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15:45  28 july  2021
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On sait pourquoi certains parlent dans leur sommeil © Medisite We know why some speak in their sleep

Your half has just told you that it has heard you talk about it during your sleep? Do not panic this phenomenon is safe. But if he persists, ask yourself what you have consumed before bedtime. It seems that some drinks could be responsible for your nocturnal speeches!

Our nights are definitely full of mysteries! Your half has been removing you for years that you speak during your sleep ? Rest assured, it's less risky than snoring. If they can indeed translate sleep apnea, dangerous for the cardiovascular system, speak during the night is safe.

This parasomnian disorder, called scientifically somniloquie , can be linked to certain drinks or stress, has just explained Dr. Kannan Ramar, Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic of Rochester (Minnesota), our CNN American colleagues .

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caffeine, stress, alcohol: they may be involved

" genetics or alcohol consumption could play a role," said Rebecca Robbins, Sleep Scientist in Brigham & Women's Hospital and Instructor in medicine. at the Faculty of Harvard Medicine.

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"Another major factor is the excessive stress , added Dr. Ramar. As anxiety can impact sleep, some can express their feelings, their concerns or think about their day (during the night , NDLR) ".

Always according to Dr. Kannan Ramar, it would be necessary to avoid drinking the Caffeine in the afternoon, and try to go to bed and wake up at the same hours to regulate his energy. If it does not work, it is recommended to consult a sleep specialist to understand the origin of votersilloquia.

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Somniloquie: What do they say during the night?

An old study published in 2010 showed that more than two-thirds of individuals have already spoken during their sleep. The research had been conducted on more than 230 people. Scientists had found that the word most often heard during the night was the " no ". In addition, nearly 10% of individuals would pronounce insults while they sleep.

Even more edifying phenomenon, the study also revealed that people who speak night would mark break times in their nocturnal conversations to allow the time to an imaginary person to answer.

Research has also revealed that people are breaks during their night conversations, to let an imaginary person answer them. Which proves that the sleeping brain can operate at an intense level, according to Rebecca Robbins, Sleep Specialist at Brigham & Women's Hospital and Professor at Harvard Medicine School.

Most individuals tend to form more consistent sentences during the first two cycles of sleep

, says Dr. Kannan Ramar. During the following two cycles, the remarks are often less simple to understand. When they wake up, people with Somniloquie rarely remember talking while sleeping.

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