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Essay of clothing recycling: Emmaüs confronted with the "giants of online sales which collect only the cream"

Friday  11:00,   14 october 2022

© Balzac a upcycled model from the collaboration between Emmaüs and Balzac. Pioneer of the resale of used clothing and objects, Emmaüs must put herself on page if she wants to face the competition that has exploded on her niche, especially online.... >>>

boy wants to annoy mother and swallow dog toys

Friday  08:20,   14 october 2022

The short tikok clip by Jonathan Serrano-on the platform as "Brownjonathan33"-has been clicked often than 22 million times. "When I swallowed a dog toy," he subtitled the amusing post. © Instagram / Brownjonathan33 do not imitate! - Young wants to... >>>

alligator in cling film at Munich Airport discovered

Wednesday  21:20,   12 october 2022

wrapped in cling film a traveler at Munich Airport wanted to smuggle a living albino alligator to Singapore. During a control at the end of September, the animal was discovered with a length of one meter in a case that is far too small, the... >>>

DRC: Three chimpanzee babies kidnapped in an animal sanctuary of Lubumbashi

Monday  01:30,   10 october 2022

© AFP - Roland Weihrauch A baby chimpanzee on his mother's back in a German zoo, in 2015 (illustration image) Three chimpanzee babies have been kidnapped A month ago at the animal sanctuary young animals confiscated at Katanga de Lubumbashi.... >>>

Pumuckel from the Sauerland: The smallest horse in the world?

Sunday  14:10,   09 october 2022

A small Shetland pony called Pumuckel lives in the Sauerland, is probably the tiniest horse in the world and still does great. © Bernd Thissen/dpa Shetland-Pony Pumuckel stands between the hooves of gelding Ron-Sheer. The three-year-old animal with >>>

200,000 cars worldwide: Opel calls 20,000 Corsa models back

Friday  22:51,   07 october 2022

The car manufacturer Opel recalls more than 204,000 copies of the Corsa model worldwide. The reason is a "lack of warning to the driver in the event of a defect in the direction of travel", as the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) in... >>>

Philippe Bouvard indifferent to the return of the strangers: his big tackle to the group "dishonest"!

Friday  00:10,   07 october 2022

© SYSPEO/SIPA Philippe BOUVARD indifferent to the return of strangers: his big tackle to the "dishonest" group! Philippe Bouvard admits to being indifferent to the return of the strangers, soon on TF1. The creator of the Bouvard theater even sent a >>>

forget "Halloween Ends": Probably the best Halloween film of the past 20 years is finally to be continued!

Wednesday  00:00,   05 october 2022

© Warner Bros. / Universal Pictures forget "Halloween Ends": Probably the best Halloween film of the past 20 years is finally to be continued! +++ opinion +++ next week it is finally time: " Halloween Ends " starts on October 13th in cinemas!... >>>

Novelty: Austrian start-up sells milk from apricot kernels

Monday  20:10,   03 october 2022

over 500 million kilos of fruit cores are thrown away every year in Europe by fruit processors for juice, jam and Co. The start-up Wunderkern in Herzogenburg in Lower Austria is committed to saving these nuclei: In a special process, the cores of... >>>

DRC: The UN joint office finds an increase in human rights violations

Monday  12:50,   03 october 2022

© AFP - John Wessels on a road between Bunia and Mambasa, in the province of Ituri, in the DRC (Image D 'drawing). Human rights violations experienced an increase of almost 17% in August 2022 in the DRC, according to figures communicated on Friday... >>>

Dog licks: When you should worry

Saturday  12:21,   01 october 2022

, dogs are used not only for drinking and personal hygiene, but also for social communication. Just as dogs use licking with each other to communicate, dogs also want to tell their owner something. © GettyImages Dog licks: When you should worry... >>>

Cut the fig tree: When is the best time?

Friday  16:40,   30 september 2022

So that a fig tree has many fruits, you have to cut it regularly. But when is the right time for it - in autumn, winter or spring? © provided by my beautiful garden fig tree cut The fig tree is something special. In the Bible it is named as the... >>>


Tuesday  08:50,   27 september 2022

salad both generous and tasty, the Caesar salad is often unanimous! Gourmand offers your Caesar -like salad recipe, ideal for lunch break or a quick dinner to prepare! 1. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C. 2. Cut the bread into small cubes. Put them in a >>>

Monkey Variole: Open vaccination in Pharmacies

Sunday  00:50,   25 september 2022

© Adobe Stock Monkey Variole: vaccination open in pharmacies this Friday, a decree published in the Official Journal informs that vaccination against the variole of the monkey will be open to pharmacies . Questioned by the AFP, the Directorate... >>>

with 60,000 Lego, they will reproduce the famous Bayeux tapestry

Sunday  00:20,   18 september 2022

© Ouest-France An association of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) launched an unusual challenge for European Heritage Days: right next to the museum where is kept The famous Bayeux tapestry (Calvados), two scenes from the epic of Guillaume the Conqueror is... >>>