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12:15  02 april  2021
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Taliban slam Afghan president's proposal for new election

  Taliban slam Afghan president's proposal for new election The Taliban on Wednesday rejected a proposal by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to hold elections later this year, after months of peace talks between the two warring sides have made little progress. Although he hasn't made details public, Ghani will announce the election plan at a stakeholder conference in Turkey next month, according to two government officials. The move is likely an attempt to undercut a US proposal -- supported by Russia -- for the formation of an interim government involving the Taliban to rule the country once the last US troops withdraw.

Dans la série « Le Serpent » sur Netflix, Tahar Rahim joue Charles Sobhraj, un tueur en série, à partir du vendredi 2 avril, sur Netflix. © BBC / © Mammoth Screen in the series "The snake" on Netflix, Tahar Rahim plays Charles Sobhraj, a serial killer, from Friday, April 2, on Netflix .

for this British series, broadcast on Netflix from Friday, April 2, the French actor "A Prophet" slips into Charles Sobhraj's skin, says the snake, a serial killer of the 1970s in Asia from the hippie period.

The French actor Tahar Rahim is the main character of the new series of Netflix , the snake, available on the platform from this Friday, April 2, 2021.

The cinemas are closed, the filming continues. It's more stressful to turn under Covid?

It just happened to me for the last two weeks of the snake, in August. It was not more stressful than that, just less pleasant. The actors could get closer to the tray but not outside.

Python Pops Out of Toilet While Unsuspecting Man is Sitting on It

  Python Pops Out of Toilet While Unsuspecting Man is Sitting on It A 45-year-old man was terrified when he found a python in his toilet bowl. A rescue team worked to retrieve the snake safely.According to Yahoo News UK, when the man peered down, he saw a giant python staring back at him.

It is in adolescence that you have discovered the snake, nickname of this man serial killer?

I found, in my brother's room, a biography of Charles Sobhraj. At 16, I was naive enough, first to dream of being an actor, then to imagine interpreting this character. I did not realize the horror of his actions. I saw someone who had from Bagou, charm, several identities, who escaped prisons.

"The character corresponds to a cobra"

How did you prepare for such a role?

As I usually do, with research, my homework as I say. I read, listened, looked at all that it was possible to have on Charles Sobhraj . And I tried to build him from the inside. But it did not work because I had no connection with him. So, I decided to imagine it rather from the outside, which I had never done because it's not like that I think the comedy.

Brave Rescue Husky Dies Protecting Family from Deadly Cobra

  Brave Rescue Husky Dies Protecting Family from Deadly Cobra Dai Bao, named after Disney's Dumbo, was rescued as a stray off the streets and heartbreakingly died defending his family from a four-foot snake.According to Oriental Daily, translated by Says.com, The husky, named Dai Bao, is said to have encountered the snake on March 20, when the creature approached the family's home in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia. Attempting to protect his owners, the husky attacked the massive four-foot-long cobra.

How did you get there?

I worked how to move, talk, to integrate a room, a lot of things. I also thought of a questionnaire from the theater school that said to think what animal could match the character. I chose Cobra who has this flickering charm and a way of hunting her prey as Charles Sobhraj did, with a lot of observation and an attack so fast that we could not escape.

"I had to work to have what I wanted"

you have nothing in common?

There is a connection that has been blown to me by the character himself who says, "If I had to wait for the world to come to me, I will wait today. All I wanted, I had to take it. " That's what happened to me in my acting profession. I come from a small neighborhood in a distant province without contact with the middle. One day, I had to take my bag, the train for Paris and work to have what I wanted to have ...

We plunged in the 1970s quite extraordinary ...

It was very nice to walk around at this time that is not so far. With singular modes, cars, music, the birth of the biggest groups ... Bangkok still keeps this spirit of freedom in some streets.

In the alleged guilty, movie that must go out early June, you interpret a detainee from Guantánamo who visibly marked you?

This is the first time that it happened to this point. I could not leave neither the character nor the intensity of filming. I felt like I was still there, I could not connect with the outside world anymore, as if I went out of prison. It is a movie that I find important, which even exceeds the function of cinema since it tells the story of an innocent man who still suffers from all that.

Massive Snake Hanging from Tree in Pennsylvania Park Sparks Public Alert .
An alert was issued by the Pittsburgh Public Safety Twitter account, which posted an image of a then-unidentified snake in the park.Pittsburgh Park Rangers and experts from the city's Animal Care & Control conducted a search of the park after a "large snake" was pictured on a tree. Concerns were raised after the witness told officials the reptile "did not appear to be a native species.

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