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Don't Drink the Tide! Laundry Soap Now Comes in a 'Wine Box'

Wednesday  16:50,   14 november 2018

Tide detergent is now packaged in a container that looks like a wine box. From the company that brought you detergent pods that look like candy, now comes a package that looks an awful lot like a wine box. Tide laundry soap has debuted in a... >>>

People are sharing photos of Obama in the rain to mock Trump for cancelling a trip to a cemetery due to bad weather

Wednesday  13:32,   14 november 2018

Donald Trump travelled to France with his wife Melania in order to pay his tributes to Americans killed in the First World War on the centenary of armistice... >>>

So THAT'S Why Your Hands Get Sweaty When You're Nervous

Wednesday  13:32,   14 november 2018

It's a normal response to a stressful situation, but what's the science behind... >>>

Massachusetts Mayor Takes Terminally Ill Dog on Unforgettable Road Trip

Wednesday  13:32,   14 november 2018

The two traveled by car for 2 weeks across the country After finding out his beloved pup had just months to live, a Massachusetts mayor took the dog on a memorable road trip. Attleboro Mayor Paul Heroux has had his dog, Mura, since she was just... >>>

Military Moms Surprise Their Daughters After Returning Home

Wednesday  10:57,   14 november 2018

They are home just in time for the holidays. Two families have a lot to be thankful for this year. On Monday, two Indiana military moms made surprise visits to their childrens' schools in Fort Wayne. Brittney Bullock had been on duty in Kuwait and... >>>

Dad of 5 Reunites With Stranger Who Donated Him a Kidney

Wednesday  08:06,   14 november 2018

Robert Leibowitz and Richard Sully will forever share a bond — and an organ — because of a T-shirt. Robert Leibowitz and Richard Sully will forever share a bond — and an organ — because of a T-shirt. Earlier this year, Leibowitz, a father of five,... >>>

Drunk online shopper wakes up to live pig, peacock and giant salamander

Wednesday  07:46,   14 november 2018

Some advice for you on Black Friday: Don’t drink and... >>>

Pink diamond sells for more than $50M, setting world record

Wednesday  06:58,   14 november 2018

Christie's has sold the "Pink Legacy" diamond at auction for more than $50 million including fees, saying it's a new world record price per carat for a pink... >>>

Helpless Chihuahua Found in Iowa Dumpster Is Thriving After Being Rescued

Wednesday  04:06,   14 november 2018

The Animal Rescue Legion of Iowa is trying to find who threw away the dog. A Chihuahua is recovering after he was found in a dumpster in Des Moines, Iowa. Now, the Animal Rescue Legion of Iowa is on the hunt to find out who is responsible for... >>>

Greece unearths remnants of ancient city of Tenea

Wednesday  03:56,   14 november 2018

Greek archaeologists have discovered jewellery, dozens of coins and remnants of a housing settlement affirming the location of an ancient city thought to have been founded by survivors of the Trojan War in the 12th or 13th century... >>>

This woman got bored of waiting for 'Mr Right' - so she married herself

Wednesday  03:45,   14 november 2018

A woman has married herself after she got bored and fed up of waiting for 'Mr Right' to pop up in her life. Laura Mesi, a 40-year-old fitness instructor from Italy, made a pact with herself that if she hadn't met 'the one' by the time she hit the... >>>

When a Donkey Loves an Emu: Animal Refuge Struggles to Find Home for Inseparable Couple

Tuesday  13:56,   13 november 2018

A North Carolina animal shelter is looking for a forever home for a most unlikely... >>>

Creative Designer Makes Clothes Out of Trash

Tuesday  10:57,   13 november 2018

His collections have won... >>>

UFO over Ireland investigated after mid-air sightings

Tuesday  10:57,   13 november 2018

The Irish Aviation Authority is investigating an unidentified flying object (UFO) after pilots reported seeing one off the coast of Ireland. Shannon Air Traffic Control received a call from a British Airways pilot flying from Montreal to Heathrow... >>>

Crazy in love? The Japanese man 'married' to a hologram

Tuesday  08:31,   13 november 2018

Akihiko Kondo's mother refused an invitation to her only son's wedding in Tokyo this month, but perhaps that isn't such a surprise: he was marrying a hologram. "For mother, it wasn't something to celebrate," said the soft-spoken 35-year-old, whose... >>>