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'More joy': Milan designers visualise the post-pandemic home

  'More joy': Milan designers visualise the post-pandemic home A pool table that changes into a dining table, a bookshelf that transforms into a filing cabinet and noise-cancelling panels to facilitate home-working: adapting to life after coronavirus was on the minds of many exhibitors at Milan Furniture Fair this week. "Demand has increased with the pandemic because people have rediscovered their home and want a games area that transforms easily into a dining table or desk," said Guido Rossi of theAfter months cooped up at home, many people's houses and apartments have been transformed into offices, schools, gyms and playgrounds, blurring the lines between public and private spaces.


too big or disturbing branches: Who wants to cut a walnut tree, should do that in september. For good reason: walnuts are among the bleeding trees.

Juglans regia (Walnussbaum) mit Früchten © Provided by my beautiful garden Juglans Regia (walnut tree) with fruits

An walnut tree (Juglans Regia) is also in the garden a handsome tree and can be a good 30 meters high in the age. Its outward, mostly roundish to broad villa crown can reach up to 15 meters in diameter. The fruits of the walnut tree - the popular walnuts - are botanically stone fruits such as cherries or plums and are initially surrounded by a soft shell. The actual walnut is only their edible core.

McDonald's Customer Dies in Freak Drive-Thru Accident

  McDonald's Customer Dies in Freak Drive-Thru Accident The driver was unable to free himself from the vehicle as he was "pinned between the vehicle door and frame," police said.The man was paying for his order when he dropped his bank card at around 5:30 a.m. at the Vancouver restaurant, police said.

walnut trees bleed after cutting

Normally, a walnut tree does not need a cut to grow beautiful. Since walnut trees with the years but getting bigger and more expanding, you will not get around in the garden for cutting a few branches or shrinking the crown in the long run. Cutting measures are actually no problem in the garden usual in the garden. The walnut, however, belongs to the heavily bleeding trees: cut off branches or branches, one inevitably also caps the water pipe tracks, the so-called xylem. This system directs the captured water and the contained minerals directly from the roots into all parts of the tree. After a cut, this leads to the walnut and other bleeding tree species only dripping from cutting wounds.

plants Wonderful walnut tree The walnut tree is a beautiful house tree for larger gardens with its silvery bark and the Knarigen branches. This is how planting and care. Learn More is the bleeding for the tree dangerous?

Since the wires under the steady water flow are only poorly close, the drop can last for days at the trees. Although the walnut tree devotes water and nutrients in this way, it hurts him according to the state of science but probably not essential, even if you can be wet under a lush-cropped tree. The naturalized name "bleeding" is somewhat misleading. Trees have no circulation comparable to man and can not bleper because they constantly tighten water over the roots. They do not dry through the cut either. The water is pressed directly from the roots into the xylem and bases in principle the same again useless up from the cut wound. The constant juice flow, however, inhibits the wound healing and weakens the tree. Open cut surfaces are entrances for the shader and mold fungi.

Two people KILLED after tree falls onto moving car near Melbourne

  Two people KILLED after tree falls onto moving car near Melbourne Police said investigators 'believe a tree fell onto a vehicle' as it was driving in Cockatoo, east of Melbourne, about 10.30am on Friday. Paramedics were rushed to the accident on Woori Yallock Road but the pair died at the scene. © Provided by Daily Mail ( Both occupants of the vehicle are yet to be formally identified, Victoria Police said in a statement.Aerial footage taken above the road showed SES workers cleaning up debris from the scene and what appeared to be a blue tarpaulin laid across the roof of the ute.

The juice stream determines the time for cutting

walnut trees bleeding during the course of the year. The flow of water is determined by the juice stream - ie by the activity of the woods. When backwards at the end of August or in September, the tree completed his annual growth and begins with the displacement of nutrients into the leaves. The juice stream is not very active in September and cutting wounds closing faster without the quantities of exudable water. So the tree closed the interfaces until the winter.

Juglans regia (Walnussbaum) mit Früchten © Friedrich Strauss Garden Image Agency / Konrad Wothe Juglans Regia (Walnut Tree) with fruits

very different is in spring when the tree mobilized stored reserve fabrics from winter rest and transported up with the highly active juice stream upwards. An exception is the same after the deployment of the leaves in the spring: then the juice stream rests and the cutting would also be possible. In summer, the walnut tree needs a lot of water to supply the lube and fruiting. Then the cable tracks are quite under pressure. So if you cut in summer, a walnut tree also bleed violently.

Four giant trees in Sequoia National Park unharmed by US blaze .
The raging KNP Complex wildfire has scorched the heart of sequoia country in the western United States.The Four Guardsmen, a group of trees that form a natural entryway on the road to the ancient forest, were successfully protected from the raging KNP Complex fire by the removal of nearby vegetation and by wrapping fire-resistant material around the bases of the trees, the firefighting management team said in a statement on Sunday.

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