Offbeat Time change: your dog and your cat also feel the effects ... Here is the impact of winter time on their behavior

15:15  22 october  2020
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The change to winter time is scheduled at night from Saturday 24 to Sunday 25 October… Your dog or your cat may be a bit disturbed and this is quite normal. Here are the effects of the time change on his behavior.

Les conséquences du changement d'heure sur le comportement des animaux de compagnie chien et chat. © iStock The consequences of the time change on the behavior of pets, dogs and cats.

On the night of Saturday October 24 to Sunday October 25, we are switching to winter time. At two o'clock in the morning, it will be three o'clock. This one hour lag seems benign at first. However, it has an impact on our body and our sleep ... And our pets feel it too.

dogs and cats are tuned into their own circadian rhythm, the biological clock that tells them when to go to sleep and when to eat. Their cycles are closely related to those of light and dark. This regulates all of their days and nights and impacts both their physiology and their behavior.

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Because they are routine animals, the hourly adjustment can disturb them in the sudden difference in their daily habits. While we enjoy our extra hour of sleep, both dog and cat will be woken up at their usual schedule. Walk, fill the bowl ... The day is then shifted by an hour, without understanding the reason.

A Disrupted Routine

The first thing a dog does in the morning is his needs. Thus, getting up later could encourage him to find a plant or a carpet to relieve himself.

If they receive regular meals at a certain time of the day, they may be upset, get agitated, turn around their bowl, beg, be hungrier than usual, gnaw on the sofa ...

Some cats are very independent, when others need human contact. The cat can be grumpy early in the morning if it doesn't see you (whether there is a time change or not in some cases).

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Pets get used to you coming home from work at a certain time. This sudden shift can lead to anxious behavior.

To counter this, it is necessary to pay special attention to their needs during this period of transition. It is important to give them extra comfort if they are showing signs of anxiety. Longer walks or longer play times can improve the quality of their sleep.

Besides dogs and cats, other animals are affected. SantéVet specifies on its website that: “Cows, with this lag of one hour less in summer and one hour more in winter, can produce less or even inferior milk. Calves, for their part, see their digestive system disturbed, because they are animals whose "principle" is to ask for food as soon as hunger arises. This is why some farmers have a habit of shifting the hours for milking or distributing food gradually. »

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