Offbeat KTM 390 Adventure: Small adventure

07:45  01 june  2020
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"I will never forgive Villas-Boas"

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Adventure , Purity, Performance, Extreme - KTM is READY TO RACE. More adventure awaits you. Satisfy your restless spirit with the new KTM 390 ADVENTURE . This compact single-cylinder travel-enduro machine has a sporty design attitude, with the comprehensive equipment and

The KTM 390 ADVENTURE is ready to rumble straight off the showroom floor, but when you need to set it up to suit your individual needs KTM PowerParts boast a wide range of … Small items, such as mobile phone, wallet, keys, etc., are taken care of perfectly. Simple fitting with straps on the pillion seat.

New addition to the travel enduro entry-level class: full electronics and adult rally style now also for the A2 driver's license.

  KTM 390 Adventure: Kleines Abenteuer © WERK / Francesco Montero

At first glance, the new KTM 390 Adventure can hardly be distinguished from its big sister 790 Adventure: insectoid headlights, angular shape, similar silhouette. It is only when you take a closer look that the smaller 14.5 liter tank, the lower muffler and the cast aluminum wheels reveal the affordable entry-level travel enduro made from Mattighofen .

The price tag also makes confusion impossible: the single-cylinder model with a displacement of 373 cubic centimeters and manufactured in India costs 6,899 euros, only around half as much as the full-size 790 counterpart, but still leaves nothing to be desired in terms of technical equipment: Anti -Hopping clutch, ride-by-wire, cornering ABS with off-road mode, inclination-dependent traction control, color display including Bluetooth interface, 12-volt socket in the cockpit and adjustable hand levers are standard at a fair base price.

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Will the new KTM 390 Adventure be manufactured in PH? This entry-level machine provides a gateway to the world of adventure riding. Whether for its small or big bikes, KTM has a knack for coming up with impressive electronics. The 390 Adventure boasts a full-color TFT display that shows cornering

KTM 's entry-level lineup just expanded with the new KTM 390 Adventure , a bike derived from KTM 390 Duke and inheriting the DNA of the popular 790 Adventure .

  KTM 390 Adventure: Kleines Abenteuer © WERK / Francesco Montero

As part of the original accessories comprising 160 products, a quick shifter can also be retrofitted on the A2 driving license-compatible enduro.

The exemplary workmanship quality cannot be taken for granted in this price range: the manufacturer's red pencil is hardly noticeable anywhere, the choice of material for the individual components is of high quality.

Well-known single cylinder

The 44 HP and 37 Newton meter strong, revving engine with a top speed of 160 km / h is used in almost identical configuration in the top seller 390 Duke.

Despite the manageable performance, the stew never appears boring or castrated. From around 2,500 tours, the four-valve engine takes gas without complaint and quickly and willingly screws itself through the rev range. For maximum propulsion, the 390 Adventure still wants to be kept focused on tours.

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The 390 Adventure is a small -displacement KTM , so of course it rolls with a thumper for power delivery. An 89 mm bore and 60 mm stroke gives it a 373.2 cc displacement and 12.6-to-1 compression ratio, plus it has dual over-head cams to time the four-valve head and keep reciprocating mass at a

Dirt Bike Test's Jimmy Lewis gives you the full detailed review of the 2020 KTM 390 Adventure . This entry-level adventure bike is charting new ground for

load change reactions are foreign to the Enduro, it is smooth, as if a carburetor were still responsible for the mixture preparation. This is how even serpentines lose their terror.

In dense city traffic, despite being crisp and precise, gear shifting can be carried out on request. Then you can do the 400 kilometers promised by KTM at the petrol pump without a break.

  KTM 390 Adventure: Kleines Abenteuer © WERK / Francesco Montero

Although the 390 Adventure surprisingly mastered the off-road detours of our test drive thanks to its solid chassis and low center of gravity, it is primarily designed for moderate terrain. Apart from the manageable suspension travel and 172 kilos of full vehicle fuel, a modest 20 centimeters of ground clearance, cast rims, street-oriented tires, a 19-inch front wheel and little flywheel clearly reveal the focus on asphalt use.

In long-haul mode, at most the slightly under-damped undercarriage components and the much too short and therefore largely pointless serial windshield can be criticized above 100 km / h.

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KTM 390 Adventure Unofficial page ! It hasn't been launched yet though there were rumours which enticed us greatly enough See more of KTM 390 Adventure on Facebook.

This is it. What every offroad rider has ever wanted. The new KTM 390 Adventure has been revealed this year and it really is quite the adventure motorcycle.

Simple handling

In the narrow angular movement, the extremely agile KTM can be steered precisely and without effort on the aluminum handlebar in an inclined position. The tightly padded, yet comfortable, 855 millimeter high saddle conveys a crystal-clear grip feeling, the upright sitting position with a moderate knee angle enables extended weekend tours without painful memories.

  KTM 390 Adventure: Kleines Abenteuer © WERK / Francesco Montero

Even for less experienced pilots, the KTM 390 Adventure does not require excessive concentration. In this way, she is particularly enthusiastic about motorcycle novices, without letting boredom arise among the experienced. Apart from the account-friendly cost price, there are a lot of good reasons why the "entry drug" in the orange adventure segment deserves a place in the garage at home.

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