Offbeat Halloween-Kürbis use: 3 delicious recipe ideas

20:30  02 november  2022
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recipe for pumpkin gnocchi with sage and prosciutto

 recipe for pumpkin gnocchi with sage and prosciutto can it be a quick recipe for an autumnal feel-good dish? These delicious pumpkin gnocchi refined with sage and Italian ham are the ideal lunch or dinner for the cool days © istockphoto pumpkin gnocchi iStockphoto In the autumn-winter season we love pumpkin recipes: pumpkin lasagna , Pumpkin potato casserole or filled pumpkin with minced meat and cheese .

You have diligently hollowed out and carved pumpkins, but now Halloween is over. So where with the pumpkins? Well in the saucepan! We reveal three delicious recipe ideas for Halloween-Kürbisze

Halloween-Kürbisse müssen nicht entsorgt werden ISTOCKPHOTO © istockphoto Halloween-Kürbite Nor do not have to be disposed of iStockphoto

Halloween is probably the day with the most bizarre customs. You disguise yourself as eerily, look at horror films and prepare things like spider web cheesecake or ghost bowle. And what should not be missing, of course, are hollowed -out pumpkins, which are missed with carving faces.

But what do you do with the pumpkins that are usually very large when Halloween is over? If they were only briefly and cool, you can continue to use them! Of course, only when it is edible pumpkin varieties. The following three recipe ideas are perfect for processing larger quantities of pumpkin. Tell food waste and enjoy the fight and enjoy these autumn treats:

Halloween recipe for eerie spider network cheesecake

 Halloween recipe for eerie spider network cheesecake still looking for a highlight for the Halloween party? This delicious cheesecake in a creepy spider web look enthusiastic big and small-here is the Halloween recipe © ISTOCKPHOTO Our tip for Halloween: Spider network cheese cake with cinnamon iStockphoto sweets or acids? We have sweets! With this delicious spider web cheese cake with cinnamon , bake a real highlight for Monster, Frankenstein & Co.

1. Recipe idea: Simple pumpkin gnocchi casserole ingredients 125 g mozzarella 22 g grated parmesan 750 g gnocchi 550 g pumpk To roast the butter, first prepare the oven to 180 degrees. Prepare Gnocchi according to the package instructions, drain and set aside. Now wash the pumpkin, peel and cut into thin slices. Peel the onion and chop finely. Put a piece of butter in a large pan and sweat the onion. Then add the sage and pumpkin and fry until the pumpkin becomes soft. Remove sage leaves as soon as they become crispy. Now rub 100 g mozzarella and mix with parmesan, nutmeg, eggs and cream in a separate bowl. Put the pumpkin and onion in a greased baking dish. Add the gnocchi and cheese sauce and stir. Sprinkle with a little extra parmesan and the rest of the grated mozzarella. Bake for 30-40 minutes or until the casserole is golden brown. Serve in portions with sage leaves. 2. Recept idea: Fast pumpkin fishing soup ingredients 1 kg of pumpkin ½ fennel bulb 1 tablespoon butter 1 onion 500 ml of chicken broth 250 ml of cider 1 laurel leaf 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh thyme salt and pepper blue cheese for garnish. Remove and roughly cut them. Wash the fennel, remove stems and cut them into slices. Peel onions and cut them into fine pieces. Melt the butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add onion and steam until glassy. Add pumpkin cubes and fennel. Fry another 5 minutes. Pour in with chicken broth and cider. Add the bay leaf and bring everything to a boil. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes or until the pumpkin is soft. Remove the bay leaf. Now puree the soup finely. Then season with salt and pepper. Tip: If the soup is too thick, dilute it with more chicken broth as required. Divide in bowls and garnish with a little thyme and crumbled blue cheese. 3rd recipe idea: sweet pumpkin orange jam ingredients for 6 glasses 750 g pumpkin 1 orange (organic) 2 lemons (organic) 30 g ginger 1 vanilla pod 500 ml orange juice 500 g gelling sugar a shot peach liqueur preparation wash and dice the pumpkin. Wash the orange and lemons well and rub the peel. Then halve the lemons and squeeze the juice into a large saucepan. Fillet orange, peel and grate the ginger. Halve the vanilla pod along and scrape out the inside. Put all the ingredients except the sugar in the pot and bring to the boil. Then cook the pumpkin soft with a lid for about 25 minutes on medium heat. Then puree finely and add the gelling sugar. Increase the heat and bring to the boil again while stirring. Add the liqueur and cook for 3 minutes. Now perform a rehearsal test (put some pumpkin jam on a plate, after a few minutes the mass should be very thick to almost tight). If the jam does not exist, continue boiling and testing again for a few minutes. Fill the finished pumpkin jam into clean glasses, close and let cool.

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