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months of delays in the case of housing benefit payment awaits

Saturday  05:50,   26 november 2022

The housing benefit for significantly more beneficiaries can only be paid out with months of delays from the perspective of the municipalities. The main reason is the lack of personnel in the responsible authorities. © Marijan Murat/dpa The Federal >>>

Russia describes the declaration of the Parliament as "inamicial" that it is a state supporting terrorism, declares a European deputy.

Saturday  01:10,   26 november 2022

© supplied by News 360 Archives - General view of the Kremlin and the Saint -Basile Cathedral, Moscow - Vlad Karkov / Zuma Press / Contactophoto Russian officials have described as "inamicale" the European Parliament to declare the Russia as a... >>>

Listeria. Burgers sold at Auchan and Carrefour recalled throughout France

Friday  21:20,   25 november 2022

© Getty Images/Istockphoto These burgers should not be consumed. Illustration photo. Burgers of the Madrange brand should not be consumed due to a risk of contamination at Listeria Monocytogenes. They have been the subject of a recall since Friday, >>>

World Cup 2022: Iranians win by singing their hymn

Friday  17:20,   25 november 2022

© Nicolas Tucat Iranian players sing their hymn before facing Wales, this Friday at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium. Each detail is important. The Iranian players selected for the World Cup in Qatar this time sang the anthem of their country, before the... >>>

Number of illegally risen from Russia to Germany. Especially since September, significantly more migrants with Russian visas or Russian entry stamps have been recorded on the German borders, the "Spiegel" reported, according to the preliminary registrati

Friday  17:00,   25 november 2022

© Ronny Hartmann The number of people who had traveled to Germany over Russia rose sharply in 2022. SPIEGEL reported that significantly more migrants have been recorded with Russian visas since September, according to the prerequisite. According to >>>

State Office: Waldbrand clouded tourism in Saxon Switzerland

Friday  14:50,   25 november 2022

The large -scale forest fire in Saxon Switzerland has clouded the tourism balance in the region this year. As the State Statistical Office announced on Wednesday, the number of overnight stays and guests in August was almost a third below the... >>>

3.5 million dollars per dose: The most expensive drug in the world is also intended to save money

Friday  13:10,   25 november 2022

The fact that the American drug supervisory authority FDA allows a new medication is rarely worth a headline. But in the case of Hemgenix there is a good reason for this. Because a single unit of intravenous therapy costs $ 3.5 million per patient... >>>

Watching the World Cup on television will cost you a real fortune this year!

Friday  12:50,   25 november 2022

If many have decided to boycott the World Cup, in particular the restaurateurs, viewers were nevertheless there for the first match of France. The only problem ? If these matches promise to be real sporting events, they may come back really... >>>

TV tips on Friday

Friday  09:00,   25 november 2022

© ZDF/Michael Marhoffer 8:15 p.m., ZDF, the boss: The right to die, crime series a few hours after her lecture on the subject of euthanasia, Sina Seibold (Franziska Singer) is dead - the boy Anesthesist was killed. Vera Lanz '(Katharina Böhm) team... >>>

Number of respiratory diseases over the pre -Pandemic years

Friday  08:10,   25 november 2022

at Corona there is still no increasing trend - there is a clear plus for other respiratory diseases. And the RKI says that it is to be expected to increase further increasing values. © provided by SZ-Sächsische Zeitung In the reported Corona cases... >>>

Miss France 2023: The very ambitious project of Marion Navarro, Miss Franche-Comté

Friday  03:30,   25 november 2022

© Bertrand Noel/Sipa among the 30 contenders for the title of Miss France 2023 Figure Marion Navarro which represents the Franche-Comté. If she intends to make her region shine during the election, it is not the only ambitious project of the young... >>>

"Avatar 2" makes 100 million more than "Avatar" at the start: This is really behind the sensational forecasts

Thursday  22:40,   24 november 2022

© The Walt Disney Company , James Cameron can really get back in with " Avatar 2: The Way of Water " Complete Box Office Wonder, as he already did with " Titanic " and " Avatar "? Even a month before the start, observers and experts do not agree on >>>

Wüst hands over the baton to Saarland

Thursday  20:40,   24 november 2022

Berlin. Appointment in Berlin for Hendrik Wüst: The Prime Minister of NRW handed over the office of Franco-German cultural representative to the Saarland Prime Minister Anke Rehlinger. © Oliver Berg 23.11.2022, North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf:... >>>

Career kick: Parasit makes wolves to pack guides

Thursday  19:00,   24 november 2022

A disease that makes their victim become the boss: Gray wolves suffering from toxoplasmosis become much more packed than non -infected conspecifics. This is what American scientists report in the journal “Communications Biology”. The neuroparasite... >>>

Renault will cover half of its energy consumption with renewable energy

Thursday  17:10,   24 november 2022

supplied by the tribune Renault will install solar panels on its sites to reach 350 MW of energy by 2027. Le Solaire and L 'wind is on the rise. Renault signed, this Thursday, an electricity contract of 350 megawatts with the French producer of... >>>