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cat does not pass: controversy in Dubrovnik on the fate of a feline of the streets

Saturday  16:00,   16 april 2022

© Maris Sisevic The cat Anastasia in front of the Palace of the Rector in Dubrovnik, Croatia, March 30, 2022 Dubrovnik, Pearl of the Adriatic In Croatia, tear around Anastasia's fate, a 17-year-old street pussy recently evicted from one of the most >>>

Results of the lottery: discover the draw of this Wednesday 13 April 2022

Wednesday  23:30,   13 april 2022

© Capture TF1 Results of Lotto: discover the draw of this Wednesday 13 April 2022 The Lotto put in play a jackpot of 19 million euros this Wednesday 13 april. If you missed the draw of the day and want to know if you are now a millionaire, find... >>>

Sleep: Is there a danger to wake up a sleepwalker?

Tuesday  21:40,   12 april 2022

© Provided by Gentside A somnambulum often very exaggerated in works of fiction, the somnambulism crises are an sleeping disorder whose causes and exact effects are finally quite little known to the general public. In the general spirit, a... >>>

Quiz Fantastic Animals: Do you have such a good memory as Dumbledore?

Tuesday  14:15,   12 april 2022

While the output of Dumbledore's secrets is imminent, check that you remember the previous opus, Grindelwald crimes, thanks to our special fantastic animal quiz. © Warner Bros. Entertainment... >>>

please? Polar Bear Leo Poppantl: "In bed the pain"

Monday  20:50,   11 april 2022

Leo Pfäderl was back as if he was never gone. With a gate and a template, the polar bear striker shone 2: 1 play-off start-up victory against Cologne. That's why pretty amazing, forced him a sleeve injury beforehand to a six-week pause. A look back >>>

commerce in Rennes. Akane, a tea room in a vintage

Monday  15:15,   11 april 2022

© West-France Augusta and Rosa Rosae came in reinforcement to complete the workforce. The Akane Plant Gallery of Poullain-DupParc Street stretches for a tea room. Open in 2017, the Akane vegetable gallery, created by Françoise and Pascale Martin,... >>>

The troupe in Palmade has fun (France 4): Why Isabelle Nanty makes us want to look at the

Sunday  21:40,   10 april 2022

program © Supermouche Productions The troupe in Palmade has fun (France 4): Why Isabelle Nanty makes us want to look at the Program Isabelle Nanty is the guest of honor of the unpublished spectacle of the troupe in Palmade this Sunday, April 10 at... >>>

Planting Bear Luces

Friday  14:50,   08 april 2022

Planting Bear Lucty delicious! Whether for salads, pestos or spicy spreads: gourmets love the spicy beer taste and, above all, his subtle concentration of fragrances - evaluating garlic smell to appreciate that! The more than 30 cm high plants can... >>>

Consultations among Psychologists now reimbursed by Social Security

Tuesday  11:35,   05 april 2022

© Copyright 2022, OBS The Social Security Refund of eight sessions at psychologist for all French, announced in September 2021 by Emmanuel Macron , comes into force on Tuesday, April 5th. On "doctor's orientation", more than 3 year old patients can >>>

Discovery of a new fabulous rainbow fish species

Monday  16:15,   04 april 2022

© provided by Gentside Ocean These are neither the abyss nor illuminated parts. It's the Twilight Zone. This place in the ocean and the seas when lights and darkness kiss to give way for an incredible space. Depending on the places, it is between... >>>

Quiz Jared Leto: In which movie does it look this look?

Sunday  18:50,   03 april 2022

Are you uncomfortable on the career and transformations of Jared Leto? Here are 9 questions to prove it. © Bestimage Quiz Jared Leto: In which movie does it look this look? "Wait, it's Jared Leto there?" How many times have you heard this sentence... >>>

in Tourcoing, the inspirations of Picasso and the Arabian avant-garde

Sunday  17:15,   03 april 2022

© AFP / Picasso The Institute of the Arab World in Tourcoing presents an exhibition devoted to Picasso and the Arab culture until July 10, 2022. PICASSO , which has never set foot in the Arab world, has yet left a large mark, and makes loans. A... >>>

pizza buitoni contaminated at e. coli: two complaints in Bordeaux

Friday  21:45,   01 april 2022

in all there were 75 cases of poisoning, mostly of children, two of which are dead © Pixabay pizzas Buitoni are suspected of being at the origin of A resurgence of the E. coli bacterium in... >>>

Paris: it steals a work at the Picasso Museum and adapts the jacket to its menuations

Friday  19:45,   01 april 2022

The work "Old Masters", of the artist Catalan Oriol Vilanova, was stealthyed by a retiree who made it a jacket at his waist © Juan Conde / National Museum Picasso-Paris Jacket of the work "Old Masters". haute couture - the work "Old Masters", the... >>>

Quiz to NRW Policy: How many questions can you answer correctly?

Friday  16:55,   01 april 2022

On May 15, 2022, the state election takes place in North Rhine-Westphalia. © dpa, icon8, beq We have compiled 20 questions about politics in NRW, with which you can test your policy knowledge. Are you rather backbags, hope carriers or polite... >>>