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14:31  06 december  2018
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200 years of 'Silent Night': Singers mark carol's birthday

200 years of 'Silent Night': Singers mark carol's birthday One of the most famous songs of Christmas is being celebrated as it approaches its 200th anniversary. 

Events. Inside Music . Musical Map : Cities of the World . But when most travelers visit another place , they don’t seek out the same food they eat at home, even if they can find it. We travel to experience what makes a place different, and special, by sampling local specialties.

Which begs the question: What place is the most Instagrammed in the whole wide world ? On the Go Tours created an interactive map ("The Wonders of the World According to Instagram Hashtags") highlighting To check out the entire interactive map , showcasing the top 50 spots, click right here.

Interactive Music Map Showcases the Most Sung-About Places in the World© Express Newspapers/Getty Images Interactive Music Map Showcases the Most Sung-About Places in the World

New York City has inspired many a musician, from Frank Sinatra to Stevie Wonder to Alicia Keys. So it probably won’t come as a surprise that the “city that never sleeps” is the most sung-about place on the planet, with more than 160 songs mentioning it by name, according to an analysis of 200,000 popular songs from Celebrity Cruises.

This only accounts for songs that have landed in one of the top 40 spots on the US Billboard Hot 100 or UK Official Singles chart since 1960. Celebrity Cruises took the lyrics of those songs and conducted a linguistics analysis and data visualization to pinpoint the cities, neighborhoods, and states that feature most prominently in music. They ended up with 2000 songs by 896 artists who sang about 420 different places around the world.

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The map changes every week based on what' s popular on the app, but also with some curation help Users can click on a country and see what' s "distinctive," "emerging," " most popular Warning: The map can be addictive. This writer spent the morning traveling the world without ever leaving his desk.

There are some places in the world that have the power to captivate people over many decades. Some locations become shrouded in mystery; crimes These are all stories that are passed on from generation to generation, and the truth about these mysterious places can be very hard to pin down.

An interactive tool called Music Mapped lets you explore these inspiring destinations. After New York, London is the second most-sung-about place with 101 songs, followed by Los Angeles (87 songs), the state of California (67 songs), and Hollywood (66 songs). You can also browse by genre and decade, so in case you’ve been dying to know how many ‘80s country/folk songs have been written about Nova Scotia, the answer is one ("Letter From America" by The Proclaimers).

You can also search by place, artist, or country. Of all the artists included in this analysis, Drake is the one who has name-dropped the most places in his lyrics. So far, he’s rapped about 29 places, including his hometown of Toronto and farther-flung destinations like Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Jay-Z has rapped about 27 places, followed by Elvis (who sang about 23 places), Tinie Tempah (22 places), and The Beach Boys (22 places).

Apple Music comes to Amazon's Alexa devices

Apple Music comes to Amazon's Alexa devices Apple Music is coming to Amazon's Alexa-powered speakers, in a rare move by the iPhone maker to broaden its service offerings to users of rival devices. 

Pinpointing all of the most beautiful places in the world could take a lifetime, but we think that these 50 otherworldly landscapes and awe-inspiring Holland is known around the world for its rainbow-hued fields of tulips, especially those located in and around Keukenhof. Millions of bulbs are planted

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