the top of the meal plan of squirrels. Read here what the popular garden visitors also like and when feeding by humans can be read here. © provided by my beautiful garden squirrel squirrels are popular with us... >>>

Hidden under Tuscany baths, twenty-four ancient bronzes renew the History Etruscan

Friday  17:33,   11 november 2022

© Handout / AFP The twenty bronze statuettes discovered for three years under a Tuscan spinal station has fascinated Italian archaeologists. Their conservation is almost perfect after two millennia. The gods Etruscans and Romans took a mud bath... >>>

optical deception: Can you find all hidden faces in this drawing?

Thursday  14:00,   10 november 2022

© provided by Gentside Optical deception: Can you find all hidden faces in this drawing? Optical illusions , which play with the distortions and misinterpretations of our visual perception of the world, usually trigger a feeling of dizziness or... >>>

nantes. We go to the museum, it's free this Sunday

Saturday  17:40,   05 november 2022

© Studio Sebert "La Gare Saint-Lazare", by Louis-Abel-Truchet, is the work chosen for the exhibition of the exhibition "The train trip », At the Nantes Arts Museum. Like every first Sunday of the month, museums are open for free. The opportunity to >>>

A third of the glaciers of the world heritage will have disappeared by 2050. A third of the approximately 50 UNESCO World Heritals with glaciers will probably have disappeared by 2050, including the Kilimanjaro and Yellowstone.

Thursday  16:50,   03 november 2022

© provided by news 360 kilimanjaro summit glacier complex sector - Flickr but it is still possible to save the other two thirds if the global temperature rise is no more than 1.5 ° C compared to pre -industrial times. This will be a major challenge >>>

Halloween-Kürbis use: 3 delicious recipe ideas

Wednesday  20:30,   02 november 2022

You have diligently hollowed out and carved pumpkins, but now Halloween is over. So where with the pumpkins? Well in the saucepan! We reveal three delicious recipe ideas for Halloween-Kürbisze © istockphoto Halloween-Kürbite Nor do not have to be... >>>

This 62 -year -old Frenchwoman, proud of its size 44 is one of the most inspiring models

Wednesday  13:50,   02 november 2022

, lovers are no longer hidden. This Monday, October 31, Ben Attal told his flame to his darling Jordane Cranielle on his Instagram account. If the exact date of their love at first sight remains secret, Ben Attal and Jordane Cranielle seem to spin... >>>

egg throws and fights on Halloween

Tuesday  18:50,   01 november 2022

Burning garbage containers and egg throws on police officers instead of exuberant Halloween parties: In several regions of Germany, there were rioting on Monday evening. © Friso Gentsch/dpa not everywhere there was peaceful on Halloween in Germany. >>>