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OffbeatThe new Picasso? Meet Ai-Da the robot artist

08:18  11 february  2019
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How this amateur painting became a hilarious social media sensation

How this amateur painting became a hilarious social media sensation Her son snapped a photo of her holding her painting and posted it on Reddit. They had no idea what was about to follow.

Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso , Vincent van Gogh. History's littered with incredible artists Most of RobotArt’s participants start with an original image for reference, while others write a specific algorithm to create a new piece of art , and some even use the very motion of the robot to create their paintings.

How can robots create art ? Creating physical art is a hard problem for tech as there are no clear rules and the actual painting process can be The robots who paint with direct human involvement can get input multiple ways. The most obvious way is to create a physical tool that a human artist can move

The new Picasso? Meet Ai-Da the robot artist © Reuters/MATTHEW STOCK A woman interacts with Ai-Da, a humanoid robot capable of drawing people from life using her bionic eyes and hand, at the offices of robotics company Engineered Arts, in Falmouth

FALMOUTH, England (Reuters) - Can robots be creative? British gallery owner Aidan Meller hopes to go some way towards answering that question with Ai-Da, who her makers say will be able to draw people from sight with a pencil in her bionic hand.

Meller is overseeing the final stages of her construction by engineers at Cornwall-based Engineered Arts.

He calls Ai-Da - named after British mathematician and computer pioneer Ada Lovelace - the world's first "AI ultra-realistic robot artist", and his ambition is for her to perform like her human equivalents.

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Meeting the power couple of AI . Intelligent Machines special report. AI -Truth versus Fiction. Image caption Has Google unwittingly created the new Van Gogh? And he is not talking about the genius of Picasso , Mozart or Shakespeare - he is more interested in the general run-of-the-mill creativity that all

We used to think that art and music could only be created by humans. But A . I .-generated images are starting to disrupt the art world. Member Feature Story. Will the Next Picasso Be a Robot ? First, they came for our jobs. Then they started painting.

"She's going to actually be drawing and we're hoping to then build technology for her to paint," Meller said after seeing Ai-Da's prosthetic head being carefully brought to life by specialists individually attaching hairs to form her eyebrows.

"But also as a performance artist she'll be able to engage with audiences and actually get messages across; asking those questions about technology today."

The world's most expensive paintings ever sold [Microsoft GES]

Her skeletal robotic head may stand disembodied on a workbench, but her movements are very much alive.

Cameras in each of her eyeballs recognize human features - she will make eye contact and follow you around the room, opening and closing her mouth as you do. Get too close and she'll back away, blinking, as if in shock.

Ai-Da's makers say she will have a "RoboThespian" body with expressive movements and she will talk and answer questions.

"There's AI (artificial intelligence) running in the computer vision that allows the robot to track faces to recognize facial features and to mimic your expression," said Marcus Hold, Design & Production Engineer at Engineered Arts.

Ai-Da's makers are using "Mesmer" life-like robot technology for her head, and once finished she will have a mixed race appearance with long dark hair, silicone skin and 3D printed teeth and gums.

"(Mesmer) brings together the development of software mechanics and electronics to produce a lifelike face with lifelike gestures in a small human sized package," Hold said.

Ai-Da will present her inaugural exhibition "Unsecured Futures" in May at the University of Oxford, and her sketches will go on display in London in November.

(Reporting by Matthew Stock; writing by Marie-Louise Gumuchian; editing by John Stonestreet)

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