Offbeat Kitten-Eyeliner: The Filigree version of the CAT-Eye-Lidstrich is the most beautiful make-up trend of the summer

13:03  29 july  2021
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Fashion Trend: We found the perfect top for the summer

 Fashion Trend: We found the perfect top for the summer hach ​​- styling can be so easy! You just need timeless classics and you are always well dressed. Which Basic may miss this Summer in any wardrobe? A well-seated top. The simple tops are just the fashion trend par excellence and even worn as a white T-shirt. Also we can not get enough of beautiful Tops and have made us looking for the perfect piece for the summer.

Kitten Eyeliner is the Makeup Trend of the Summer 2021

  Kitten-Eyeliner: Die filigrane Version des Cat-Eye-Lidstrichs ist der schönste Make-up-Trend des Sommers © Getty Images &

Lidstriche are always Founding, because they give our eyes the conscience expression. The latest trend Kitten-Eyeliner is perfect for those who want to put their eyes in scene, but looking for an elegant alternative for the more dominant Cat-Eye-Lidstrich.

& Kitten-Eyeliner: This makes the trend-eyelash from

that the kitten eyeliner is closely connected to the CAT-Eye-Lidstrich, already shows the name of the trend. After all, "kitten" is translated for kittens, "Cat" for the cat - so it is obvious that the kitten-wing is a subtle modification of the prominent eyelid look. Here are fine, clear lines in the foreground. Instead of a dramatic look, a naturally acting cat's eye is generated. The Kitten Eyeliner lifts the eye to , it extends simultaneously and flatters the total look.

Eyes Wide Awake: These treatments provide a radiant eye area in the summer

 Eyes Wide Awake: These treatments provide a radiant eye area in the summer Both beauty and applying makeup can be fun. Especially if a new treatment or try a new look is created and loved the result. But there are also times when you want some steps of the daily routine like to skip - perhaps because a glorious summer day waiting and pool lanes swum or want to empty champagne glasses. The meticulous care, bending and mascara lashes of is, do not leave any of these beauty rituals without many women the house. For a keen eye and a stressed eye area.

& so you make the kitten eyeliner

who masters the cat-eye-lidstrich will not have any problems with the kitten eyeliner. But even beginners in this area can produce the perfect minimalism Wing with something exercise. Everything you need is a fluid eyeliner. Which color this has is completely up to you. Even if you bring the color black to black with a CAT-EYE, it may be worthwhile to put on other colors that give your eyes even more radiance.


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As soon as you have opted for an Eyeliner, you put it in the middle of the eye and pull a thin stroke on both sides along the eyelash wreath. True to the role model Cat-Eye, a small momentum is recently pulled on the outer eye angle.


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Alternatively, you can also set to eyeshadows and an Eyeliner brush by the way on a liquid eyeliner. Should something go back or your eyelid stroke too dramatically affect, just to Micelle water and cotton swabs - smaller unevenness can be retouched so perfectly.


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