Offbeat according to the study: Our genes determine how well or bad we sleep

23:50  07 december  2022
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I sit yawning again in front of the laptop and try to start my work tortured. Why am I always so tired, I wonder while I tilt the last sip of coffee. Although I am in bed relatively early around 10 p.m., the fatigue remains a loyal. Well, does this scene seem familiar to you?

Laut Studie: Wie gut wir schlafen, liegt an unseren Genen unsplash/danny g © Unsplash/Danny G According to the study: How well we sleep is due to our genes Unsplash/Danny G

While some of us start the day after six hours of sleep sleep sleep, others also press the third Times the snooze button. No reason to feel bad about it. experts have now found that our sleep quality and our sleep rhythm are mainly influenced by our genes .

study proves: Our genes influence our sleep did you know that we sleep about

a third of our lives ? During this time, physical resources are restored and our brain processes new information. So all the more important to use this precious time correctly and know your sleep rhythm. Whether we only need a little sleep or like to stay in bed longer is particularly genetic and is inherited. But not only the sleeping time is determined by our genes, our sleep quality and sleep disorders can also be inherited up to 44 percent.

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Researchers have now identified

351 Charged , which are important, for example, for the penchant for getting up early. However, these genes not only decide on our sleeping time, but also reveal interesting facts about personality traits. In this way, morning people tend to tend to become mental disorders such as depression or schizophrenia.

researchers have found that a certain gene robs of sleep How good or bad we sleep, also determine our genes. Anyone who is awake for hours at night and simply does not come to rest

can now be sure that not only the experiences during the day play a role. Researchers from the Netherlands and Iceland have examined the genetic material of more than 100,000 people and discovered astonishing things: seven genes and three other places are supposed to influence how well we sleep. Especially a gene stood out in the investigations: Meis1 is called and may even be in connection with the

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Restless Leg Syndrome

- those affected suffer from constant unrest, tingling and pain in the legs. In any case, the studies should continue so that people with insomnia get suitable therapy options. Because too often, the psyche is suspected as the cause of sleep problems. also exciting: Sleeping

better? These things belong in your bedroom

mothers already influence child's sleeping behavior during pregnancy have you ever asked how well your parents sleep? No? Then you should definitely do this, because research is currently assuming that the sleep behavior of the

mother already shapes the child during pregnancy. Children whose mother suffers from insomnia later have difficulty sleeping and sleeping.

owl or lark - why are we always tired?

The concept of Eul and Lerche is already known to many. The former prefer to go to sleep earlier and are awake in the morning. The latter usually stays awake until night, but just can't get out of bed in the morning. This little genetic difference can have a great influence on our lives.

Anyone who always ignores their natural sleep rhythm due to work or other obligations feels off and exhausted in the long run. Till Roenneberg, Germany's leading chronobiologist at the University of Munich, calls this "social jet lag". The risk of heart disease and diabetes type 2 is then increased, for example. So if you constantly ignore your sleeping needs, you not only have problems falling in and through, but also feels cleared and without drive all day long.

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