Offbeat Siberia: Tor to the underworld continues to grow

02:20  14 september  2021
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'They had nothing': Polish museum honours Siberian deportees

  'They had nothing': Polish museum honours Siberian deportees Eighty years on, the emotion is still raw for Elzbieta Smulkowa when she remembers her deportation to Siberia in 1941. "The worst was the hunger, the lack of heating and how it was impossible to help my mother any more," the 90-year-old told AFP at her home in suburban Warsaw. Smulkowa, her little sister and their mother were forced to leave their hometown of Lviv, then a part of Poland, when it was taken over by the Soviet Union during World War II.Her father, a forest ranger, had been arrested and, unbeknownst to his family, killed by Soviet troops a year earlier.

was almost clear: If there is access to the underworld, then it is somewhere in Siberia. Why the whole thing is indeed horrible show measured data.

Thermokarst-Krater in Sibirien © Vasily Bogoyavlensky / Getty Images ThermoCarst Crater in Siberia Tor to the Underworld

in Northern Sibiria is: the gateway to the underworld. So he is called, the currently largest Thermocarst crater of the earth. The crater has emerged because by high temperatures of the Permafrost floor of the Tundra begins to melt.

Normally, the area around the crater is one of the coldest in the world. Now, however, values ​​of 38 degrees Celsius were measured in June - temperature record for the Arctic.

‘Secure’ Email Provider ProtonMail Handed Over User Data to Law Enforcement

  ‘Secure’ Email Provider ProtonMail Handed Over User Data to Law Enforcement Privacy experts consider it one of the safest email providers on the internet, but ProtonMail’s recent decision to hand over sensitive customer information to European law enforcement is raising questions about whether the company’s privacy claims are less of a promise and more of a mirage. After French law enforcement requested—through Europol—that Swiss authorities share the IP address of a climate activist, the end-to-end encrypted email provider ProtonMail shared the user’s information. (Switzerland-based ProtonMail isn’t subject to French or EU jurisdiction, but ProtonMail is obligated to respond to Swiss authorities.

Batagaika Megaslump

The International "Batagaika Megaslump" crater is already about one kilometer long, has the shape of a tadpole and grows a year about 12-14 meters.

in between, there are always ground pieces from the crater rim, often from the size of a car. Massive forest fires in Siberia heat the temperatures there are a record level.

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Guilt is the climate change

the cause, even if many do not hear anymore can, is the climate change junior by man. Scientists have now calculated that the phenomenon occurs about 70 years earlier than expected.

"Robust and Fast": Aue lays with Trujic after

 with two goals has Oregebirge Aue the most harmless storm of the second league. The final light responded to the lull and laid in the storm of Personell. © Imago Images / Jan Huebner Aues Philipp Giant is pleased with Nikola Trujic (r.) About a gate in the test against Halle. attacker initially signs until the end of the season as the violets announced on Tuesday morning, Nikola Trujic signed a contract until the end of the season.

The phenomenon had become more likely due to human agitation on our atmosphere about 600 times. Meanwhile, a kind of vicious circle developed from the development in Siberia: millions of hectares of burned soil heat up the entire region through sunlight on his carbon black color and the risk of other fires rises again.

catastrophic effects

are likely to be glad about the "gate to the underworld" alone and geologists alone, they will witness to a vacancy of partly millions of years old soil layers who tell the knowledgeable amazing stories.

, however, this development has a bad effect on the rest of humanity. In Russia alone, climate shift causes damage to billions of billions each year. Whole residential buildings collapse and bury their inhabitants among themselves because the foundation of the houses is away from the thunded ground.

This is also due to the latest oil disaster in Norilsk: 20,000 tonnes of diesel oil ran out and destroyed nature in a wide range.

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