Offbeat Cologne entrepreneur: Bernd Samland creates product names

01:15  28 february  2021
01:15  28 february  2021 Source:   ksta.de

Olympia? Rexhbecaj: "Kuntz put me on the list"

 Olympia? Rexhbecaj: Most recently, Elvis Rexhbecaj from Cologne shone with goals and assists. His qualities have not remained hidden from Stefan Kuntz either - the U-21 coach put him on the Olympic list © picture-alliance Last showed his goal threat: Cologne's top scorer Elvis Rexhbecaj. Elvis Rexhbecaj shone with two goals in the 2-1 win in the derby at Borussia Mönchengladbach. With five goals and two assists, the midfielder is 1. FC Köln's most successful scorer this season.

DEUTSCH Wie entwickelt man einen guten Markennamen und welcher Medientitel verspricht Erfolg? Mit diesen und weiteren Fragen beschäftigt sich Bernd M. Samland …

Cologne was part of the French Département Roer ( named after the river Roer, German: Rur) with Aachen (French: Aix-la-Chapelle) as its capital. The French modernised public life, for example by introducing the Napoleonic code and removing the old elites from power. The long tradition of a free imperial city, which long dominated an exclusively Catholic population and the age-old conflict between the church and the bourgeoisie (and within it between the patricians and craftsmen) have created its own political climate in Cologne . Various interest groups often form networks beyond party boundaries.

Do you know the Rhingo electric scooter? The Opel Mokka? The VW Tiguan? Or the TV station Vox? Many of these names should be familiar to many people. Largely unknown, however, is the man who stands behind these word creations.

Auch der Markenname Serways geht auf Samland zurück. © Hauke-Christian Dittrich / dpa The Serways brand name also goes back to Samland.

Bernd Samland is considered to be the German namesake par excellence. “Of course I don't really know what to do with the term,” he told the newspaper. Since 1994, Samland and his company Endmark, based in the Marienburg district, have been responsible for ensuring that the names of products, houses, companies or TV series sound pleasant, stylish and appropriate to the subject.

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South Africans practise tongue-twister name change

  South Africans practise tongue-twister name change They are learning how to pronounce Gqeberha, the new name for the city of Port Elizabeth. © Getty Images The city's pier is a popular tourist attraction It is the Xhosa name for the Baakens River, which flows through the city.Xhosa is one of South Africa's 11 official languages and one of the few in the world that has a "click" sound, which can be difficult for non-Xhosa speakers to master. One tweeter reflected the views of many: "My Xhosa people. Teach us. How do you pronounce Gqeberha?" Some have been giving each other a little help.

Of 19 suspects so far identified by name by the Cologne police, 10 were asylum seekers and the other nine were believed to be in Germany illegally, according to a report by Mr. Jäger, the interior minister. The police and the state government in Mainz, a main carnival center, detailed extra plans this week, including creating special passages to allow women to leave raucous crowds, more bodycams for police officers and steps to explain carnival to newcomers who have never seen such celebrations.

Naming a brand requires a certain amount of research. It shouldn’t just relate to your product but carry with it deeper contextual associations that capture the quintessential nature of the business. It needs to identify with the overarching message of the business, and it needs to be easily remembered. It should relate to the product in some way, offering an idea about the purpose, benefits and quality of the products produced by the company. When coming up with your brand name you also have to think about how it translates into other languages. Does it translate well and how does its meaning change?

.30, you may be willing to sell at a price lower than your current costs knowing that your costs will be lower in the future.

Intensive research necessary to avoid name similarities

"First of all, it's a very dry job," Samland explains his work. “In the past, it didn't matter whether a company in Cologne had the same name as a company in America. The internet has changed that. You have to be very careful that the names are not alike. ”So an intensive research is necessary first.

There are more than 50 million product and brand names worldwide. But Bernd Samland always comes up with something. When the Landesbank WestLB was to get a new name in the wake of the financial crisis, for example, he invented Portigon.

He came up with “Serways” by Tank and Rast, the latest variations “Planschies” and “Fruppis” by Haribo or the TV programs “Ready to beef” and “Alles auf Freund”, each with Tim Mälzer. In Cologne he invented the “Coloneum” in Ossendorf, and the “Rhingo” scooter service for Rhein-Energie.

Bernd Samland is a secretive person. And he has to be, because he is the first to see new products and ideas - in order to invent a name for them. Until then, the strictest confidentiality applies. That is why the author (his latest book is called "Naming for Successful Brands: Strategic Naming Marketing in Theory and Practice") does not reveal what he is currently working on.

Just this much: “Car paints, various drugs, banks, insurance companies, food supplements, electric cars. That has to be enough. ”

Controversial AfD classification: Why the press cannot be a partner for the protection of the constitution .
The party is not yet a suspected case. The Cologne court ruling draws attention to a much hidden grievance. A comment. © Photo: imago images / Steinach Suspected case yes or no? rank? Or not to classify? It is apparently a little tree-switch-game with which the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) wants to get hold of the AfD.

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