Offbeat Why do we celebrate Halloween? (+ the method to carve a pumpkin)

17:40  21 october  2020
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Healthy Pumpkin-Spice Truffles Are the Ideal Bite-Size Snack For Fall

  Healthy Pumpkin-Spice Truffles Are the Ideal Bite-Size Snack For Fall When it comes to having self-control over snacks that are high in fat or sugar, I have roughly little to none. Put a plate of cookies in front of me and I'll probably eat the whole batch in a single sitting. What can I say? I have a sweet tooth. The golden rule for me is to stock my pantry with individual-size snacks, and if I'm in the mood to bake, I'll cut the recipe in half so I don't feel so bad when I eat the lot. Finding snacks or desserts that are an appropriate balance of healthy yet sweet can be challenging, but thankfully, these pumpkin-spice truffles by Krista of Frozen Bananas fit the bill.

Pourquoi fête-t-on Halloween ? (+ la méthode pour sculpter une citrouille) © dolgachov / Istock Why do we celebrate Halloween? (+ the method to carve a pumpkin) This year, it will certainly not be a big party, but we can have fun with the family by plunging into the festive atmosphere of Halloween. Learn how to carve a pumpkin and find out why we make these funny lanterns. What is the origin of the Halloween party?

Halloween is the modern version of the Celtic festival of Samain , celebrated on October 31st. According to the Celtic calendar, which is based on the solar cycle , this date is outside of time : it does not belong to the year that ends, nor to the one that begins. According to the beliefs of the time, the world of the living would then rub shoulders with that of the dead during this evening.

The Best Halloween-Themed Goodie Bag Treats You Can Shop at Target

  The Best Halloween-Themed Goodie Bag Treats You Can Shop at Target For many families, there's honestly nothing better than spooky season – we just can't get enough of frightening decorations and Instagramworthy Halloween costumes. In the spirit of keeping everyone safe — after all, the CDC says traditional trick-or-treating is a high-risk activity — there are already a ton of at-home Halloween activities for All Hallow's Eve. And giving your kiddos themed goodie bags could kick your celebration up a notch. © target.com target.com Parents who are looking to surprise their mini ghouls and goblins with a handful of Halloween accessories can find plenty of great options at Target.

This holiday was introduced to the United States after the massive arrival of Irish and Scottish emigrants fleeing the Irish Famine (1845). It will gain popularity at the beginning of the 20th century. Its name is a contraction of the old English All Hallows-Even which can be translated as the vigil of All Saints' Day . On this occasion, children dress in scary costumes and ring the doorbell of houses to ask for candy.

Halloween: 11 horrible recipes to cook with your kids!

Why do we dig a pumpkin on Halloween?

One of the traditions of Halloween is to sculpt gourds before installing them in front of your home: on the windowsill or on the doorstep. These lanterns would allow to repel evil spirits. If the pumpkin is the most used vegetable for this, it has not always been! This practice indeed refers to the Irish legend of Jack'O Lantern : a drunkard condemned by the devil to wander in the dark - between the world of the dead and the living - by lighting up with a candle planted in a hollow turnip . A vegetable that has been gradually replaced by the pumpkin: grown in America and easier to carve!

succulent pumpkins: The cute decoration trend is now creating a Halloween atmosphere in your home.

 succulent pumpkins: The cute decoration trend is now creating a Halloween atmosphere in your home. pumpkins with nasty faces are as much a part of Halloween as Christmas trees. And in 2020 they will again provide some scary vibes. With succulent pumpkins, however, the classic horror decoration has received a little update and is a bit more subtle than the gruesome decorations that we usually know from Halloween. © Instagram.com/queenofsucculents; Collage: Condé Nast Digital succulent-pumpkin-opener-cross succulent pumpkins: the eye-catchers on Halloween 2020 Artificial blood, spider webs, gh

5 steps to carving a pumpkin

1. Get a beautiful pumpkin or a pumpkin. Wash the squash with the help of a vegetable brush or a sponge.

2. Cut out a hat using a knife. You will need to tilt the blade slightly. If the hat is cut too vertically, it may fall inside your pumpkin.

3. Remove the seeds with a tablespoon. Rinse them. You can offer them as an aperitif after cleaning them, cook them for a few minutes in the oven with a little olive oil and curry.

4.To prevent your pumpkin from rotting after a few days, you will also need to remove its flesh. To do this, gently scrape the sides of your squash with a tablespoon. Place the pulp in a bowl so you can use it later.

5. Carve your pumpkin. We recommend that you draw in felt the shapes you want to cut: eyes, nose and mouth. Prefer triangular shapes to rounded ones. It's much easier! All you have to do is place a candle in the heart of your squash and replace the hat.

What to do with the flesh of the pumpkin?

No way to throw it away! Use it to make an Halloween Pumpkin Pie . You will then have to cook this flesh in sugared water before reducing it to a puree. Incorporate cream, eggs, cinnamon and powdered sugar then distribute the preparation on a pie shell. Bake for 30 minutes at 210 ° C. Out of the oven, decorate with pecans and white chocolate squares.

If you don't have a sweet tooth, get started in preparing pumpkin soup for example. To give it even more flavor, garnish it with spices and aromatic herbs (turmeric, Espelette pepper, coriander ...). Gourmets can also add a few nice spoons of crème fraîche.

And also: pumpkin donuts

The best Halloween ideas in Corona times .
Pull from door to door and collect sweets? Unfortunately, this is not possible for children on Halloween this year. Here are a few alternatives © istock Halloween 2020 istock Halloween is becoming increasingly popular with children (and, by the way, many adults too). Dressing up, turning night into day, frightening other people and of course picking up buckets of candy also sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, fun is not on the agenda in November 2020.

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