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St. Bernard Is Best Friends With 95-Year-Old Widow

Thursday  14:00,   25 april 2019

Miss Sally was befriended by Brody when he moved in next door. Miss Sally, 95, has been living on her own since she was widowed 30 years ago, but everything changed when a new friend moved into the Mount Vernon, Washington, neighborhood two years... >>>

Scientists discover the 'strangest crab that has ever lived'

Thursday  14:00,   25 april 2019

It's been described as a "beautiful... >>>

Slapped for a clap: Sumo champ Hakuho dressed down for '3 cheers'

Thursday  10:02,   25 april 2019

Mongolian sumo grand champion Hakuho has been reprimanded for leading the crowd in an impromptu round of hand-clapping after winning a tournament last month, a spokeswoman for the ancient sport said... >>>

Female parakeets don’t like pairing up with dummies

Thursday  09:35,   25 april 2019

Polly has... >>>

Stubbed out: Japan university stops hiring smoking professors

Thursday  08:21,   25 april 2019

A Japanese university has stopped hiring professors and teachers who light up, officials said Tuesday, as the nation steps up an anti-smoking campaign ahead of the 2020... >>>

Dog owner reveals she spends $250 a month pampering her puppy

Thursday  08:16,   25 april 2019

A pampered pooch enjoys steak dinners with 'Pawsecco' after a wash and blow dry, using $90 (£70) vegan shampoo. Cockapoo Lola is so spoiled by Lu Short, 27, and her fiancé Chris Wilkinson, 29, that the young professionals even moved 35 miles from... >>>

Man Dressed as Captain America Proposes to Girlfriend at 'Endgame' Premiere

Thursday  07:56,   25 april 2019

"It's a little bit smaller than an Infinity Gauntlet, but I think you're gonna like it," Shawn Richter told his girlfriend as he got down on one knee. The newly engaged couple even got to meet a few superheroes at the premiere "A total dream for a... >>>

This Viral Story of a Woman Trying to Get Rid of Her Elderly Dog Has People Furious

Thursday  04:40,   25 april 2019

People are horrified by a series of viral texts from a woman who demanded money for giving her elderly dog away instead of dumping her in a... >>>

Passenger Shaves Head In Business Class

Wednesday  18:07,   24 april 2019

A video surfaced in recent days of a man reportedly in the business class section of a United Airlines flight who made others quite uncomfortable after shaving his head with an electric razor. The man who shared the video, Derek Gregory, posted on... >>>

Royal Vase Gives Clues to Collapse of Maya Civilization

Wednesday  18:07,   24 april 2019

Scientists discovered the shattered vase at the site of a royal palace in... >>>

Toys appearing on toddler's grave 134 years after his death, but no-one knows why

Wednesday  14:16,   24 april 2019

Herbert Henry Dicker died in 1885, when he was just two years old. Now, toys are being left on his grave and a local historian wants to solve the... >>>

This Viral Love Story Between Two Cats Will Restore Your Faith in Romance

Wednesday  11:36,   24 april 2019

A series of photos and videos by Twitter user @kenziecoffman about her cat, Simon, and the love of his life, Theo, are going... >>>

America's new pastime? Milking goats.

Wednesday  09:12,   24 april 2019

Why are dairy goats the decade’s fastest growing livestock... >>>

Ancient Egyptian Tomb Found With Dozens of Mummies

Wednesday  09:12,   24 april 2019

The tomb was home to more than 30... >>>

In Cambodia, giant turtles come back from the brink

Wednesday  05:32,   24 april 2019

Once believed to be extinct in Cambodia, Cantor’s giant soft-shell turtle is finally... >>>