Offbeat man is flashed - and steals the speed trap

13:00  25 november  2021
13:00  25 november  2021 Source:   maennersache.de

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A motorist from Bavaria has removed a radar trap and taken away, after being flashed supposedly - not a good idea.

Radarfalle © huettenhoelscher / iStock speed trap

This idea has to come only once: after a motorist had been flashed from Bavaria supposedly, he assembled the speed trap ado and grabbed her in the trunk of his car.

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* The 29-year-old man from Hahnbach in Amberg-Sulzbach, however, was observed by a traffic policeman.

arrest and criminal charges

The arrest took place on the heels. There is now a criminal complaint in the room and the man must face stiffer consequences than if he To-driving quickly would leave it at.

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The value of the radar is approximately 40,000 euros - a hefty sum.

err is human

particularly piquant in the case is the fact that the driver had an report of "BR24" according to the speed limit actually not exceeded. to have been

If he suspects the next time flashed, it will probably continue and hope that he was wrong again.

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