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23:40  29 july  2022
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14 geography questions in which you will certainly (even more) come to sweat

 14 geography questions in which you will certainly (even more) come to sweat for this geography quiz is not only enough to have come around a lot in the world-you should also have read a few history books and also have enough about enough General knowledge. How many of these 14 questions can you answer correctly? © Getty Images Geography Quiz Welt "The best education finds a failed person while traveling," said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. But for this geography quiz it is probably not enough to have seen a lot of the world.

Laurel et Hardy, duo comique des années 1930. © Photo: Frédéric Berger Laurel and Hardy, comic duo of the 1930s.

It is International Friendship Day on Saturday July 30, 2022. On this occasion test your knowledge of famous cinema duos, song, literature , cartoons, people, etc. It's your turn !

#e.t. The extraterrestrial became friends with a young boy. His main mission was to come to Earth to study what?

. The Botanical


The Sciences

$ Film released in 1982. E.T., the extraterrestrial was responsible for botanical exploration on earth he became friends with Elliot, a ten -year -old boy.

#pour keep the promise made to his late friend "Bubba", Forrest Gump decides to become ...

Diana Kennedy: Doyenne of Mexican cuisine dies

  Diana Kennedy: Doyenne of Mexican cuisine dies The British food writer lived in Mexico for decades and became the leading authority on Mexican cuisine.Born on 3 March 1923 in Essex, Diana Kennedy, whose maiden name was Southwood, recalled growing up eating what she called "good food, whole food" in England.

Real estate agent

. Capipitaine of a twin -on -chest

$ Benjamin "Bubba" Bufford, best friend of Forrest in the army in the army in the army in the army The film Forrest Gump (1994), and a great shrimp specialist, died during the Vietnam War.

#In the cult cartoon of the 1980s, who is Tom Sawyer's best friend?




its real name is Huckleberry Finn alias HUCK, a vagabond abandoned by his father and who lives alone in a cabin, on the banks of the Mississippi, in the United States.

#The American actors Brad Pitt and George Clooney became friends on the film's shoot…

Les 400 Bours


.Ocean's Eleven

$ directed by the American Steven Soderbergh, the film was released in the cinema in 2001.

# In which film released in 2021, the two actors and friends, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon recently shared the poster?

. The last duel

’90s heartthrobs and It Girls: Where are they now?

  ’90s heartthrobs and It Girls: Where are they now? The ‘90s were a particularly good time to be an attractive young person trying to make it big in Hollywood. It was an era that really celebrated young stars and teen heartthrobs, and thankfully, there was an abundance. For most of the notable teen heartthrobs and It Girls we remember from the ‘90s, their big break wouldn’t extend far beyond the show or band that made them famous. That being said, they still hold a place in our hearts. After all, if you were a teen girl or guy growing up in the ‘90s, you likely spent countless hours staring listlessly at an oversized poster of them on your wall. From JTT to Jennifer Love Hewitt, we dig into what’s become of the young men and women who so heavily influenced an era.

Iron Man

The Bronzés

$ The two actors are in the credits of this film, released on October 15, 2021 in France, and directed by the British director Ridley Scott.

#What Duo Comique knew glory in the 1930s?

.laurel and Hardy

Omar and Fred

Key and Peele

$ Laurel and Hardy is the name of a comic duo formed by actors Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

#Who is the author of the three musketeers?

Victor Hugo

. Alexandre Dumas

Émile Zola $ undoubtedly the most popular novel of the French author, published in 1844.

#ce film tells the run of two women across the United States. This is Thelma and…

.lise Sharon


$ directed by Ridley Scott, the film was released in 1991. He won the Oscar for the best original script.

#The Club des Five recounts the adventures of four young boys. Who is the fifth person?

A cat A pony

. A dog

$ This is Dagobert, often called "dag" in the adventures of the British novelist Enid Blyton.

#Comment are the two best friends of Harry Potter, in the famous literary series of J.K. Rowling adapted to the cinema?

Will and Carlton .ron and Hermione

Fred and Georges

$ eight films make up the Harry Potter saga in the cinema, inspired by the British literary saga J. K. Rowling.

Lashana Lynch to play Bob Marley's wife Rita in new biopic .
'No Time To Die' actress Lashana Lynch is set to play Bob Marley's wife, Rita Marley, in a new biopic for Paramount.Lashana Lynch is to play Bob Marley's wife in a new biopic.

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