Offbeat Blue Matcha: What can the butterfly pea plant really do?

10:45  01 june  2020
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China plans national security laws for Hong Kong

 China plans national security laws for Hong Kong Despite the corona virus, protesters in Hong Kong are again protesting against Beijing's influence. China is now planning laws that could increase the power of the central government, according to a media report. © Liau Chung-Ren / ZUMA Wire / DPA In response to the often violent pro-democratic protests of the past year, China plans to introduce national security legislation for Hong Kong . This is reported by the "South China Morning Post".

So blue matcha is really … butterfly pea powder? It doesn’t have quite the same catchy ring. And blue matcha lacks the antioxidants and caffeine that put It may even offer some perks of its own: “Animal research shows that [ butterfly pea ] may help improve memory and reduce stress, but the research is

Butterfly - pea flower tea commonly known as Blue Tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea, or tisane, beverage made from a decoction or infusion of the flower petals or even whole flower of the Clitoria ternatea

Blue Matcha: Was kann die Schmetterlingserbsenpflanze © provided by WUNDERWEIB Blue Matcha: What can the butterfly pea plant do You love green Matcha Tea & Co? Then you will love the newest variant! We will tell you what the Blue Matcha is all about and show you how to prepare the powder of the butterfly pea plant!

The green tea powder Matcha is already known to everyone, whether as Matcha Latte, Matcha Tea or in our smoothies , we have been enjoying the healthy powder for quite a while now. But have you heard of the new Blue Matcha? This is made from the powder of the butterfly pea plant and is supposed to compete with the proven Matcha. With us you will learn everything about the butterfly pea plant and a delicious blue matcha latte recipe to imitate!

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Butterfly pea flower cocktails were one of the big beverage trends at the National Restaurant Association show in May, and they appeared So is there anything to this? Turns out, the vibrant blue petals of the butterfly pea plant are rich in anthocyanins, the same polyphenol compounds found in

Growing Butterfly Pea Plant from seeds is also very easy and I already have a video about it where you can see the entire process. Believe me, it's really an easy vine to grow in summer. So, just grow it, either from the seeds or from the seedlings/saplings and enjoy the blooms in the heat of summer.

Matcha Latte: The do-it-yourself recipe

Blue Matcha: What is the difference to green Matcha?

Unlike the green Matcha, the blue Matcha is not dried tea leaves, but flowers of the butterfly pea plant , from which a powder is obtained that can be used and prepared as as the green tea powder. Make

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Although the Blue Matcha is said to have beneficial and positive effects on stress and memory , it does not have the proven antioxidant properties of green tea powder.

Nevertheless, we love the blue Matcha powder, because it is the only purely plant-based food that naturally colors food and drinks so squeaky blue and makes all boring dishes a special eye-catcher!

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Germany: protest during the commissioning of a coal-fired power station

 Germany: protest during the commissioning of a coal-fired power station © Ina FASSBENDER Activists from Greenpeace project the slogan "Climate crisis" on the cooling tower in Germany, May 30, 2020 in Germany Anti activists -charcoal protested on Saturday against the commissioning at the same time of the power plant "Datteln 4" while Germany intends to abandon this ore.

The butterfly pea plant can be found in colorful teas: In Vietnam and Thailand, people drink nam dok anchan, a butterfly pea infusion sweetened with honey and lemon. Blue matcha , or butterfly pea powder, doesn't have all the antioxidant properties of matcha , nor does it contain caffeine.

I was introduced to Butterfly Pea Flower Tea a few weeks ago at the new dessert shop Cake de Partie. I had never had it before but loved the natural purple color. When the tea is brewed, it’s a really deep indigo blue color. But when you add lemon juice it changes the pH level and it starts to turn purple.

recipe for the Blue Matcha Latte

You need this for a cup:

½ tsp butterfly pea powder 80 ml water 250 ml milk

How it works:

boil water, let cool down to 80 ° C . Put the butterfly pea powder in a bowl. Mix the powder with the water, lathering lightly with the whisk. Heat milk, froth and pour into a glass. Pour the matcha slowly into the frothed milk.

Tip: The slightly sweet flower powder is also great for an iced blue matcha latte, just add a few ice cubes or ice cream at the end. The milk stays cold with this variant!

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Criminal justice system 'inherently racist' towards Aboriginal people .
In the past 10 years the number of Aboriginal people charged by police in NSW has increased by more than 67 per cent. For non-Indigenous Australians, the increase has been just 8 per cent.It was 1995 and the young Wiradjuri man from Dubbo had answered a call-out for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to enter the Queensland police force.

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