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National Assembly. Restored, the tapestry "The School of Athens" finds its place

Saturday  14:15,   15 august 2020

© DAVID ADEMAS / ARCHIVES WEST-FRANCE The tapestry of "The School of Athens", which overhangs the hemicycle, had been woven in the workshops of the Manufacture des Gobelins between 1734 and 1737, inspired by the frescoes that Raphael executed... >>>

Plus belle la vie (France 3): a big sentimental blow for Fabienne Carat

Saturday  14:05,   15 august 2020

The actress who plays Samia Nassri in the daily France 3 soap opera is experiencing a real "turning point" in her private life. A change of size on which she has just confided. © Niviere David / ABACAPRESS.COM The actress who plays Samia Nassri in... >>>

The dirty laundry: Marcello Volk has been the team supervisor at Bonner SC since this season.

Saturday  10:15,   15 august 2020

© Tom Steinicke BSC team supervisor Marcello Volk takes care of the club's dirty laundry. And fold the clean one. It was a matter of minutes, a day at most. For Francesco Marcello Volk, whom everyone just calls mocha, the Bonner SC (BSC) is already >>>

"National shame": Italy outraged after the death of a horse carrying tourists

Friday  23:26,   14 august 2020

© Michael Duva / Getty Images "National shame": Italy outraged after the death of a horse carrying tourists L he animal was pulling a horse-drawn carriage within the sumptuous Royal Palace of Caserta in southern Italy. The images of his agony have... >>>

For his series "Men and trees", the photographer Nicolas Henry sets his objectives in the heart of the Moulière forest near Poitiers

Friday  22:15,   14 august 2020

This former collaborator of Yann Arthus-Bertrand has settled in at the equestrian center where interns and instructors participate in his new series dedicated to nature. © Provided by Franceinfo This summer, photographer Nicolas Henry took up... >>>

Environment. Overfishing alert in the Galapagos

Friday  21:31,   14 august 2020

© Marcos Pin - EFE / MAXPPP A Chinese fishing boat near the Galapagos on August 8th. An armada of Chinese ships bigger than ever is lurking around the Ecuadorian archipelago this summer and threatening the protected species of this marine... >>>

A horse transporting tourists in a horse-drawn carriage in Italy dies of exhaustion and heat

Friday  19:26,   14 august 2020

© Copyright 2020, L'Obs The sad image has been around the Internet… A horse that pulled a tourist carriage has died of exhaustion following a walk in the park of the Royal Palace of Caserta in southern Italy, near Naples, Wednesday August 12,... >>>

Sila Sahin moves to Austria with her husband

Friday  15:26,   14 august 2020

Here you can find the first 100 episodes of "Good Times, Bad Times" in a DVD box. Norway, England, Hanover, in between Berlin. " During the Corona crisis, she already got to know and love Austria and "our new life in the country". "It's wonderful... >>>

TV tips on Friday

Friday  08:40,   14 august 2020


Élodie Fontan mother: a new "super adventure" with Philippe Lacheau

Thursday  21:45,   13 august 2020

Élodie Fontan and Philippe Lacheau will soon start a new shoot together! She will play the character of Eleanore in the director's new film, which is expected to focus on superheroes. Philippe Lacheau and Élodie Fontan have a new joint project. The >>>

Disney offers costumes adapted for children with disabilities

Thursday  18:15,   13 august 2020

© Kim Kyung-Hoon / REUTERS ARCHIVES The entrance to a Disney store in Tokyo (photo illustration). Disney has released new costumes for children with disabilities. The clothes have been adapted to fit different body types and decorations allow the... >>>

Why are Pakistanis uprooting trees in this video?

Thursday  15:25,   13 august 2020

Internet users claim, wrongly, that Pakistanis uproot young trees planted by the government because this practice would be contrary to Islam. The real reason is a land dispute. Question asked by lafond on 08/11/2020 Hello, You are reporting a video >>>

Happiness cap: When the baby is born in the amniotic sac

Thursday  14:55,   13 august 2020

© Provided by WUNDERWEIB Newborns, the happiness cap is removed immediately Many children are born, but only very few with a happiness cap. But what exactly is it? A lucky bonnet is a very rare phenomenon at birth. Even for experienced doctors,... >>>

Freiburger wins 1.7 million euros in the lottery

Thursday  12:40,   13 august 2020

© picture alliance / Daniel Reinhardt / dpa / Illustration lottery tickets are on a table. A lottery player from Freiburg was the only nationwide player to hit the jackpot in game 77. He won around 1.7 million euros on Wednesday, as Lotto... >>>

This portable pizza oven is a real revolution

Wednesday  20:15,   12 august 2020

© GQ France The homemade pizza is a true art form. But no matter how hard you try to make your own, no matter how long you let your dough rest, you'll never get the quality of a real Italian restaurant pizza without having a proper oven. An oven... >>>