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Couple Gets Married in Hospital, Then Become Parents in 30 Seconds

Wednesday  07:21,   26 june 2019

The New Jersey couple thought they had plenty of time to get married. Two of the biggest events in the lives of Michael Gallardo and Marie Margaritondo happened within 30 seconds of each other. They got married. Then they had a baby. The New Jersey... >>>

The Touching Story Behind the Video of a Man with Dementia Remembering his Own Song

Wednesday  07:20,   26 june 2019

Nick Harvey tells the story behind the viral video of his father, who has dementia, remembering how to play his own composition on the... >>>

Slums beat Taj Mahal as India's most popular tourist draw

Wednesday  07:20,   26 june 2019

Slum tourism has become increasingly popular and common globally. Is this quest for authenticity progressive or... >>>

A woman found an old cookbook with vintage recipes like 'Coca-Cola salad' and 'Congealed potato salad,' and Twitter is losing it

Tuesday  17:55,   25 june 2019

Recipes from a vintage cookbook went viral on Twitter. "Salad" meant something different back in the day. Lizzy O'Leary unearthed a vintage cookbook called "Atlanta Natives' Favorite Recipes" that contained some bizarre "salad" recipes. It was... >>>

Construction Workers Stumbled Upon a 68-Million-Year-Old Triceratops Fossil in Colorado

Tuesday  17:55,   25 june 2019

Construction workers were digging near Denver, Colorado when they discovered the bones of the three-horned... >>>

A quarter of women say they’ve gone on a date just to get a free meal

Tuesday  12:41,   25 june 2019

A new study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science says that 23-33 percent of women have gone on a date for the free... >>>

These monkeys are 3,000 years into their own 'Stone Age'

Tuesday  06:42,   25 june 2019

While capuchins won't use tools like us any time soon, the species now “has its own individual archaeological record,” scientists... >>>

This Woman Had 34 Bridesmaids at Her Wedding

Tuesday  06:32,   25 june 2019

Casme Carter, who got married on a beach in Destin, Florida, had 34 bridesmaids at her wedding, and she says she needed every last one of them for the big day. “I have so many women in my life who mean so much to me,” Carter told Inside Edition.... >>>

Why Do Dogs Like to Hide Under Beds?

Monday  18:17,   24 june 2019

Most mornings you wake up and your dog is practically sitting on top of you, or jumping around the bed trying to get you just as excited for the day as they are. But sometimes, dogs will hide under the bed so that you can’t even find them. Why do... >>>

Woman buys most terrifying doll you've ever seen

Monday  18:17,   24 june 2019

You know in horror films when a character ignores all the warning signs Well, one Twitter user made such a mistake after purchasing a doll from an antique store that will literally send shivers down your... >>>

Here’s why taking an afternoon nap is actually good for you

Monday  12:40,   24 june 2019

Here’s why taking an afternoon nap is actually good for... >>>

How a Bad Night’s Sleep Birthed the Sound Conditioner

Monday  12:30,   24 june 2019

In 1960, a Rubbermaid executive invented a device to tame noise in the home. Its impact has been anything but quiet. An Object... >>>

Find Your Birthday Word With the Oxford English Dictionary's Birthday Word Generator

Monday  06:15,   24 june 2019

The Oxford English Dictionary's birthday word generator helps you find a word that began around the same time you did. Click on your birth year to see a word that was first documented that year, and then click through to see what that first citation >>>

Black Bear Locks Himself Inside Home, Naps on Closet Shelf

Monday  06:00,   24 june 2019

What an unbearable... >>>

Looking ruff! Scamp the Tramp wins world's ugliest dog contest beating 18 other pooches who showed off their droopy tongues, bowed legs and perpetually confused looks

Sunday  16:28,   23 june 2019

The bug-eyed, dreadlocked pooch, main, took top honors Friday at the 31st annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest. Contestants, inset, got to walk the red carpet for fans in Northern... >>>