Offbeat laugh as medicine: psychologists hold team D at mood

12:35  21 july  2021
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Expats fill suitcases with medicine, cash for families in Lebanon

  Expats fill suitcases with medicine, cash for families in Lebanon As Lebanon’s crisis deepens, families now depend on expats to bring life-saving medicine, hygiene products, and cash.Almost one year later, the interior architect returned to the crisis-ridden country to see family and friends, his suitcase filled to the brim with painkillers, diabetes medicine, eye drops, and other pills and tablets.

insulation in the Olympic village, limited contacts, mask obligations and the fear that the lifeline is still burdened by corona contagion or nonstress quarantine

Ist als DOSB-Psychologin in Tokio vor Ort: Franka Weber. © - / privat / dpa is as DOSB Psychologist in Tokyo on site: Franka Weber.

The sports psychologists and sports psychologists are so important in the German team at the pandemic edition of the Olympic Games in Tokyo as never before. "Sure, one is with the normal sports psychological topics, but must also be animator," said Franka Weber, sports psychologist of the German Olympic Sports Association.

So far, the Olympic villages were lively meeting place for the best athletes in the world, in the ex-basketball superstar Dirk Novitzki 2008 in Beijing necessarily wanted to move in. In Tokyo, it is a silent area with strict rules, in which athletes are omitted, but they can only leave for training and competition.

Busted Cop Exposed as Member of Russian Elite’s Golden Toilet Fetish Club

  Busted Cop Exposed as Member of Russian Elite’s Golden Toilet Fetish Club MOSCOW—Russian elite have a long-lasting passion for palaces and kitsch interior designs in the fashion of Marie Antoinette’s Versailles. Villa owners love to show off their own versions of glamorous and extravagant style of pre-revolutionary France, overloading homes with golden décor, massive crystal lamps, marble floors and heavy royal staircases. But there is one phenomenon currently inspiring discussions among psychologists, historians and corruption fighters: The post-Soviet obsession with golden toilets.

Danger of "Crowding"

There can be the feeling of the narrowness and distress called in psychology "crowding". "Then there can be bad mood," Weber said, senior neuropsychologist in the August beer clinic in Bad Malente Gremsmills. Therefore, plans for the entertainment of the athletes were also made to the evenings. «Play games, group relaxation before going to bed with fantasy iron, so she down a bit," she said.

There will also be cinema evenings. "If it was after me: I have a cupboard full of sports psychology films," Weber said. "I'll certainly take something from taking away, but also a few comedies, lightweight diet for distraction and laughing. Laughter is the best medicine."

career fears by Corona

Many German assets have already been in the months of the pandemic and the uncertainty as to whether the Tokyo games are being held or not, psychological help were sought. "I have a sports psychologist, with whom I look at each time again and again. I have the feeling that it helps me, "said the World Clock Fight Max Hartung.

It's known to be a superfood, but what exactly are the health benefits of the Kakadu plum?

  It's known to be a superfood, but what exactly are the health benefits of the Kakadu plum? While we're fond of looking to the Amazon for our açai berry smoothies, and Peru for our maca powder protein balls, many forget we've got our very own potent superfood back home: the Kakadu Plum.The tiny green plum boasts more than 100 times the vitamin C of an orange, two-and-a-half times an acai berry, and almost five times the antioxidant properties of blueberries.

In the year after the relocation of the summer games, the athletes and athlete career fears, who are worried, to lose their ability to act and reformulate goals. "It's about how she can hold over water," says Weber. Siebenchämpferin Carolin Schäfer formulated it before her corona vaccine, which she had thrown with side effects violently out of the railway, so: "Whoever caught with the situation, physically, but especially Mental, who has the best opportunities in summer."

Your training partner in Mainz, Tenkäbsfer Niklas Kaul, has not consulted in the pandemic ("You can do not care, but I did not do"), but has a personal strategy for the Tokyo stay. "I thought so in that way, no matter what happens there, I have to deal relatively flexibly with it," said the ten-fighting world champion. "The beautiful is, I had preparations before competitions, which went so much worse than now - and yet it worked. Such things have to be recalled. "

Cuba lifts food, medicine customs restrictions amid protests

  Cuba lifts food, medicine customs restrictions amid protests Government announcement comes after island-nation was rocked by rare protests.Prime Minister Manuel Marrero made the announcement in a televised address alongside President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Wednesday night, days after demonstrators first took to the streets on Sunday.

Suspension of Athletic Type

Whether success pressure and failure due to this corona adversity and almost total reduction on its own competition is strengthened according to the type of athlete type. "There are athletes who can handle obstacles and challenges well. Then there are others who have the feeling of breaking it and can not be able to get up again. " To be prepared for the extreme situation, numerous Olympic starters have used the help of sports psychologists to be prepared in Tokyo Mental.

«If you have overcome such a crisis, you go out there hardened, Weber said. "All who came well from the pandemic have also won a strength." If similar or something should happen, the athletes now have strategies at hand: "" I know, I can. I have my tricks and tricks, do not skin me around. "" Nonetheless, uncertainty remained. "Everyone is in such a hab-eight position," said Franka Weber.

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