News: Offbeat

Science shows our brains have adapted to like coffee’s bitter flavor

Friday  03:56,   16 november 2018

The fact that coffee tastes bitter is actually a... >>>

Why 1 Million People Live in Cold War-Era Bunkers Under the Streets of Beijing

Friday  03:56,   16 november 2018

For many, living dozens of feet underground in a windowless bunker is the only way to scale the social... >>>

To coin a phone: Russian fills tub with change to buy latest iPhone XS

Thursday  16:59,   15 november 2018

Shoppers were sent scrambling to capture the remarkable scene: a group of men heaving a coin-filled bath into a shop to buy the latest... >>>

Meet This Multi-Talented Pup, Maya the Samoyed!

Thursday  16:59,   15 november 2018

As cute as they come! Maya the Samoyed is more than just a fluffy face — she’s a helpful, loyal and intelligent four-legged friend to her... >>>

'Jesus' face' uncovered at ancient church in the Israeli desert

Thursday  16:59,   15 november 2018

A previously-unknown 1,500-year-old painting of Christ’s face has been uncovered at a Byzantine church in Israel’s Negev... >>>

Why the royal family doesn't open presents on Christmas Day

Thursday  13:28,   15 november 2018

Instead, the royal family spends the day attending their annual church service and eating delicious meals at the queen's private... >>>

Dog Loves Pizza So Much He’s Forced to Wear Hilarious “Do Not Give Me Pizza” Tag

Thursday  13:28,   15 november 2018

A dog named El Jefe is so good at stealing pizza his tag reads "Do not feed me pizza, thanks" and the Internet loves... >>>

Choose your weapon: How animals got their tusks, horns, and antlers

Thursday  13:28,   15 november 2018

Location and lifestyle seem to sway whether a species evolves mouth weapons, like tusks, or head weapons, like antlers and... >>>

To Apostrophe or Not to Apostrophe: How to Pluralize Your Last Name

Thursday  11:26,   15 november 2018

When in doubt, do not add an... >>>

Police jailed drunk raccoons in West Virginia because they were being obnoxious

Thursday  09:27,   15 november 2018

Rabies is no joke, so if you see a wild animal acting weird, it's always a good idea to both avoid it and alert animal control so they can take a... >>>

Why Are Marathons 26.2 Miles Long?

Thursday  08:35,   15 november 2018

Blame it on the Royal Family—and Sir Arthur Conan... >>>

Marie Antoinette pendant fetches $36 million, shattering estimate

Thursday  04:55,   15 november 2018

A pearl and diamond pendant owned by Marie Antoinette before she was beheaded during the French Revolution sold for $36 million at an auction on Wednesday, shattering its pre-sale estimate of up to $2... >>>

'Hero' Garbage Man Pulled 93-Year-Old Woman to Safety on Truck as He Fled California Wildfires

Thursday  04:32,   15 november 2018

Dane Ray Cummings ignored orders to evacuate and instead drove along his route to check on senior residents who might need help. A California garbage man who rescued an elderly woman stranded along his route as flames closed in says he is not a... >>>

This Dynamic Clock Changes Shape Throughout the Day

Thursday  04:17,   15 november 2018

Solstice is designed to give you a slightly more relaxed view of... >>>

Why This Grandmother’s Hilarious Financial Advice Is Going Viral

Thursday  04:06,   15 november 2018

When @Lhlodder's grandmother advised her to open up a secret bank account, her tweet went viral and prompted stories of other crafty... >>>