Offbeat Reproductive help, sheltered ... At the Bois de Boulogne, the fish are pampered

22:45  11 april  2021
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Hundreds queue up at fish markets before sunrise

  Hundreds queue up at fish markets before sunrise Hundreds descend on fish markets to take advantage of the abundance of seafood due lower levels of exports.Masses of people turned up well before sunrise, to cash in on the cheaper-than-normal prices and make the most of the abundance of variety.

Bois de Boulogne, le 2 avril. Des membres de la maison de la pêche de Levallois ont installé des frayères dans des étangs artificiels du bois de Boulogne afin d'aider à la reproduction des poissons. © LP / Olivier desk Bois de Boulogne, April 2nd. Members of the Levallois Fisheries House have installed spawning grounds in artificial ponds from the Bois de Boulogne to help breeding fish.

Spring arrives, the atmosphere warms up and it lacks only a few degrees for fish, too, enter the reproduction period. With this in mind, specialists in the aquatic environment intervened Friday morning in the Bois de Boulogne. Taken by Rodolphe "Roddy" Keraudran, the small group of five people has arranged cozy loving beds for fish in wood ponds.

"A fish management operation is conducted," says Rodolphe, Fisheries and Development Officer at the Hauts-de-Seine and Paris Fishermen Association (AAPPMA 92-75). On the trailer attached to a utility, a small boat and mysterious mats with long green plastic hair.

Seine-Saint-Denis: a seriously injured teenager in a 16-year-old RIXE

 Seine-Saint-Denis: a seriously injured teenager in a 16-year-old RIXE is in absolute emergency © A. Gelebart / 20 minutes Seine-Saint-Denis: a teenager seriously injured in a rix. (Illustration) Violence - A 16-year-old minor is an absolute emergency A teenager was seriously injured in an RIXE between rival bands on Thursday at the end of the afternoon at clichy-sous-bois , have indicated a police source and the parquet.

A few hundred meters further, the team is on foot on the shores of Lake Saint-James. The famous carpets are artificial spawns that reproduce the effect of aquatic plants.

"They will be shelters for gammares, microcrustaceans like small shrimp freshwater, continues the expert. Then, these artificial herbarms also serve as hides with fry and feeding zone. What is done is reproductive help. These ponds are hosting carps, stains, perches, guards ... "We encourage and we promote the technique of No-Kill," he adds.

"We just give a boost to the nature"

during this time, Anthony and Sebastián, 25 and 23 years old, twist a concrete ballast and a buoy with every room. The two friends, fishing fans since childhood, have made the way since Bondy, in Seine-Saint-Denis. "It's a passion and I wanted to do my job," assures Anthony, fishing health instructor and the nature of Levallois who hosts the AAPPMA.

Vaccination in Nord-Pas-de-Calais: nearly 1,500 doses of Astrazeneca do not find takers

 Vaccination in Nord-Pas-de-Calais: nearly 1,500 doses of Astrazeneca do not find takers they are not lost and will be offered again from this Tuesday © Eliot Blondet-pool / Sipa Illustration an astrazeneca vaccine. Virus - They are not lost and will be proposed again from this Tuesday "Astrazeneca, I do not want it. This weekend, many caregivers had to hear this sentence in the Vaccination centers of Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

Lifejacket on the T-shirt, Maxime, 23 years old, embed on the walnut shell to cross the pond and swing a spawning grounds overboard. Since eleven years, he has not missed any training, no internship provided by the fishing house where he is currently in civic service at the museum and the aquarium.

Des dizaines de mètres pris dans les branches et abandonnés : une partie du triste bilan du nettoyage des berges. DR © Provided by the Parisian of dozens of meters taken in the branches and abandoned: part of the sad assessment of the cleaning of the banks. DR

The spawning grounds are launched at the banks. "Where the plants do not have rather deep roots to dive under the water. We just give a boost to nature, "summarizes Rodolphe.

With two steps from Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), Mégane, 29 years old, seizes a plastic bag. Animator at the fishing house She too and amateur fishing with carnassiers - "Should it move! The young woman begins to scrutinize the shore: the installation of spawning grounds in the ponds Saint-James then superior, doubles a cleaning of the banks.

Jean Servais Somian, Ivorian designer: "It is to Africa to train his future artists"

 Jean Servais Somian, Ivorian designer: © France 24 The Ivorian designer Jean Servais Somian works coconut wood to turn it into furniture. Jean Servais Somian is an Ivorian designer who has made coconut wood his favorite plant. Benches, Cabinets, Bars ... The craftsman hollow coconut trunks - which can reach eight meters long - to turn them into furniture and design objects. He also works pirogues that become banquettes and sofas. For the designer, African artistic creation is imposed, but it is not an end in itself.

of the pellets of fishing threads tangled in the trees

In addition to the detritus, the group targets the abandoned fishing lines on site. It is downright a whole skein that Maxime and Rodolphe recovered, an interlacing of son hanging on a branch. Their hunting table also counts fishing lead, an electric scooter ... a great classic with bicycles and supermarket trolleys.

"On the other hand, I did not expect to find as many big threads, commented Rodolphe, anxious. It serves in particular for carp fishing. People launch their line and it takes place in the trees. And again, it will have to go to the pruner perch for those who are stuck in height ... "

Faced with this dangerous plague for the ecosystem and aquatic birds, a solution exists, the boat initiator: a small model that Takes the line and hook exactly where the fisherman wants. Problem that the Paris town hall dreads that this technique attracts lovers of modeling in addition to the fishermen.

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The troops of the AAPPMA 92-75 have no time to lose. The breeding season of the fish will begin within a few days as soon as the water temperature passes through 15-16 ° C. Next step, laying two grounds in the tank pond (at the level too low this Friday due to topographic surveys) and within a few weeks on the pond of the High Bornes, reunited water last year, In the Park of Channes, on Gennevilliers and Villeneuve-la-Garenne.

The Boogaloo movement has a new strategy .
Members of the anti-government movement are calling for cooperation with left-wing groups that were once adversaries.Adherents are calling for cooperation with left-wing organisations – previously considered adversaries by some in the Boogaloo – to foster a mass withdrawal from the political and economic systems overseen by the United States government.

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