Offbeat Dog licks: When you should worry

12:21  01 october  2022
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, dogs are used not only for drinking and personal hygiene, but also for social communication. Just as dogs use licking with each other to communicate, dogs also want to tell their owner something.

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Mostly there is no need to worry and your dog just wants to tell you that he loves you. In a special case, you should take a closer look.

Five reasons why your dog licks The dog expresses its affection: licking the face or hands means in many cases that your dog is happy to see you. If you are cuddling on the sofa with your darling and he licks you, this is an expression of his love and trust to you. Care: If your dog is in his basket after the walk round, he licks his paws to clean up. In this way, dogs also clean with each other. If your four -legged friend is licking you, it may just want to clean you. Your dog submits: , especially in young dogs, is used to lick the appeasement. Your dog shows you that he accepts you as a high -rank member of the pack. If we argue loudly or tense, the dog can misinterpret the situation and licks you down to calm you down. "Play with me": The licking can also be a request for the game. When your dog is boring, he tries to attract attention by licking. It is best to ignore this behavior, because otherwise your dog can quickly become pushy. The dog wants to provide an injury: The saliva of dogs contains enzymes that kill bacteria and thus clean a wound. If your dog feels pain or discovers a wound with it, he enthusiastically licks this area. If your dog licks you, it may also be that he suspects an injury to you and want to take care of you.

increased licking can therefore indicate a dog's disease. If your dog licks a lot in a certain point, you should have your darling examined with the vet. The reasons for this can be varied and range from allies and inflammation to dementia and extreme stress.

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When your dog licks, pause briefly and try to interpret the situation. Does he want to give you affection or is your darling not doing well?

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