Offbeat Animals: treating dogs and cats with plants

12:50  26 february  2021
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3 ways Texas could avoid another electricity crisis

  3 ways Texas could avoid another electricity crisis The answer is not more fossil fuel power plants.When the cold front hit over the weekend, electricity use soared to heat buildings, but the grid couldn’t keep up with demand. Natural gas plants, which supply the majority of the state’s electricity, were not equipped to operate at such low temperatures. Despite widespread false claims spread on Fox News that frozen wind turbines were solely to blame for the blackout, failures at these gas plants are the main cause of the crisis, a spokesperson for ERCOT told Bloomberg.

Dogs and cats also have the right to natural remedies. But be careful with self-medication, because their use is delicate.

Animaux : soigner les chiens et les chats grâce aux plantes © iStock Animals: caring for dogs and cats with plants

The attraction for alternative medicine is also on our pets. "Today, 10% of veterinarians use plants," said Dr Céline Gastinel-Moussour *, veterinarian, herbalist and aromatherapist, who nevertheless warns: "We cannot cure everything with it! Garlic, although deworming, is toxic to dogs and cats. And natural products are less effective than chemical tick repellents ”.

Characteristics according to the races

First of all, you should know that the use and the doses of essential oils or plants differ from those recommended for humans because of their physiology, coat, weight, licking of skin… Another element to consider: dogs and cats have a much more developed sense of smell than us and can, for this reason, turn away from a remedy. When it comes to doses, it's not just a matter of weight: a rabbit can take ten times more plant products than a cat because it is herbivorous. The cat has another peculiarity: its liver has difficulty metabolizing aromatic molecules.

Texas Woman Uses Tortillas to Rescue Dog From Freezing Cold

  Texas Woman Uses Tortillas to Rescue Dog From Freezing Cold A grocery store trip turned into a rescue mission for one black Labrador retriever, and it's a good thing Kristin Salinas already had her groceries.Salinas left her house in the brutal weather just to buy the tortillas for a meal, but they ended up coming in handy. Without an owner anywhere to be found, Salinas spent around 30 minutes coaxing a black, medium-sized Labrador retriever mix into her own car to shelter him from the cold. She used the tortillas to get him into the vehicle, and it very well may have saved his life.

"This is why I recommend not to give him essential oils for self-medication without going through a liver checkup from the veterinarian," warns the specialist. In addition, it is very sensitive to odors and the olfactory power of these aromatic extracts can cause it to regurgitate, to over-salivate, or even to flee. These tips also apply to the ferret. Also think about this when using essential oils diffusing for yourself. "Caring for your animal means knowing and observing it well, in order to obtain its cooperation and to note its tolerance or not to the treatments, and to adapt the doses", adds the veterinarian.

For minor ailments and ailments

Fortunately, it's not just essential oils. Hydrosols (also called floral waters when the part of the plant used is a flower) are interesting. These are waters laden with aromatic compounds from the plant obtained at the same time as the essential oils during steam distillation. You can also use herbal teas or decoctions. The fluid extracts (EPS) and the buds (gemmotherapy) are well suited to dogs, less so to cats, who do not like their taste. Avoid anything containing sugar and alcohol, such as mother tinctures, unless your veterinarian advises you. Finally, there are food supplements made from plants (Labbêa) appreciated by dogs and cats.

Texas Failed Because It Did Not Plan

  Texas Failed Because It Did Not Plan What went wrong in Texas? The Lone Star State made three fundamental errors.Severed from electricity and bare to the frigid weather, Texas’s infrastructure suffered a kind of multisystem failure. Pipes began to burst inside homes. Cell networks went down, preventing people from calling 911. In Austin and elsewhere, so many people ran their pipes at a drip (in order to prevent them from freezing) that the water system depressurized, contaminating the supply and forcing residents to boil their water before using it.

Scots pine relieves respiratory problems, sweet orange and valerian calm stress, ginger soothes transport ailments, blackcurrant is recommended in the event of tired joints, aloe vera, against constipation ... But the plants do not only cure minor ailments. Spirulina, turmeric, milk thistle or dandelion are indeed very useful to support the immune system and the various organs in cases of serious diseases. “They bring real well-being to affected animals and really provide relief,” concludes Céline Gastinel-Moussour.

Precautions to be taken

• Never use essential oils on your cat without informing the veterinarian.

• Some animals are allergic to certain plants. Test on a small area and wait 48 hours.

• Do not make your pet swallow pure essential oil and do not apply it to the coat, eyes (even diluted), mucous membranes, ears and genitals.

• Avoid essential oils with pregnant or lactating females and babies.

• If your animal cannot tolerate it, stop treatment.

* Author of Phytotherapy and natural care for my cat, Le Courrier du Livre.

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