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10:50  18 october  2020
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Too many pigs in the barn: extremely difficult times

 Too many pigs in the barn: extremely difficult times The farmers cannot get rid of their animals: Corona and swine fever push down prices. Because slaughter capacities are lacking, there is a jam in the stables. © Photo: dpa One million pigs ready for slaughter, the farmers fear, could be in the stables at the end of the year because too little is slaughtered. The pig farmers do not get their animals slaughtered. And if it does, then at a market price that barely covers the costs.

Cows with Best Friends. Why encouraging bovine socialization is good for both cows and farmers . The other day I came across an article about cattle herds that intrigued me. As I am a farmer I spend most of the winter observing bovines and had not noticed this apparent fact.

This leaves many farmers reliant on state handouts. "It's fundamentally wrong because it means the taxpayer is paying for the farmer 's living. He had to do this because FSA controls only permit the sale of raw cows ' milk directly from the farm where it is produced, something Mr Hook thinks is "fantastic.

The relationship between man and cow is usually not characterized by many words. But cattle do well if they are well received, as scientists from Vienna write in the journal “Frontiers in Psychology”.

Zuneigung tut Kühen gut, zeigt eine Studie. © - / Institute of Animal Welfare Science, Vetmeduni Vienna / dpa Affection is good for cows, a study shows.

They were able to show that cows relax when they are petted and hear a soft voice. They stretch their necks longer with pleasure, twitch their ears less, and then their hearts beat slower. The effect was clearer when the voice came directly from the person next to you instead of from a loudspeaker on the researcher's body.

S.African leader tries to calm racial tension over farm attacks

  S.African leader tries to calm racial tension over farm attacks South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa called for calm on Monday, hoping to tamp down rising racial tension in his country following months of protests by white farmers over a spike in deadly attacks. - 'Something brewing here' - White farmers and their supporters have staged protests across the country in recent months against the increase in assaults and killings on farms. Such attacks had dropped drastically during the first few months of the country's coronavirus lockdown due to restricted movement, but from June the assaults spiked, according to farmers.

3 I think the farm (to increase) the yields of crops next year. 4 The scientists from our laboratory (to present) interesting reports at the conference recently. 5 Last year the farmers (not/to rely) on feeds from pastures and (to grow) additional crops for their livestock.

If the farmers take care of the cows in certain ways, then the cows produce certain amount of milk. Esledge, What about not repeating them on this one? How does that rule work with this question? Can you eliminate them in the other answer choices and have the meaning clear from the first part which

That the cows notice this difference is important for further research on how humans can induce well-being in them. The cow's emotional world is not only interesting for animal lovers or psychologists. "We know that handling also affects the milk yield and the health of the animals," said Annika Lange from the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, of the German Press Agency. "Farmers may be smiled at when they talk to their cows, but it actually has an effect."

The 28 four-legged participants in the study live on the university's livestock farm. Lange and her team got them used to a strap with a heart monitor and pats while they were lying down, before they repeated or played praising messages to each cattle - drawn out words like "good" or "fine" that remind of the calming deep mooing of cows at their calves should.

Coronavirus in Nice: The city deploys 70,000 antigenic tests

 Coronavirus in Nice: The city deploys 70,000 antigenic tests For two weeks, the time of an experiment, 70,000 kits will be deployed © F. Binacchi / ANP / 20 Minutes A negative antigen test, Thursday in a center of screening of Nice HEALTH - During fifteen days, the time of an experiment, 70,000 kits will be deployed The same swab at the back of the nose, the same sensation, “bizarre” for some or “unpleasant” for some others, but a result that falls in fifteen minutes flat.

So farmers send their cows away from the farm . The cows walk around free in the streets. Sometimes men sell grass in the street. Write the correct word in the blanks. Enter your answers in the gaps. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.

Although the ideas are still there and I'm doing the best I can now, I'm more limited physically than I was when I started.' Still, the work that he has managed to produce is a long way from the common shell constructions that can be found in seaside shops.

"Animal welfare research is no longer just about how we avoid stress and fear, but how we can improve the quality of life and perhaps enable animals to have a better life," said Lange. However, measuring happiness is more difficult than stress.

Certain patterns in the heart rate provided the researchers with indications that the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for relaxation was activated. The body language is also meaningful: relaxed cattle close their eyes with relish and stretch their necks - for example when a conspecific has found a particularly pleasant spot while grooming each other.

A study that examines the effects of being spoken to without touching is still in progress. "Stroking is probably a little more important for well-being than the auditory stimulus," suspects Lange. "Many people find a massage more intensive than a calming audio book."

cuddles and kind words are probably alien to farm animals in many large farms. An as yet unpublished study in a larger farm in Germany showed similar results, said Lange: Stroking and gentle talking help cows to lose their fear of people. "Research shows that it definitely makes a difference for the animals how you treat them."

Even in large companies, employees could be encouraged to be relaxed and friendly with the animals instead of doing everything as quickly as possible, said Lange. “Of course it is unrealistic for every farmer to talk to her and stroke her for five minutes a day per cow. But it would be important to appreciate that positive interaction and a good relationship between humans and cows have such effects. "

"A cowboy in the cotton": Lucky Luke confronted with the racism of the plantations of the south of the United States .
"A cowboy in the cotton" is the third collaboration between Achdé - the designer - and Jul - the screenwriter . This time the duo immerses us in the south of the United States where the Ku Klux Klan dictates its law at the end of the 19th century. © Provided by Franceinfo With Un cow-boy dans le coton, the authors Jul and Achdé have decided to tackle the theme of slavery.

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